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  1. Ready for Halloween!

  2. Yeah as really nineteen days to go. Very important. And up to 17 million there. Have voted
  3. Well on Fox News Sean Hannity's show, says he did condemn the Antifa, B.L.M, and White Supremacists!
  4. October Skies!

  5. Autumn Winds!

  6. Yeah but still Trump's arrogance and his holier than thou attitude rubs a lot of people. Who say he does not have the temperament. But I have to look at it like the lesser of the two evils.
  7. Ready for September!

  8. Well need to get a vaccine. And have it approved officially. Two or three vaccines are in the stage III thing!
  9. Back to School!

  10. Yeah but the President may have gotten off Scott free. As chances to get a President former or current even indicted much less jail time, billion to none!
  11. August Awesome!

  12. You can only hope to see the Bills finally win a SB to erase those four SB losses.
  13. Ready for Virus to End

  14. Ready for July 4th Holiday!

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