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  1. This type of talk is exactly what Allen needs to get going. Historically Josh performs extremely well after being called out.
  2. You just love to hear yourself talk don't you. Everyone has already seen this.
  3. Type of MFer that just likes to hear himself talk! Oh look at me, I created a thread. I'm important!
  4. Are you going to make a thread about this every week? He sucks, you don't like him..congrats. Now please proceed to go fuck yourself!
  5. Man I miss the days when we played the 3-4 with Bruce Smith, Ted Washington, and Phil Hansen. What a DL that was! Wish we had em now.
  6. Fuck I really shouldn't have bought those KC tickets. It's gonna be ugly
  7. Was just thinking of that game today. How the fuck did Hostetler hold on to the ball on that safety?
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