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  1. I agree with you, but to Sean’s credit, Marvin Lewis led the Bengals to the playoffs SEVEN (7) times but never could get them to the Super Bowl. They finally had to fire him.
  2. To isolate a virus, build a vaccine against it, test it, get 94.1% efficacy, and then have it approved ... All in less than a year ... Incredible. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/11/30/21726327/moderna-covid-19-vaccine-results
  3. What kind of crap is that? Broncos had to play on Sunday with literally ZERO quarterbacks. They had a WR playing QB. But the Ravens game they keep delaying over and over!?
  4. True. Barkley was probably thinking "Well THAT was fun" andddd back to the bench.
  5. Just announced. I wonder if Tre, Poyer and Hyde are going to have flashbacks as they walk on the field.
  6. LOL. We couldn’t figure out a way to at least REDUCE this a little? “Bosa had eight tackles, three sacks, five quarterback hits, six tackles for loss, a pass defensed and a fumble recovery”
  7. I seriously can’t stand primetime games... Next week: Monday Night Football against SF Then Sunday Night Football against Pitt. Then Saturday football against Denver. Then Monday Night Football (again) vs New England. 🤮
  8. First 5 games: 14 passing TD’s, 3 INT Last 5 games: 6 passing TD’s, 4 INT Concerning?
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