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  1. Yeah agree with you on Trump for that of impeachment distraction .But really he says he did that to stop a war from happening not start one. We shall see!
  2. Well it should be the concern of children not other things. As they are the innocent ones!
  3. Heard on TV that Lamar and QB's that are mobile are one of the very rare Achilles Heel for BB!
  4. Yeah as think that they will have to beat the Patriots over for AFC East again or depending on the difficulty of schedule.
  5. Really NFL missed that! And really should had flagged him and could had not just ruined Josh's career but possibly having lifetime lingering effects!
  6. As long as he can go back to those playing days of his being elite as well as keeping his mouth shut. He can really be effective and letting his play do the talking!
  7. Well just hope Josh will be better comfortable on his feet in his second year!
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