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  1. my gooness lol. this is a new level of pathetic, quoting just random fans.
  2. Does Cian get paid millions of dollars to draft players? No? Ok then.
  3. When you post page-long stuff like this, it makes it difficult to determine what you wrote and what others wrote. No-one needs you to copy-paste. We don't need Wikipedia. "It's a flat out lie to say that Mahomes didn't have to be coached up or developed. If Mahomes was NFL ready than you claim then there would be no reason to sit him." - Jungle Wrong. During that year that Alex Smith played, reports were coming out of practice that Mahomes was LIGHTING IT UP. Making insane throws. Leading the offense. The defense was literally struggling to contain him - the backup! One article said that "Alex Smith is on notice" because reports were that Mahomes was playing better that Smith in his first training camp ever. This was in the PRE-SEASON of his FIRST YEAR. Fansided said in one of it's articles in his ROOKIE season that "Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have been dreaming of having a quarterback like rookie Patrick Mahomes for decades." Long story short: There were reports out of Training Camp in his rookie season that he was torching the #1 defense. Then there were reports out of practice during his rookie reason that he was making it hard for the #1 defense to even practice because he was beating them repeatedly. He did NOT need to sit. He was great from day 1. Andy Reid was loyal to Alex Smith. That is all.
  4. I've admitted this a dozen times. But I'm not paid millions of dollars to get it right. You understand that, right?
  5. Because he had Alex Smith, that's why he sat him. Mahomes is in the SB in his 2nd year starting. Is Josh? You say "coached up" like some magical thing that happens.
  6. Studies have been done on this. There is no benefit to sitting a QB. QB's will always say the right thing in the media. But even if you want to believe this stupidity, then Josh is going into year 3 now. He is going to be 2 years past where Mahomes was benched. So it really doesn't matter.
  7. Actually, we only owe 1 person. The 1 person who was so childish that they asked for updates every 5 seconds.
  8. He may not be in the SB but he would still be good. Mahomes wouldn’t suddenly want to take 20 yard sacks on 4th down, just because he wasn’t on the Chiefs.
  9. Coached up? LOL. He threw 50+ touchdowns in his first season starting. He had like 15 TD’s in his first 5 games ever.
  10. Four years ago you called Tyrod Taylor a “franchise QB”. Now he is a “checkdown machine”?
  11. This is one of the excuses that Jungle makes. ”Mahomes is good because he has x,y,z players around here” Sorry, no. Mahomes is good because Mahomes is good.
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