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  1. There's people out there acting like this is the plague. If this was the plague, 1/4 of the people in the world would already be dead.
  2. LoL. Really. We don't wear masks at work. I work with 15 other people who are constantly within 6ft of each other. I was at work during my most contagious period and no one got sick(I didn't know I was "sick" at the time). To me, getting the Vid was a free two week paid vacation. Be scared if you must, wear masks if it gives you peace of mind but they don't help. My cousin still got it while wearing a mask working in the ICU at St Joes. I still got it while wearing a mask at my brothers.
  3. or it means covid isn't as big of a deal as the government wants you to believe.
  4. I'm sorry some people are getting very sick and some are dying from covid. My whole family got it before Christmas and it was no big deal.
  5. I wouldn't say he sucks but he didn't play very well tonight.
  6. They haven't had one since they lost Miller. I don't understand why they haven't drafted a starting caliber goalie yet.
  7. I'm sorry Covid affects some people so negatively. I tested positive this past week and only had a cough. I feel like it's being used to control us. My parents were deathly afraid of getting it. They tested positive as well. You wouldn't know they had it if they didn't test positive. We all got it from our weekly visit at my brothers. He thinks the kids gave it to everybody.
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