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  1. Not a single one of those WR's are as good as Diggs OR did as much in their first OR second year as Diggs could do for us next year.
  2. I don't see Diggs as the same type of Diva as T.O. or AB. As a 5 year starter, I don't think he has ever been suspended - has he?
  3. No rookie WR's kick ass from day one. Even the best WR's of all time don't kick ass from day one. Rookie WR's take time to develop.
  4. Don't mind any of them. But none would have the impact Diggs would have in 2020 or 2021.
  5. Repubs. Dems. All of them. All evil. I don't know much about this Roger Stone case, but how could a judge allow jurors with such bias??? "Former Memphis City Schools Board President Tomeka Hart said last week that she was the foreperson on the jury that convicted Stone, and revealed a history of Democratic activism after a string of her anti-Trump social media posts came to light—including the retweeting of an argument mocking those who considered Stone’s dramatic arrest in a predawn raid last year by a federal tactical team to be excessive force. Hart also suggested Trump and his supporters are racist and praised the investigation conducted by Mueller, which ultimately led to Stone’s prosecution. It also emerged that Jackson had denied a defense request to strike a potential juror who was an Obama-era press official with admitted anti-Trump views—and whose husband worked at the division of the Justice Department that handled the probe leading to Stone’s arrest. And another juror donated to former Democratic presidential candidates and other progressive causes, federal election records reviewed by Fox News showed." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/roger-stone-sentencing
  6. Dang it, you were SO CLOSE!!! Or did you barely make it? Ill have to double check.
  7. If it’s true that the Vikings are only asking for a 2nd rounder, then Diggs should already be a Bill by now/
  8. To be honest, this is not fair. Obama became president right after a recession. So raising the economy even a little led to a higher % of change.
  9. Yeah I may have been mistaken about the woman part. I just looked and I dont see anything. The swearing though is accurate.
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