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  1. It's a business and he can do with it whatever the fuck he wants. Get over it.
  2. Better get used to the phrase Donald Trump is the president of the United States fellas. Two senile old fucks are not going to have a chance at beating him.
  3. Why? It's a lateral move for Daboll. Why would the Bills screw up their continuity to allow a team to steal their offensive coordinator for a later move?
  4. Well, he's probably the Democrats best shot but choosing him will also will ensure that Trump will be in office for another four years in my opinion. As a registered Democrat. I'm ashamed of the candidates that the party has chosen as Presidential nominees the past sixteen years. Been considering changing parties to the independent party.
  5. Bernie would be a great candidate to run against Trump. Please Democrats. Please be stupid enough to have him be the candidate to run.
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