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  1. He was so horseshit that another team gave up draft picks for him? Uh, no... They could see what we couldn’t.
  2. Teller already made the Bills roster. He literally started nearly half the season for us.
  3. If 72% passing and 3 TD's with 0 INT's isn't much, then I hope Josh can get some of that not much action next year! But yes, his defense was great too.
  4. In all seriousness, where did you even get these comments from? He ranks highly by pretty much every analytical site.
  5. Florio picked the #1 play of the year, was the Hail Murray over Tre, Poyer & Hyde. Simms picked the #2 play of the year, which was Derrick Henry stiff-arming Norman. We make the darn AFC Championship and this is what we get known for 😒
  6. I created this thread. Asked if you wanted it. You acted like a jerk, and basically said you didn’t want it. What else is there to say?
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