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  1. I'm not getting the vaccine and I won't be watching another bills game. Cancel culture is out of control.
  2. What is wrong with this country? This criminal didn't have plates and his windows were too dark! The good guys had every right to shoot this guy. I know I would have. There is no way this guy could possibly be in the military, he can't follow orders for shit! How hard is it to follow conflicting orders? I mean really? The truth will come out and the cop will get his job back to serve and protect.
  3. We know you are a feelings over facts guy! Spoken like a true libtard! Biden is out. Trump is in!!
  4. Need be abolished. This is not a free society unless everyone can make their own decisions for themselves.
  5. This is all a sham! It's obvious! The DOJ has been infiltrated by the globalists.
  6. Can I get a TLDR? I know black folk plenty. Do you have a black man fuck your wife 3 days a week? That's all the experience I need besides FOX, OAN, Newsmax, daily mail, daily caller, the Blaze, crowder, shapiro, molyneux, beck, and the newest Saint in Heaven Rush Limbaugh RIP.
  7. He can't argue the facts. He needs to turn his rap music down, go outside, and see what's really going on in this country.
  8. Sure, if all I have to do is defend my statement to not get a "time out", I can gladly do that. Is there a minimum requirement in the quality of the argument? Separate but equal is better because it divides the lazy and victim mentality from the hard working people. It separates the gangs from the good guys. It separates the 13% of society that commits 50% of the crime. There is a war in cops. Let them "police" their own, in their own community. Africans have the warrior gene making them more violent than whites, and blacks have a lower IQ than whites. Separate but equal let's everyone live happily, how they want to live. Equally.
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