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    I’m not, I’m a packers fan. The Bills are my 2nd team

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  1. The Bills have serious questions on the O-line that aren’t being answered. They didn’t do anything to address it in the draft. One single UDFA shouldn’t really be the only reinforcements for the problem. Josh Allen was pressured on 33% of his dropbacks, how can that not be a major concern for the Bills FO? He’s headed towards a David Carr career
  2. Why would you waste assets on ANOTHER WR? Chase Claypool is OK but you already have Cole Beasley. Did you even watch the Thanksgiving game???
  3. Hey @SniperKn9 I told you the Bills need to get bigger up front! They should keep listening to me LOL now it’s a time for a backup QB! They need to start thinking about the future.
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