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  1. I appreciate your post as we are both on the same page. I still want him gone though...
  2. No comparison when it comes to coaching trees: Bill Walsh - A Football Life If you have already seen this, do yourself a favor and go ahead and spend and hour of your time to "seen" it again... I want Daboll gone before he turns Josh Allen into the next Greg Cook.
  3. Bump. I would really like to revisit this thread Sunday/ Monday-ish. Didn't mean to try to hijack the "confidence" thread because it's very entertaining. We should do one of those each week for the remainder of the season. For reference: https://overthecap.com/position/running-back/
  4. Basically... I've soured on the president of PSE. Love the reversal of McDermott and Daboll comment....
  5. Isaiah Spiller What are your pre-draft thoughts? Could he be 'that guy' for the Bills?
  6. Allen - 100% Diggs - 100% Knox - 85% Pass Game - 80% Run Game - 70% Daboll - 35% McDermott - 60% Frazier - 60% Run Defense - 60% Secondary - 90% Bass - 100% Haack - 10% ST overall - 75% Pegula Family - 0%
  7. This made me laugh, not the firing, but the article... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/giants-fire-joe-judge-after-just-two-seasons-new-york-finished-10-23-in-his-tenure/
  8. Interesting: Nathaniel Hackett very much in the HC vacancy conversation. I was never a fan BTW...
  9. Also - what the fuck was up with all of the burnt time outs yesterday?
  10. They (she) believed in, and hired Rex Ryan for crying out loud. I'm not a huge fan of the current GM/ HC combo either, but it's the hand the fans have been dealt and we just have to roll with it...
  11. This firing surprised me this morning and there is no doubt he's headed for Las Vegas. This sucks because I was hopeful that the rumor that Frazier was headed there would turn out to be true. Dammit!!!
  12. With the exception of your critique of Knox (see the pitch play from Allen yesterday...) I agree with your entire post. In my opinion Kim Pegula is garbage and I can't stand her.
  13. Have you read Kindig's December article? I really like what he's thinking...
  14. Really good heads-up. Has he already declared and I just can't find anything about it? I like what I've read so far: https://tulsahurricane.com/sports/football/roster/tyler-smith/10105 https://www.reddit.com/r/CowboysDraft/comments/rsz06c/three_new_players_crack_updated_big_board/ https://fanspeak.com/ontheclock-nfl-mock-draft-simulator/preview.php?board_id=2 #40 Overall... Drafttek doesn't have him listed yet, so I'm assuming he hasn't declared? Kid would be an absolute steal in the 3rd.
  15. I'm Tanqueray Ten and I approve of this thread. Personally - I'd like to see both of them find HC jobs. In all seriousness though I hope the rumor that Las Vegas is interested in Frazier is because they have sincere interest. It would be shameful if it was just a Rooney Rule interview.
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