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  1. Wins are wins. That's all that really matters. The offense needs a lot of work,imo. The number one problem is Daboll and his shitty play calling. Second is Josh Allen's inability to see the field. He continues to lock onto receivers and not go through the progressions. Not sure if he isn't smart enough to go through reads fast enough or what. The game should have slowed down enough for him to be able to see the whole field by now. He's started over a year's worth of games.
  2. Not in my opinion. He's just running less. His play is exactly the same as a rookie.
  3. Josh Allen looks just as bad as he did when he walked on the field as a rookie. Not good.
  4. Time to stop caring what other nations think and start to put our country first again. Sick of you pussy liberals worried about the rest of the world's problems. We have enough or our own. Stop wasting taxpayers money on a witch hunt and start doing your job.
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