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  1. At least he has more self awareness than EJ had haha he knows he sucks!
  2. Are you a plump fan or a skinny fan. In my experience the big girls are tigher where it counts.
  3. this is the most accurate analagy of being a bills fan ive ever seen
  4. Buffalo picks the next three rounds if the top three OT left in the draft are gone when they pick:bills: rd pick name position HT WT 2 41 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE 6-6 260 http://www.buffalorange.com/images/smilies/karlbills.gif 3 73 Preston Brown LB 6-2 256 http://www.buffalorange.com/images/smilies/karlbills.gif 5 149 Cameron Fleming OT 6-5 323 http://www.buffalorange.com/images/smilies/karlbills.gif
  5. I like this mock draft but if we can trade down to 13th pick and pick up at least 1 extra pick maybe more but if that happened then the draft for us would be a bit different 1st rd 13th pick Taylor Lewan,OT 2nd rd 41st pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE 3rd rd 73rd pick Martavius Bryant, WR 3rd rd 75th pick Marcus Smith, DE/OLB 4th rd 109th pick Preston Brown, ILB 5th rd 149th pick Lache Seastrunk, RB 6th rd draft pick traded for Mike Williams, WR 7th rd 224th pick Anthony Steen, G
  6. Bills Needs: WR,TE,RT,OLB and maybe DE depth 1st rd 9th pick Mike Evans - WR 2nd rd 41st pick Austin Seferian-Jenkins - TE 3rd rd 73rd pick Seantrel Henderson - RT 4th rd 109th pick Andrew Jackson - ILB 5th rd 149th pick Lache Seastrunk - RB 6th rd pick was traded to TB for WR Mike Williams 7th rd 224th pick James Gayle - DE/OLB
  7. Howard Milstein was denied to buy the Redskins Why would owners let him buy the Bills
  8. this is my real mock draft without trades Bills 7 round mock RD pick Name SCHOOL POS. HT. WT. 1 9 Mike Evans Texas A&M WR 6'4" 231 2 41 Cyrus Kouandjio Alabama OT 6'6" 322 3 73 Jimmie Ward No.Illinois S 5'11" 193 4 109 C.J. Fiedorwicz Iowa TE 6'5" 265 5 149 Kareem Martin NC DE 6'6" 272 7 224 Christian Kirksey Iowa OLB 6'2" 233
  9. Bills 7 round mock with trades RD pick Name SCHOOL POS. HT. WT. 1 9 Eric Ebron NC TE 6'4" 250 2 41 Dee Ford Auburn OLB/DE 6'2" 243 2 60 JuWaun James Tennessee OT 6"6" 311 3 73 Jimmie Ward No.Illinois S 5'11" 193 4 109 Lache Seastrunk Baylor RB 5'10" 209 5 149 Kelcy Quarles So.Carolina DT 6'4" 298 7 224 Chris Davis Auburn CB 5'10" 202 7 225 Spencer Long Nebraska OG 6'5" 320 Trade: Bills get picks 60, 225 Carolina Gets WR Stevie Johnson Yeah a lot of you are going to be mad but this is what we get for him maybe a 2nd and as high as 4 th but 2nd and 7th is low but this is what i came up with hope this dont happen with a trade but this is a business
  10. no i am saying thas what we got forlynch and Spiller is not always a homerun guy Johnson has been in league for 6 years and has always had 1000+ yard seasons everyseason so no we dont only get a 4th we trade away a guy that is here to run the ball when it is convenient for him i mean come on he does not do as good as Jackson who is what 6 years older Johnson and jackson might be better than spiller and jackson well danm maybe you want johnson and spiller but I really like Jackson he is a very rare breed he is one of few at his age still producing at a high level wwe might be able to get a 3rd round and a 6th and conditional 4th for next year
  11. Since the Bills like Drafting to improve team this might work. We sign Chris Johnson to a 3 year deal worth 12.5 mil and then we trade Spiller to Atlanta. For picks 103, pick 253 and conditional 2015 pick. This all depending how well he does for them next year. Yeah everyone is going to say he is washed up but he is still only 28. He has rush for over a 1000 yards every year he has played in the NFL. He may have been having the same production and have the best attitude. But I believe he was under appreciated in Tennessee and if he came to Buffalo he would be welcomed with open arms. Coach Marrone would turn his attitude around he would be just as deadly match up with Jackson and would make us a little better overall. Still better and after this year we have to many of our players up for Free Agency. This would leave franchise tag open for someone else I have not been a huge Spiller fan because he is a hit and miss. One game great then next three not so good. Then in games he is the same way at one point in game you are like oh yeah here we goo, he is going for 200 this game, then next your like WTF this guy can not run the ball to save his life. Just want a more consistent RB with Jackson, because I can see this making Jackson better also. By have more consistency RB might also make E.J better too.
  12. Everyone always says Jim Kelly was trying to buy the Bills wonder if this is part of his plan and that is to have have Donald Trump buy them and then make Jim the President or CEO COO or something along those lines maybe he will be what the Bills need to get over the Hump being part of the whole turning this thing around I see Trump building a state of the art stadium and Jim getting the right players in here to turn us back into one of the best teams in football I believe we are only two or three players away from being dominant in this league. Jim Kelly CEO/PRESIDENT THURMAN THOMAS VICE PRESIDENT THAT MIGHT WORK OR MAYBE we can turn this around and maybe just maybe get a Superbowl game in buffalo yeah they are not in a big city but that would be the best and help economy in buffalo but that part is a dream BUT LETS GO BFLO
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