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  1. I think you forgot to mention the part where the guy she was with pulled a gun on the guy who ended up shooting her.
  2. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/506866-democrats-blast-trump-for-commuting-roger-stone-the-most-corrupt-president-in
  3. Let’s be real. Disney would not have lost a single cent if they decided to keep “Zippity Do Dah”. Raymond James would not have lost a single cent if they decided to keep the employee they fired because he was in the background of a video. The list could go on and on.
  4. Far left*. The normal left has valid points. But we’ve all seen over the last few months, company after company after company caving to far left lunatics. Enough. Grow some balls.
  5. So. Freaking. Refreshing. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/goya-foods-ceo-robert-unanue-not-apologizing-praising-trump/
  6. I didn't like when Pegula took Ralphs name off the stadium and I like it even less now. New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan... "After seeing everything we've dealt with with New Era, whenever we've had negotiations on the stadium, I don't believe we're going to give stadium naming rights to any Bills organization that can sell them, then have that organization treat our community as poorly as New Era did," Poloncarz said. "Their name should no longer be on the stadium if they're going to continue to lay off their employees and say, 'Sorry, the heck with it.' " "In 2019, after taking years of economic stimulus money from Erie County taxpayers, New Era Cap closed their profitable manufacturing plant in Derby, sending that work overseas and leaving 219 Western New York employees without a job. "Now in 2020, just after taking between $5 and $10 million of Federal Paycheck Protection Program funds designed to help small businesses retain employees, New Era plans on laying off another 117 Western New Yorkers, this time from their Buffalo Headquarters." https://www.wgrz.com/article/money/business/new-era-layoffs-draw-scorn-from-western-new-york-leaders/71-fae645e8-b2bd-4c03-9641-f2f5f212b166
  7. New rules: - Players must be at least six feet apart in the facility at all times, whether in the weight room, shower room, training room, etc. -Saunas and steam rooms will not be used during training camp. - All meetings will be virtual, unless impossible to do so. In that case, those meetings must be held outside, players must be 6 feet from each other, and everyone must be wearing masks.
  8. That’s not true. It was up wayyyy longer than that. Probably 8 or so months. And you NEVER - and I capitalize that for emphasis - said it had to be a certain font when the bet was made.
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