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  1. Picking and choosing my stats??? In the Miami game, he had ONE good carry. O-N-E. Without that ONE good carry, his average goes right back down to 2.8. Yes, that's right ... the ONE good carry brought his game average (against Miami) from 3.2 to 4.6. He was 7 carries for 23 yards. Thats 3.2 yards per carry ... against Miami. Then he has ONE good run (14 yards) that brings his average all the way up to 4.6 (not 5, by the way). Yeah 3.2 yards per carry was really good against the Fins!!! Another way to look at it is, on the year, he has... -> 16 carries for 35 yards ... an average of 2.2 yards per carry. -> And then 1 carry of 14 yards. Yeah, h'es been stellar!!!!
  2. Uh, what? Josh is called a Cam Newton clone for a reason. Cam literally did that.
  3. I could, yes. And in case you are having trouble reading, I made an entire thread calling out TWD and asking him if he wants his jersey.
  4. Exactly! He is throwing way more TD's instead of running and we are winning at a much higher pace.
  5. It didn't go over my head, you just used ridiculous analogies to try and make your point. They were hilariously bad. Guys like Bill Belichick talk about NFL history because it's important. If no one has ever won a Super Bowl by (and this is just an example) running on every single play of every single game, it would be silly to try that. History has shown that's not the path to success. Now, someone who isn't too football smart *cough* you *cough*, could say "well no one has ever TRIED to run on every single play of every single game, so therefore it could work". But you would just be seen as semi-retarded by anyone who knows a lick of football.
  6. No, i'm not arguing that a strength of his is a weakness. Let me copy and paste what I said... "Josh has to become pass dependent and use his legs as an added weapon." As you can clearly see, I never said you take away his running. I said you use his legs as an added weapon. But his primary (85+%) weapon needs to be in his arm if you want to succeed in this league. Last night we had a matchup between Lamar and Mahomes. Mahomes uses his arm mostly and runs once in a while as an added weapon. Lamar uses his legs mostly and passes once in a while. Mahomes beat the bricks off Lamar and Lamar is 0-2 in the playoffs. This is not a crazy take. Most NFL people know this.
  7. The last QB like this was Newton in 2015(?). Went to the SB and got shut down: He needed to learn how to pass better.
  8. Except the entire league uses surfaces, so every single year SOME QB who uses a surface HAS to win the Super Bowl. And every one in the league now uses great helmets, so every year some QB with a great helmet HAS to win the Super Bowl. No QB HAS to win the Super Bowl with 30-some % of their TD’s coming from rushing. And they likely never will, Your analogy sucked. I mean, really really bad. Josh has to become pass dependent and use his legs as an added weapon. The coaching staff knows this which is why you see him running less and less and less every game. You can argue it all you want. You can joke all you want. But the NFL knows this. There is a formula to success and Josh is on that path as you see his passing going up and his running going down.
  9. Yes, he has. Straight crap. Slow, picks the wrong hole, and is averaging 2.8 ... YES - TWO POINT EIGHT! ... yards per carry. They were both healthy for weeks 1 & 2. Singletary averaged 4.5 yards per carry in those two matchups. Moss averaged 2.8!!
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