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  1. In Goff's last 18 game (yes, more a full season's worth), he has: 18 TD's, 18 INT's, and 8 Fumbles. You're right Jungle, Goff is super good.
  2. Let me post Jungle's response for him, so he doesn't have to waste his time: Josh Allen is the QB of a 7-3 team and threw 3 TD's yesterday and had 1 rushing TD. You are just a hater posting a hot-take, and are a troll. Allen missed no passes. He was perfect in every way and I love him.
  3. 1) I didn't write any of these. Just copy/pasted or provided context where needed. 2) I included all the positive & negative posts I saw. There just wasn't much positive posts.
  4. https://finheaven.com/threads/official-buffalo-bills-miami-dolphins-game-thread-wk11.357722/
  5. Friend just made me aware of that. That is just ... lol. We fire the guy and he rapes us repeatedly on ST.
  6. Point, blank, period. He is setting the edge, stopping runs, pressuring, crashing on screens and everything else asked of him. He is exactly the type of player that homers would be gushing about if we brought him in from another team. It makes zero sense not to re-sign this guy. Unless he wants tier 1 money, he needs to be a Bill next year. Otherwise, we are just going to have to replace him with another good DE.
  7. Lol what? This thread literally lists in chronological order what happened during the game. How in the world could that not age well? It literally just says what happened lmao
  8. Lol I love when Jungle doesn’t use the term troll and hot takes in proper context. It shows that he has no idea what those words mean. lol
  9. Jungle appears to have blocked out those handful of bad passes from his memory.
  10. Last week, it’s 3rd and 4 and Josh throws it 20 yards downfield incomplete to Brown. This week, it’s 3rd and 6 and Josh throws it 25 yards downfield incomplete to Brown. That’s poor situational football. He overthrew (By about 10 yards) a wide open John Brown that would have been a HUGE gain. He underthrew Knox at the sticks. He threw it behind Gore. He threw it behind McKenzie. What!?? I literally congratulated him in this very thread.
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