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  1. 66 total NFL players opted out. Out of 1,600+ NFL players. And most of them were backups.
  2. The "effort" they put in, was drafting McDavid. HOF players don't become non-HOF because they change teams. Edmonton would suck if McDavid wasn't there. I'm sorry that you always come into my threads, disagrees with me, and then are surprised when I correct you. But it's going to happen every time you do it. PS, now I wasn't alive in 74? I thought I was the amazing reverse balding man from that pic with the woman whose hair looks like the photo was taken in the 80's? lmao.
  3. Do you watch much hockey? Conner was drafted into the same sitution as eichel. The Sabres won 23 games that year, and the Oilers won 24. The next year, the Sabres won 35 and the Oilers won 31. Some people think Connor went to the WORSE team. The difference is that he is so beastly that he literally carries that team on his back.
  4. That implies he chose his families wellbeing already. Which sounds like he has opted out.
  5. When I’m at my desktop I’ll pull up the old posts. You’re changing history just to be an ass (for some reason).
  6. It’s only speculation for people who have never watched hockey in their entire life. Anyone who knows anything about the sport can clearly see that McDavid is a once-in-a-generation HOF talent. He is several levels above Eichel.
  7. Here is some of the text from Allen’s write up: Allen’s postseason meltdown at Houston is a hard visual to shake. Voters who were skeptical of Allen coming out of college or through the start of his career could easily point to that game for validation. Yet, Allen became one of only four players to move into a higher tier from last year, joining Jackson, Watson and Prescott in that regard. But there are some who think he’s a better football player than quarterback, which isn’t always insurmountable but has been in extreme cases such as Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles. “He is not a real good decision maker, he is not especially accurate,” a defensive coach who faced the Bills said. “He is a tough competitor, but just a dude —a lower three if you were asking me.” An offensive coach said Allen would reach the second tier if he could compensate for a lack of instincts and accuracy by “doing some other things like Lamar (Jackson).”
  8. Just interesting because these are the professionals. 50 NFL coaches and evaluators were polled. Allen came in at 23rd. Below guys like Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Derick Carr, Garoppolo, Kyler Murray, Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill. https://theathletic.com/1945894/2020/07/27/2020-quarterback-tiers-50-coaches-and-evaluators-rank-the-nfl-starters/ Edit: actually #22
  9. Bingo. Jack is good but he can’t carry sh**. Not a superstar at all. He is the equivalent of Philip Rivers.
  10. Be honest. The wind got knocked out of you for a fraction of a second, didnt it?
  11. Just kidding. He’s pumped. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/08/03/josh-allen-nfl-has-great-opportunity-to-give-nation-hope/
  12. Think we’ll see any more Bills players on the list? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/08/03/report-players-have-until-thursday-to-opt-out/
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