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  1. Yes, it depends how far back you want to go, but plenty since the division realignments that got this topic started. Challenges, and more recently challenges to PI(in theory, if not in practice. They have been more successful lately), etc. I liked the extra wildcard that came with realignment too. That's just off the top of my head and not all inclusive.
  2. I like Shaq a lot, but hope that quote doesn't mean they're using him to try to channel OJ.
  3. You took my answer. I am not sure how the thread poster overlooked that simple answer. With elite champs in the division, why would the media think there would be any demand to talk about a bunch of losers who annually helped the champs as a springboard into the playoffs? Nothing like that is happening in the NFC East, which is a completely different scenario.
  4. Regardless of what Daboll calls, it would be nice to see some execution. At least more than usual.
  5. Gay Jesus? Is it a solo special dedicated to Ian on Shameless? Last season, he was called the "Gay Jesus" by the social media on the show. I didn't read the article. Odds are it's likely healthier to ignore such things.
  6. I'm not sure if watching the mistakes like the titles says will make the team better. Watching the mistakes apparently hasn't made this board better. lol It has just increased the Rage. I picture some of these guys turning green from rage like the Incredible Hulk. I doubt they leave the money on the clothesline to pay for the shirt they take like he did.
  7. Some folks wouldn't view Jordan Phillips as a Process guy before he came here, but Process(or any culture) can be contagious. Even so called divas/trouble makers or any other label can feel uncomfortable when they are acting in opposition to everyone else. I'm guessing Coach McDermott uses a different method of integration than Miami used to encourage the homosexual fellow to fit in.
  8. Thanks for the answer. After complimenting the fellow who looked to be the senior guy here based on reputation points(I now see you clearly eclipse him), he gets angry and responds with 2 different conspiracy theories about me simply because I asked his opinion. Is that par for the course here, or is he the board strong arm? How about Two Bills Drive? If the zone is as bitter at each other as it is here as your post seems to imply, is TBD the same? Or is that a site where Bills fans get along? (from a quick look at the front page of the forums, both of those seem to be much cleaner with a weekly pre-game thread for the upcoming game instead of many threads with no replies, and a similar game thread that avoids hot takes about each play that some doesn't like(or I'm guessing there may occasionally be positive hot take threads here too? lol). One way the mess on here can be viewed as good, is that it implies the lack of censorship, for better or worse. That alone might make the rest more tolerable. Now should I end with something mean, or are you more forgiving of compliments than the last fellow? lol Is this just a period here, or is everyone always this angry at/suspicious of one another? Have you seen the deplorable/childish behavior in your chatbox recently? I actually picked my screen name here to reflect the behavior. I suppose I can adapt if necessary.
  9. Fear not, Richie Incognito is still on the roster, starting, as expected. So is Nathan Peterman, currently on injured reserve.
  10. Who was the last President or congressperson who didn't do unconstitutional things...with regularity?
  11. I must have missed the fireworks show after the game. I certainly missed them during most of the games when it comes to running, minus the occasional chunk yardage. Anyhow, my point still stands that this team does not have a runner the opponents overly fear, regardless of whatever aggregate numbers are. If they do, the blitz can be mitigated with the run game, screen passes, as well as slants and numerous other ways to take advantage of the strengths of aggressiveness of your opponent. Similar concepts work in judo. You can let your opponents do the work for you with a bit of creativity. The proper personnel (OL, etc) help. Whether the Bills have enough of either for this week, who knows. If they will be facing the same thing 2 weeks in a row as claimed here is the truth, then they already had a head start practicing for the Steelers when they played the Ravens. Add to that the defense should have an easier time than they did last week, there is a good possibility Pitt's defense could end up being tired at some point.
  12. I didn't read the thread, but to respond to the thread title: Yeah... I wanted the offense upgraded THIS year, and last year..... And I'm guessing plenty of people people wanted to be reincarnated as Hugh Hefner. Not sure what all this wanting gets anyone.
  13. Bill Belichick seems to minimize what he leaves to chance as much as possible, and has seen enough of the NFL not to take things for granted like fans. That would include the Bengals, especially when any one loss could possibly lead to an extra road game for them in the playoffs. Good find on the article, better than any of the ones I read today. I like the "tape of the tape" part, in addition to the Bengals having the original tape and the corrupt NFL having a COPY, to prevent the BS that happened in the original Spygate. Unlike Peoples' Court,. the Bengals can be heroes to the sports world by taking the law into their own hands, or at least keeping the NFL honest this time.
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