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  1. This is the dumbest argument ive ever see on the range, would you just STFU please
  2. Im no rex fan but its clear he was covering for thurman there.
  3. Is the writing on the wall, to find glens, replacement. Seems he gets his contract, and then im hurt, knees ankles something, ever year since
  4. Too bad Rex jokingly said the bills would be watching the SB together, and his wife makes a mean bean dip
  5. if only he could stay football healthy, like he does with track.
  6. I'm just hoping both be in football shape. I remember when we had, CG as our HC. And he made the excuse/toss under the bus comment, that Spiller's wasn't in football shape that's why he get "winded so easily" and minimal snaps.
  7. Well, if I may state the obvious the blame game if looked at closely, ST (Carpenter, Mckelvin), Off. (Roman, TT) at minimum Def. (Williams, Graham, Rex/def staff, cm def Gplanning was ok???) whiffed on many tackles, non definement of assignment who picks up and drops, and the real oblivious switching from 43 highly effective {so would mw or cg or another lb/safety cover the back field? Just my late 8 cents} but subjected to the run to 34 marginal subjected to an open passing attack game, either or excuses are just that excuses, when assignments aren't covered... imo, I agree with Steve Young with all the expensive weapons on paper, something should be clicking. Off beat rant, I agree... Do/does RR really want to coach the bills? Bills and sabres are not the team they want to be. I'm trying hard to figure that part out.... Another off beat rant....my apologies....
  8. that Idiom Familiarity breeds Contempt is what scares me the most with Reich. We know him, Loved him, seen him in action but Limited experiences? (I would love it, and hope it pans out for the long haul) but WNY fans and its media ain't no JOKE to deal with (i know very bad grammar). We LOVE BLOOD especially if/when he F's Up. On a lighter Note: Would the Offense and Defense play roller coaster effect? You know that weird Bills Football. Good then Bad, then mediocre then terrible and then good Just wondering how would the bills look with Reich HC, Schwartz (i forgot about Pepper Johnson ADC, damn a conflict) AC/DC, Tresman OC, Pete Metzelaars TE, Haslett ST/LB {if Crossman doesn't bail or get fired}.. (yeah putting most of the band back together again, if possible???).
  9. Breaking News: On Monday AM NFL leadership will looking adapting the Marquise Goodwin and Anthony "Boobie" Dixon "Boo Who" rule. "no team will be allowed to cover, tackle, or touch, run after or any variation of defense WR Goodwin and RB Dixon for fear of injuring Goodwin and hurting the feeling of RB Dixon, and fans who caught Booing during a NFL Game will be required to purchase Buffalo Bills and Toronto Argonauts season tickets at market value for the next 2 years. I Kid I kid hahahahaha
  10. Maybe I'm reading way too much into it, but I have a problem with Marrone's post game press conference IRT to D.Dixon, tho its Preseason. I understand the prospective 1's and 2's will get the most of the attention and reps accordingly, but with D. Dixon his excuse was Pure BS. Its all glitz and glamor for the media face time during TC OTA, this guys this and that, always up beat. while knowing full damn well he has not a legitimate chance of being nothing more that what ever designation you placed among them. That being said, his was concern with ball security, like I can understand if D. Dixon had as many reps as the Lewis and Tuel where ball security is an issue, but he dude hardly touches the game situation, maybe i was watching the wrong game. Didn't the offense give up 14 points, before hand? like I said may have been tuned into the wrong game or watching at the wrong speed, my Bad. But his excuses is terrible. I'm a D Dixon fan as compared to EJ, Lewis, Tuel. Then, Why did you sign him beside for your PS or is that the only reason? give the kid real Op. There's just too many BS Title in the NFL as it is: Project, development, TC/PS fodder etc... Its a privilege not and right, i get it. Please forgive for rambling but I have lot thoughts about this team that I'm trying to vent out orderly and intelligently, if that possible.
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