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  1. Here, I'll start off by pull a "Bev" right back at her, before switching into my own responses... Why do people continue supporting Biden no matter what he does? You all don't get it. I live in Biden country, in the most liberal county in Wisconsin which regularly supports Democrats to the tune of a 70-30 margin or more) They don't give a shit what he does. He's just something to rally around and hate conservatives, that's it, period. Yes, liberals generally are idiots. Yes, fuck liberals. They are the party of Satan. Like what? Yes, fuck liberals. Me too. Yes, fuck liberals. No, it's about liberals taking a piss on one's right to make their own healthcare decisions. That is unconstitutional. It sounds as if you have NEVER had an extended conversation with a conservative...
  2. Wrong. Do you have a job that depends on a robust economy? Do you have a job? Do you pay into a retirement that depends on a strong stock market? Do you have prescriptions that have to be filled on a regular basis? The hope of conservative judge appointments was the only reason I voted for him in 2016. You’re right there. And nothing they’ve done Or said in the past has proven that’s NOT their intention. Typical line to throw in by someone from the left I could have predicted it. Not worth any further response. You deny the expansion of socialism that so many on the left desire? Just like the gun issue... nothing they’ve done Or said in the past has proven that’s NOT their intention. Hatred? Maybe of a way of life we don’t desire. You want to talk about hatred...I thought I saw hatred on the right when Clinton was president and everything he did was magnified and even sometimes distorted by those on the right. No, that wasn’t hatred. The left’s attitude toward this president is white hot hate that they don’t even try to disguise or hide. “Forgo moral principles”? Do you on the left not realize that is exactly what you’re asking us to do when you think we should vote for those who think it’s ok to kill babies, who think it’s ok for some kid to decide what gender he/she wants to be, who think some able bodied people ought to be allowed to choose whether they work for a living or not...etc. ??? That’s a poor choice of lines. I’d rather be a pawn for the side that stands for more things I stand for (Exhibit A - Supreme Court Justices) than for the side who can’t decide which public bathroom to use. Nope. I’m not that naive. I’ll leave that trait to those on the left.
  3. Next man up. It's very rare for any player in the NFL to be injury free the entire season. Good thing Bills are deep in almost every position.
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