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  1. Hard fail by Daryl. McCoy is sick, and that’s why he is inactive... he was questionable all week. ———————— Chiefs RB LeSean McCoy (illness) is questionable for the AFC Championship against the Titans. Shady is tentatively expected to suit up after returning to a limited practice on Friday. January 16, 2020 05:52 PM Chiefs' LeSean McCoy: Misses another practice by RotoWire Staff | RotoWire McCoy (illness) remained sidelined at practice Thursday January 15, 2020 03:48 PM Chiefs' LeSean McCoy: Under the weather by RotoWire Staff | RotoWire McCoy won't practice Wednesday due to an illness, BJ Kissel of the Chiefs' official site reports.
  2. McD Likes him. Can't blame him. https://buffalonews.com/2020/01/16/buffalo-bills-new-york-giants-brian-daboll-joe-judge/
  3. I'm not into politics, so I'm late to the party. But let me get this straight... After years of being investigated for colluding with Russia on the last election, Trump had the audacity to conspire with Ukraine on the next election? That can't be right. Am I reading this wrong?
  4. https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_16e90c06-387e-11ea-ba52-c35714f1e4cc.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitternoladotcom&utm_campaign=snd
  5. No, an OC is not judged on their ability to develop a QB. Thats a QB coaches job. The OC’s job is to put players in a position to be open and make plays. Thats exactly what Daboll has done. The offense only scores 20 points per game because Allen misses 1-2 TD’s per game (literally). You are blaming Daboll for things that were Allen’s fault.
  6. Daboll’s offense is efficient. The QB is not. If the QB gets better next year (that’s we all want right?) then the offense will magically get better too.
  7. Name the QB’s he has had when he has been a coordinator... Listen, this is not a difficult concept. Daboll has his receivers WIDE OPEN. The QB is missing them. You can NOT blame a coordinator because his QB is missing open receivers EVERYWHERE. Multiple times a game. TD after TD after TD off the board because of it. I can’t believe I have to explain this to people.
  8. Bills have #22. Dolphins unfortunately have 3 of the first 26 picks. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/13/spots-1-28-now-set-for-2020-nfl-draft/
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