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  1. If a grown man beats a 7 year old in a boxing match - But it takes 10 rounds to win, and he was actually losing at one point - Do you feel confident that grown man can still win when it comes time to face other grown men (instead of children)?
  2. Yes. He threw a nice 20 yard pass to Duke. He could have thrown a 60 yard TD. Great tradeoff.
  3. All of this literally irrelevant, because whether or not Foster is faster or has better closing speed doesn’t matter if Josh threw an accurate ball! You shouldn’t expect your WR to have insane closing speed because your QB can’t throw an accurate deep ball. this is insane
  4. This is the stupidest “take” there is. This would be a valid argument IF our current starting wide receivers were not getting open. But they ARE getting open. Roberts was WIDE the fuck open when Allen overthrew him by 5 yards. Beasley was WIDE the fuck open when Allen didn’t even throw to him. Guys are getting open. The problem is the person that is in charge of throwing the ball is either: A) Not Seeing Them or B) Overthrowing them Foster does not have any magic ability to make Josh accurate on long passes. Guys are open. Beasley is slamming his helmet on the sideline because he’s so wide open FFS, this is the laziest of lazy takes.
  5. Yes. He threw his helmet at the bench/ground because Allen kept not seeing that he was running open. So when Allen hit him on the TD, that comment was made that he can’t be mad anymore.
  6. I saw that. it really just shows how Belichick is playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers.
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