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  1. Once you reach the NFL level, repetition only helps you with timing routes and memorizing plays. It does not make you more accurate. This isn’t pee-wee football where motor neurons are still developing. If repetition made people more accurate, there would never be any inaccurate QB’s ever. Get a clue.
  2. He had 40+ TD’s before Cooper came: He was a Pro Bowler before Cooper came. again, dumb take
  3. Incorrect. - He missed Brown on 4th down. - He missed Mckenzie deep. - He missed Beasley on 4th down. - He audibled to Brown on 4th down when he didn’t have to (Daboll confirmed today). The Jets game reference is something you got from Sal and is a bad point. In the Jets game, Beasley wasn’t wide open. So the throw to Brown was smart.
  4. Giving Singletary less carries means that Allen can’t throw an accurate pass? Makes no sense. The plays were there. Receivers were open.
  5. Just such a bad take. Prescott’s problems weren’t accuracy. Cooper didn’t make him able to throw accurately. This is comparing apples to oranges.
  6. Oh definitely. I’m simply saying that if they lose, it’s over. Not that if they win, they’re good to go.
  7. Schopp is DESTROYING all of Jungle’s arguments. The latest was (paraphrasing): “Don’t tell me he was raw. Don’t tell me he needs more time. If someone is that raw and needs that much time, you don’t take them 7th overall. Mahomes and Watson and Jackson could all have been had for cheaper and don’t need all this time. Saying he is raw and needs more time is a complete cop-out”.
  8. Just curious? - Fumbling every game hasn’t made you give up - Throwing behind receivers consistently hasn’t made you give up. - Missing every deep ball hasn’t made you give up. - Seeing other young QB’s excel immediately hasn’t made you give up. - Throwing into double coverage hasn’t made you give up. So here’s the question - WHAT would make you give up on him?
  9. No, he didn’t. He was just as bad last year. You just couldnt see it through your homer colored glasses.
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