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  1. JFK wouldn't be welcome in the current Democrat Party Bill Clinton wouldn't be welcome in the current Democrat Party BARACK OBAMA wouldn't be welcome in the current Democrat Party You can take this article AND your moralistic 'look down your nose" nonsense and shove it.
  2. Imagine being someone who wakes up every day whose main objective for the day is trolling a sports message board.
  3. ALL discounted due to the cheating. Put him on any other team and he's Rich Gannon.
  4. And that same announcer (Collinsworth) ALSO said that none of those issues are big deals and are all correctable. "Ugh", yourself.
  5. Im absolutely positive that, if from the Pitt 15 the Bills threw it three times deep and either Allen got picked off or they went 3 and out and then gave Pitt the ball on a short field with 45 seconds left in the half and Pitt getting the ball again to start the 3rd quarter, there would be heaps of praise for Daboll and McDermott for being so aggressive in that spot. After all...if they did that...they wouldnt be "pussies."
  6. Youd be the FIRST yahoo on here KILLING McDermott if he did that and it didnt work out....who are you kidding?
  7. Anybody with more money than me who is not a celebrity or didnt donate to the Clinton campaign.
  8. Serious question.....why do you think that a coach can just dial up different plays and they are just going to.....work? Thats the problem with ALL these critiques of coaches. "Just run different plays!" they say. As if its that easy. That all Daboll had to do was dial up a screen of some sort and and whammo......three TDs and 300 free yards. Its such an intellectually bankrupt argument that people make every time a team loses. And to illustrate how bankrupt they are, how many "fire everyone!!!!!" posts would there be if John Brown caught that last ball and they won in OT? Exact same game down the line except that last play was a catch. Solid money is on zero.
  9. Ive never seen a board where an admin is also a troll. I wonder what I would find if I go back and look for your posts after the last time the Bills ran the same play into the line 3 times in a row.
  10. Calm down, Dickerson. Stole this from another board. Here is how opposing offenses all did against the Ravens. Should all these other teams fire their OC NOW(!!), too? Andy Dalton 21/39 239 yards 0 TD/1 INT Loss 23-17 Russell Wilson 20/41 241 yards 1 TD/1 INT LOSS 30-16 Tom Brady 30-46 285 yards 1 TD/1 INT LOSS 37-20 Ryan Finley 16-31 167 yards. 1 TD/1 INT LOSS 49-13 Deshaun Watson 18-29 169 yards. 0 TD/1 INT LOSS 41-7 Jared Goff 26-37 212 yards 0 TD/2 INT LOSS 45-6 Jimmy Garoppolo 15-21 165 yards 1 TD/1 INT Loss 20-17 Josh Allen 17-39 146 1 TD/0 INT Loss 24-17
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