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  1. Happy Memorial Day 2020

  2. Stay Home Stay Safe!

  3. Dalton era ends with Bengals, now comes Burrow era!
  4. Stay Safe Stay Home

  5. All teams IMHO need to change as this is the 21st century! Just saying!
  6. But wonder if they need two byes not just one for the regular season. As they expand that and the playoff slump only has front runners with a bye.
  7. Trump wearing a dictator's uniform. Really that is out of line no offense. But you do have a point.
  8. Defenses win you the game but in the case of SF, not so much!
  9. Yeah agree with you on Trump for that of impeachment distraction .But really he says he did that to stop a war from happening not start one. We shall see!
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