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  1. i disagree. i do not think we should take out Allen. i think he will improve more and more as the season goes on.
  2. Bills 13 Washington 10 i think Josh Allen is still going to be in a funk. it'll be close. Bills win by a field goal.
  3. John10

    Who is Q?

    Many believe Q is Jim Watkins or his son Ron Watkins. Q is believed to be the creator of QAnon. We do not know if Q is one person or a group of people. QAnon is a large group of people or movement that believes a handful of men called The Cabal rule the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QAnon
  4. i eat other things too like vegetables, meat, pasta, etc. i just wrote down the things i do not eat that has worked for me. i hope everyone can get their numbers down to normal like me by trying what i did.
  5. i wanna add that all my other numbers were normal also from the lab results. i think drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit helps alot.
  6. Phil Simms on CBS picked the Bills and 49ers to go to the Super Bowl. He joins Chris Berman in that prediction. 3 out of 4 of the CBS NFL Analysts picked the Bills to go to the Super Bowl. Phil Simms picked the Bills and the Buccaneers to go to the Super Bowl last season. He was half right.
  7. i'm going to predict low scoring close games for the Bills from now on. i predicted a low scoring close game for yesterday's game against Miami and the Bills won big. i'm superstitious. Buffalo 13 Washington 10
  8. Angry Byrds - i posted this topic to help others when they have a hiccup. Sackman518 - i'm not a sock account. Thebowflexbody - i would like to read it.
  9. Here is how i stop hiccups: I sip water or pop/soda and burp. It works best with pop or soda. It works for me.
  10. i think the Bills may need their defense and special teams to carry the day. it's going to be a nailbiter.
  11. it's a division rival and i think it will be a close game.
  12. My prayers go out to Coach McDermott and his family. Thank you for taking us to the AFC Championship game last season and winning the AFC East. You gave us fans an exciting season last season.
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