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  1. That's most likely because the book has sold 2 copies and nobody is even aware of the incident.
  2. I should be still be kicking, as long as he plans to transport some elders as well.
  3. Put me on the first ship to Europa so I can hang out with Adrian Veidt. Get me off this planet.
  4. Yes, I agree....unless they got a lopsided kings ransom, I would agree they have to take Burrow. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush as they say.
  5. Get all of that action if you're Cincy, suck again next year and trade up to get Lawrence. Sure Burrow looks good, but you never know how he will do in the the big leagues.........paging Baker Mayfield.
  6. What's considered a living wage? That's my question. Seems every Tom Dick and Harry has the latest and greatest cell phone and nice shoes no matter what they make......my point is if you make the minimum wage $50/hr there will still be people bitching because they don't own a helicopter.
  7. What's the solution? What should the minimum wage be? $15 $20 an hour ......should a Walmart greeter get paid the same as an EMT?
  8. I think Cleveland needs someone like a Mike Tomlin. They have all the talent they need, so it's not so much about X's & O's, but being able to manage all of the personalities in the locker room.
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