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  1. Because Democrats are freaking NUTS! Late term and Post birth abortion. Open borders. MS-13 loves you. Socialism. Also known as "Dumpster Diving In Venezuela." The elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments - the Foundation of the Bill of Rights. Democrats are openly carrying their political might to fight against the 2nd Amendment in the State of Virginia. Free college tuition and a driver's license for illegal aliens too. Transgender bathrooms. Proper pronouns...no more He or She. You can get sued in Canada, or sent to jail for saying such things on the internet in England. No more Boys and Girls. These socialist/communist/anarchist people are absolutely out of their Fng minds.
  2. Remember when Hillary and the DNC claimed their servers were hacked by the Russians? The FBI came in and said, "Hi Hillary, can we investigate those servers?" "NO!" Hilary and the DNC basically told the FBI to go stick it, they had their own company to investigate their "Russian hacked servers." James Comey, then head of the FBI said okay. No prob. Fine with him like a nice pussy cat. Meow. INSTEAD of letting the FBI investigate the democrats alleged "Russian hacked servers," Hillary and the DNC hired CrowdStrike to do the job. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity tech company created by a guy from... Ukraine. Ukraine is a Soviet satellite state. Hillary and the DNC paid $12 million for the Steele Dossier as admitted by even the New York Times and Washington Post. Christopher Steele is the MI-6 British agent that created a bogus "dossier" that nobody with a sane brain believed. The Steele Dossier (about women peeing on a bed) was used as the PRIMARY source of "evidence" to get a warrant to spy on Carter Page and candidate Trump. President Trump specifically mentioned CrowdStrike in his phone call. As President Trump says, read the transcript.
  3. If witnesses are allowed, this is going to be the Trial of The Century! I'm sure Bill Barr and John Durham are hoping for witnesses to make their jobs much easier.
  4. A few weeks ago President Trump said how he should have said he did NOT want to build a wall on the southern border. Because anything President Trump is against, democrats are for and vice versa. The Republican party has done a very good job of conveying the message that they don't want more witnesses and want to end this impeachment debacle asap. Rush Limbaugh is saying the republicans should end it, have no witnesses - that was the House's job to do and they didn't do it. Is this just bait? A trap set for democrats to walk into? Does President Trump really WANT witnesses? I think he does.
  5. Did you not watch Mueller practically drool all over himself while wearing a diaper on live television?
  6. Alan Dershowitz essentially said last night that it doesn't matter if more witnesses are called because what the President is accused of is not even remotely considered to be an impeachable offense according to history.
  7. I think you know this democrat impeachment debacle is just a continuation of the Russia, Russia, Russia Mueller investigation that made you and every other democrat that thought it was legit look stupid.
  8. Democrats are bluffing. It has already been reported that Chuck U Schumer will not agree to a Bolton for Biden trade on witnesses. Democrats want to call their witnesses, but won't let republicans call their own...just like what they did in the House. Not gonna happen.
  9. The Greatest Live Rock N' Roll introduction ever.... It only took 4 minutes. And then.... BOOM! This rocked my world when I was 16 years old. Achtung Baby. Live on Pay Per View TV from Sydney, Australia delivered straight into the family room all by myself, smoking my mom and dad's cigarettes. Look at those European Union stars fall 4 minutes in. Like the 4th of July set the night to music.
  10. Oh my.... I like her too, but that's one peanut too far. Pam Bondi bowled a perfect 300 today. Nothing about what she said was grossly untrue.
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