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  1. Be patient. You don't get anything until we take care of our illegal immigrants.
  2. He gained a lot more than that but we stole a good number of them. Joe only garnered around 58 million legitimate votes.
  3. Exzackery! Mr. Hipkat reads the China Times like a good boy! https://thechinatimes.com/
  4. Hillary didn't even get 65 million votes. We screwed up big time with our schemes and didn't cheat the vote enough. This time I think we overplayed our hand and stole too many votes. Luckily the MSM is covering for us so the sheeple will never question it.
  5. Joe Biden got over 80 million votes. Good luck proving otherwise. Joe Biden won fair and square. Hipkat, Meathead, Frock or even f8titity will assure you. You better buckle up! You're about to get taken for a ride!
  6. I have to side with you here. Mr. Hipkat should have used a more reputable source like the China Times.
  7. Donaldo Trump is responsible for all of this! Don't you dare blame anyone else!
  8. Joe Biden will succeed in ALL areas. Above all he will tear down this country better than Obama ever could.
  9. Andrew Yang has given his backing to the Buffalo Bills! How cool is that? He's going to be a great New York City mayor!
  10. It's perfectly fine to read this magazine. China purchased a stake in Scientific American in 2017 so you know it meets thier high standards. There is also a PRC edition if anyone wants to read in mandarin.
  11. I could not agree more. Sackman needs to consume leftist propaganda instead of right leaning news. Until that happens he is wrong WRONG WRONG!
  12. If they're willing to wear a mask there is a good chance they'll let us do other things to them.
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