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  1. Many of us said we should have moved up to get Darnold BEFORE the Jets traded up.
  2. This post made me get out of my chair. this means this post must be good. its scientific. bahahhahahaha
  3. I literally quoted and linked the entire article in the post ... did you think that I could fit the entire article into the subject line? lmao.
  4. Lmao are you 5 years old? Allen made you get out of your chair? That’s how you judge QB’s? ”get out of your chair” worthiness? Wtf? Lmao. Salvage whatever small amount of football dignity you have left.
  5. Ouchy. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2019/11/why-is-bills-dt-ed-oliver-struggling-rookie-team-captain-lorenzo-alexander-explain.html
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