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  1. Sanders is always freaking open. Look at the top of the screen - The guy streaking wide open toward the endzone. Thats a TD last year.
  2. He was throwing it to a WIDE OPEN Sanders. And Sanders has a blocker with him (Diggs). If that ball wasn't batted, it may have been a TD.
  3. Yes, there is a federal database. There is also a state database. I’m sure they’ll be using the state database at the game.
  4. You’re a cop? Do you ever just want to turn a blind eye to that stuff?
  5. Yes. Well, state database anyway. You can even look yours up using the Excelsior Pass.
  6. Turn on ESPN 2! It's Peyton Manning and Eli Manning essentially explaining the game while its being played. Peyton's insight is incredible.
  7. Theyre doing spot checks. If they think its fake, they pull you to the side and use a computer to look your name up in the state database. If its not there, you get arrested. Its a class D felony.
  8. Definition of Talk: communication by spoken words; If you’re hearing spoken words, you may want to get that checked out.
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