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  1. McD mentioned that one of the emphasis over the bye week was fixing the run game: I hope that doesn’t mean we start running a lot more. The Chargers are down several CB’s and teams have shed them through the air. I don’t care if we don’t run a single damn down tomorrow.
  2. They have literally 0 quarterbacks. I wonder what they’re going to do. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/28/all-broncos-quarterbacks-ruled-out-because-of-covid-19-exposure/
  3. This will be horse crap if the Ravens have to forfeit yet we were forced to play the Titans. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/27/a-ravens-forfeit-would-open-a-financial-can-of-worms/
  4. Didnt he play a full game against the Cardinals? did he injure this ankle over the damn bye week!?
  5. What are you talking about? No one anywhere should have to say that. We are just fans and media! We aren’t paid to see the talent! The front office IS!!! Do you seriously not understand this simple concept? Obviously the Browns talent evaluators saw something because they gave up draft pick(s) for him!
  6. This is such a dumb freaking take. ”Our highly paid talent evaluators shouldn’t be required to evaluate talent unless the player is already great when they’re evaluating them” Damn that is so freaking stupid.
  7. hahahahaha. That was freaking hilarious. Ive never seen a player so OBVIOUSLY fake an injury in my entire life.
  8. That’s the problem. We were about to cut him. The best damn guard in the league. If you can’t see the problem with that, then youre just a homer.
  9. really upsets me that our guys couldn’t evaluate him better after seeing him in practice every day fans can mess up ... the pro’s shouldn’t.
  10. Uh, what? You said Dunlap isn’t a game changer. He LITERALLY changed a game. Won it. Bills could use that. In fact, we may have beaten Arizona if Dunlap was ours.
  11. Joe Burrow just got seriously injured. Everythjng is just falling into place for the Dolphins,
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