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  1. Oh, you mean the "chat" thingy or whatever? There isn't an actual thread, just the ongoing chat?
  2. Anyone want to help a semi-retarded individual find the game thread? Surely there is one somewhere...?
  3. It's still early. Every team is in contention, and for the most part we don't necessarily know who the real contenders are. Actually, let me rephrase that: I feel like the extreme top end and the extreme bottom are probably easier to figure out than the middle ground (which may include a team like the Dolphins, who probably won't "contend" but will win some games this year). Nobody's playing for a high draft pick -- if that's actually a thing. Okay, maybe the Jets, but probably not the Dolphins at this point... Watched last week's game in a Bills Backers bar in Palm Beach, Florida. Dolphins/Pats game was also on and the Fins seemed to hang with New England all the way up to the end. Game was closer than the score indicated. Two starting linebackers out for the Bills. Stormy weather favors smashmouth style football, not sure that's our forte. Probably low-scoring and turnovers/kickers might play a big role. Allen has to hold onto the ball. How's Miami's running game? Having two starting linebackers out will improve their chances with whatever running game they have. I bet on the Bills at -6.5 last week and easily covered, even with them leaving at least 12 points on the field. I think they pull off a win today, but I'm staying away from them at -5.5. Worried this ends up being a trap game...
  4. Easily more critical of Allen than any other poster. Lit has to be a troll.
  5. Hey dude -- want to be a rare case of disagreeing on most political issues but still being cool with each other and not having the former dictate every interaction?? I've followed your takes for a while and while I disagree with most of them, you're clearly a bright guy. I taught ESL in Seoul and also was a proofreader for a super boring branch of the government. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Like I'd proofread eighty page proposals (in English) on whether to put a traffic light in somewhere. Thrilling stuff. I was there off and on from 2008 - 2018 (though wasn't there in 2013 or 2016). Where were you stationed?
  6. Hey guys, been reading these posts for a while but couldn't figure out my password/what e-mail I used to register/etc. So finally signed up with a new e-mail address, thought I'd post more often as I get more and more lazy/antisocial about going out and actually meeting new people (it's been a weird year and I seem to be in a different place every few months, which makes it even harder to put a social life together). Grew up in New Hampshire but was raised a Bills fan. My parents are both from Buffalo, but the Pats being terrible in the 1990s and the Bills seemingly going to the Super Bowl every year also had something to do with it. I'll get a ton of s--t for this, but as an adult, I can't help but admire Belichick/Brady and the Pats dynasty. Especially because I'm a rabid Red Sox/Celtics fan (don't really follow hockey). I know this is unjustifiable for real sports fans (liking two division rivals), but the Pats are sort of my second team -- I root for them when the Bills are out of it. That seems to happen pretty much every year (the Bills out of it by midseason or obviously having no chance), but thankfully they should definitely be in the hunt this year. And yes, I know I sound like a twelve year old girl or something, rooting for two rivals. It's super lame and I don't try to justify it. I'll keep the Pats affinity to a minimum around these parts. Anyway thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Tom, late thirties, spent most of my adult life teaching English and proofreading in Asia (mostly Seoul) but have been back in the States for a couple years. Been teaching English at a New Hampshire boarding school the last two years but ran into this investigative journalist sort of job this year and spent time in Washington DC and then Cheyenne, Wyoming. Now back to teaching English temporarily in Palm Beach, Florida. Onto something else in January, maybe another investigative journalism project in Colorado or California, or a teaching job in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, not sure yet. Used to be apolitical but have turned more and more conservative. I hope to stay out of those discussions but I probably will chime in now and again. Nice to "meet" all of you, I've found this website super entertaining for a couple years now without ever posting. Say hello if you feel like it. Go Bills.
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