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  1. I feel sorry for you that you feel the need to post this shit like it matters what these people think.
  2. LoL. I can't believe people are still allowing the government to scare them with covid.
  3. The NFL will pay 1/4, Bills pay 1/4, NYS pays 1/4 and Erie county pays 1/4. Anyone against Erie county paying anything is an idiot and not taking into consideration how much tax money is brought in, in just one single Sunday from the Bills playing a home game.
  4. It's going to cost 1.6 billion to build a new stadium and it's going to be built in the location where C-lot is currently.
  5. Who has said WNY won't give any money for the stadium? No one. It's not like they will have to pay for the whole thing.
  6. Get the fuck out of here with this shit. The Bills aren't going anywhere
  7. Anchor bar sauce is better. Although I can appreciate that the proceeds to will go to Patricia Allen foundation.
  8. Didn't he retire because he was afraid of getting hurt? I don't see him coming back but it would be awesome if he did and came to the Bills for free.
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