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  1. The President has the secret service and the most powerful military in the world to protect him ... but this guy thinks he’s calling on random supporters? Goodness gracious, people do not think before they type. Or post a tweet from someone else.
  2. Sweet guys. Our franchise QB throws less INT’s than a bunch of bums. A lot less TD’s thrown too. Tyrod set a record for least amount of INT’s thrown. Jungle ran him out of town.
  3. Thats the narrative the police are trying to spin. And you fell for it. There is video of Jiminez telling police “we can move if you want”. They offered to go to a place the police wanted them to go. The white correspondent said the police approached him too but said because he is part of the media, he can be there (in the restricted) zone.
  4. A white CNN reporter nearby was identified by police and then left alone. The black reporter and Latino producer were arrested. The governor of Minnesota got them released and apologized. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52854980
  5. For a while there it felt like he was fumbling every other time he scrambled.
  6. Lol. Yeah. ESPN wants to upset Bills fans to drive huge ratings in the metropolis known as Buffalo NY. Makes total sense 😂
  7. Lmao all 3 of them are down on Josh Allen. Cue Jungle in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... ”So and so is a joke who hates the Bills. He is not to be trusted. Yada yada yada”
  8. Definitely not an ultra conservative. Literally look at the title of this thread lol
  9. Not the only religion. There are many religions. But there is only one true living God. The Alpha and the Omega. Jesus, sinless, who died for my sins and for your sins and for all sins.
  10. I disputed what you said with actual facts and your response was “my cousin said otherwise” 😂
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