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  1. Nick Wright has to be just about the dumbest sports commentator out there. The Don Lemonhead of sports . A rabid SJW. According to him, Kapernick(sic) and Lebron are perfect specimens of humanity. If Allen was to win the SB with a magnificent performance, the jackass still wouldn't admit that he was wrong. By the way, as far as I can discern, the dick never played any sports himself.
  2. Oops. Wrong about the weather. Forecast to be 32 with flurries and a wind chill of 23. The Bills have had 14 home playoff games in their history and have lost 3. 1996 to Jacksonville , the 1966 AFL championship game to KC and a Divisional loss to Boston in 1963.
  3. The Steelers looked horrific tonight. Down 14 points after a minute. Is that a record? Too lazy to look it up. Their defence folded in the third when they still had a shot. I don't like the Saturday night time slot. But they will have an extra day's rest over the Ravens. Looking at last year's game. Lost 24-17. Allen was putrid. 17-39 for 146 yes and a QBR of 62.6. One of his worst career games. Yikes. That surely won't happen again. Allen only had 2 rushes for 9 yds. Singletary was 17-89. 5.2 yds/att . Despite that, they were on the Raven's 16 with a minute to go when it petered out. They contained LJ fairly well. He rushed 11-40. Way below his usual yds/att. Today, they only scored 20 points on a poor Titan's defence. LJ slashed them for 136 yds. KC smoked them by way of judicious blitzes and aggressive man-to-man which they played most of the time. LJ seemed confused. I'm sure that the Bills will be dissecting that game film. Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic about it. Saturday night is forecast to be chilly. Down in the lower teens with the wind.
  4. I'd like to see LJ put in a position where his runs are limited to short gains and he has to beat a team with his arm. Nobody will deny that he's a superb athlete and their OC uses his talents optimally. He makes some great throws and and also some wretched throws. He has a 99 QBR this year. I thought it would be worse. I'm just not sure if the Bills will be able to contain their running game. They're last in passing and first in rushing. The Bills know exactly what they're going to get on Saturday.
  5. Beat the Pats and Chargers at home and then one of the 2 road games. I'm not overly impressed with the Niners but then that's a night game and the Bills suck in those. The Seahawks' defense stinks but dealing with Wilson is problematic to say the least.
  6. Go for it. The guy has to be better than some of the stiffs playing there now. Losing Star was huge.
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