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  1. The post you quoted said recover by June 1, not stay home for 2 months.
  2. At this point I think they are attributing a lot of deaths to Corona virus, regardless if that's the case or not. From this point forward, if you die and are over 60, you're death will be tied or attributed to Covid 19
  3. You cant possibly think open borders are a good thing. There has to be some structure and traceability regarding who comes and goes in and out of a country right?
  4. Can you post some stats regarding mortality rates based on country and % infected? Last I saw we were hovering around 2%.
  5. Yep.....that's because we're ramping up testing. Obviously with more testing, the number of cases is going to rise. I remember 3 weeks ago when people were bitching about not having test kits available. Now we have testing available and they're bitching about the number of cases. It would be great to live in a perfect world.
  6. It was hyperbole. I understand many people dont like Trump. My point being, no matter what he does or doesn't do, those people will find fault with it.
  7. Hahaha.....hed probably be a little less unfazed if he was a WR.
  8. Trump could personally invent the cure and administer it to everyone and there would be a large segment of the population bitching because he didn't do it quick enough. No matter what happens he will be blamed.
  9. It seems Doc Antle has the best gig going out of everyone. If anyone can't see the Jeff Lowe dude is a fucking loser must be oblivious. Whoever dresses like that after their 20's has no grasp of reality.
  10. I'm curious of the stats inadvertently affected by the virus such as vehicular deaths and murder. Since everyone is cooped upon would expect these to decline. Maybe it's all a wash.
  11. Of course it is.....I've only been here for a spell, but your schtick is already boring and trite.
  12. How many episodes are in Tiger King? I'm going on episode 7 and it looks like it may be the end.
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