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  1. The Bills are playing this right. If NE doesn't sign him we will sign him for next to nothing a little over league minimum. Remember that Spikes wants to be more than a situational guy and we told him that's what we think he is and if he thinks that he can get more than that somewhere else please go but we will be waiting for you if you cant find that. With the Brady stuff going on I say he won't sign with them unless they overpay and we will be waiting when his agent tells him sign with buffalo or retire.
  2. Andre's Rookie Year with Vince Ferragamo : 48 catches for 637 yards, 4 td, & 3 rushes for -1 yards and 1 td Next Year with Kelly: 57 catches for 752 yards, 5 td, & 1 rush for 1 yards and 0 td Even with a HOF QB a WR isn't going to have a great year just saying
  3. Exactly foresight in finding a franchise guy at every position and he did that with Sammy plain and simple
  4. They play in a division with Seattle (12-4) san fran (8-8) and st louis (6-10) technically better record than our division last year
  5. So are you saying that Arizona has a better defense and offense then us? They seemed to make the playoffs with the revolving QB last year.
  6. There were reports that his wife was saying hell no to Buffalo too
  7. Ok so it is idiotic to give up two firsts for a franchise WR ok so my question is besides QB what other position do you give up 2 firsts for?
  8. Of course he going to take responsibility Nix still on the staff and he not going to throw him under the bus. And do you think that Marrone and Whaley bumping heads might of had a lot to do with Manuel's progression?
  9. Not only that but if there so much hate on us for "character issues" then where is Winston's character concerns? The number one pick in the draft gets a pass on scrutiny because he was the number one pick? Hmmm maybe it all was just bs and because we are the bills we get hated on. Whether it happened or not at least we signed two people that are TEAM players and stand behind their QB and that is what the bills are about.
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