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  1. Hey Sean fuck you, listened to nothing but your crybaby ass for months! Now all of a sudden things are great? How was that pressure tonight dumbfuck
  2. It's his own damn fault, if he would keep his feelings to himself and not post them on twitter nobody would be giving him shit!
  3. Those unis were great, but to me they also represent 4 super bowl losses and the music city miracle. Let's wear something different and win a championship for once! Besides our current unis are sharp.
  4. It was part of the game plan to keep Heineke in front of us. Obviously the plan in Miami was different. Last time I checked none of us are employed by the NFL so it would probably be best to stick to our day jobs. (If you have one)
  5. Not sure about worst coach, although thebowflexbody is one of the worst posters on here I know that much.
  6. You will look like a moron (is if you Already don't) come 10/4.
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