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  1. Example of a not-so-good post: Jungle: Doug Whaley is the best GM of all time. Everyone: You're a fucking stupid moron. Example of a better post: Jungle: Doug Whaley is the best GM of all time. Everyone: That's not fucking true.
  2. I'm all for this. As much as I never want this place to become another BBMB with all their bullshit rules, it really shouldn't be that hard to be civilized and attack someone's stupid post, but not them being stupid themselves. Not everyone can be as smart, wise, and literate as me and never have a flub when posting. So lets have some grace.
  3. Sanders is like 93. That being said, Julio is pretty old too. We had a chance to trade for Hopkins and didn’t. I still have no idea why. Imagine Hopkins, Diggs, Gabe and Coal as our receiver set. Damn!
  4. Week 1 vs Pitt - WIN Week 2 at Miami - WIN Week 3 vs WFT - WIN Week 4 vs Houston - WIN Week 5 at KC - LOSS Week 6 at Tennessee - WIN Week 7 BYE Week 8 vs Miami - WIN Week 9 at Jacksonville - WIN Week 10 at NYJ - WIN Week 11 vs Colts - LOSS Week 12 at NO - WIN Week 13 vs NE - WIN Week 14 at Tampa - LOSS Week 15 vs Carolina - WIN Week 16 at NE - LOSS Week 17 vs Atlanta - WIN Week 18 vs NYJ - WIN 13-4
  5. The Bills will get the opening game of the 2021 season... against our old nemesis Tom Brady, down in Tampa.
  6. Exactly. But here’s the thing. It may not even be his word. In the NFL, it often goes like this... * Agent contacts college player * ”Psss, you didn’t hear this from me, but if you opt out of this year and say it’s because your mom is a nurse, no one will blame you for it, and you won’t do anything that de-values your draft status. Like blowing out your knee”
  7. The Cap doesnt seem to bother KC. They have an all-star roster and gave Mahomes half a BILLION dollars and they still seem fine with getting studs.
  8. Sounds like an agent wrote that. Do we have literally any proof that he helped his mother?
  9. I wonder if KC is shaking in their boots that we now have a better backup guard.
  10. I guess I should have spelled it out. I thought people would understand that I was talking about our draft picks.
  11. How so? Those are all players currently on the team. Were not talking about them. We’re talking about our draft picks.
  12. It’s funny you mention Allen. I kind of see him as the Allen of defense ends.
  13. You believe that our new O-linemen will start? Or even play? Beane seemed to indicate that our new DE will be a long term project with less immediate upside.
  14. I would argue we are equal. Didn’t get better and don’t get worse. Stayed the same.
  15. Why do I have the feeling that you’ll be screenshotting this post in 9 months?
  16. R1 (30) BUFFALO BILLS: EDGE GREGORY ROUSSEAU, MIAMI (FL.) Pick Grade: Below Average Rousseau is a physical freak at 6-foot-7 with 34.75-inch arms and 11-inch hands. He opted out of the 2020 season and carries with him concerns about how he’ll fare as a true edge defender, though. Rousseau rushed the passer just 283 times in his college career, anywhere from 0-technique to stand-up outside linebacker. He earned a 71.3 pass-rushing grade from outside of the tackle in 2019, but when he rushed from the interior, it spiked to 85.1. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-grades-32-first-round-picks
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