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  1. A good QB with our open WR's would have minimum 7 more TD's ... Just from the wide open long balls.
  2. Wrong. I was making fun of Goff because McVay had to run no-huddle so the offense could get to the line and McVay could read the defense and radio it in to Goff before the time cutoff. I was impressed with McVay’s wits to think of that, but it was just as pathetic for Goff as it is for Allen. lol, I can’t believe how often I smack you around
  3. Difference is that the Patriots beat the living tar out of the bad teams. We barely squeaked by.
  4. Translation: Josh is having a hard time reading the defense, so we need to adjust our offense to give him a lot of time to figure out what he is seeing and we can't substitute much because that may confuse him.
  5. In Goff's last 18 game (yes, more a full season's worth), he has: 18 TD's, 18 INT's, and 8 Fumbles. You're right Jungle, Goff is super good.
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