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  1. So, Donald is once again caught lying and, when confronted with his lies, arrogantly and bombastically pretends he hasn't just been humiliated and made to look like the complete sleazebag that he is. Shame or humility are not words that Donald knows the meaning of. And, yet again, Donald's faithful followers are immediately outraged that Donald has been exposed for his slimy ways and rush in to defend him. Since it's impossible to defend him on the basis of facts or reality, the usual irrelevant gibberish or a citing of TDS is what is offered. No surprises there. Donald and his fans are a match made in heaven. Donald enjoys spewing lies and gaslighting, and Donald's fans enjoy hearing those lies and being gaslit.
  2. Poor Donald. How dare anyone point out his election-fraud lies? Is there anyone left who can take this sleazy, lying fraudster seriously aside from his sycophantic, tribalistic Donald worshippers who, it appears, seem to believe only what they want to believe? Donald worshippers, say this aloud thirty times every night before going to bed so the reality of it will hopefully at long last begin to sink in: This is...
  3. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, womankind and LGBT-kind of whatever race or stage of transformation they are in."
  4. "Fake news. My followers will never believe this. Good luck convincing them this is anything but a continuation of the fake witch hunt and persecution that is out to get me and my loyal followers and destroy what we stand for. We'll continue to fight like hell against this conspiracy. With that in mind, now is a good time to send in your donations to the Save America fund. Please give generously."
  5. Oh, dear. It's worse than I feared. There are a lot of hurt, angry, upset, frustrated, unhappy and disorientated Donald fans here having trouble controlling their emotions. I've never quite understood it, but apparently they do take their Donald seriously. Very, very seriously, in fact. If Donald's people are this upset at the mere reminder of Donald's impending demise, imagine how they'll be when he does actually die. This is what comes from idolising a leader, thinking he's the answer to all of life's problems. Not very much good can come of trying to live through such a deeply flawed person as Donald Trump who specializes in appealing to people's worst instincts. As painful as it may be to acknowledge it, maybe it's time to see Donald in his true light, which is that he is and was all along a charlatan and con artist with no special attributes apart from the ability to find willing suckers to support him. And all that was required was that you sell out any and all remaining convictions, morals, ethics, etc., that you may have had. But cheer up, Donald worshippers! Your new dream authoritarian is bound to come along one of these days, and then you can fall in love all over again and transfer your worship to him.
  6. This is the headline that Donald's fans will one day be forced to wake up to. It might be next year. It might be five years from now. Or it might not be for another decade or longer. But it will happen someday, and likely sooner than we think. Do I know exactly when? No. Probably nobody does. (Apart from, that is, some hermit with psychic powers sitting cross-legged outside a Himalayan mountaintop cave. Yeah, he might know.) But, as I said, it will inevitably happen, which is sad. Very sad actually. Unfortunate too. It's my belief -- and this is why I'm writing this -- that the impending death of Donald is something that Donald's supporters everywhere should start to seriously think about and, if they love their Donald, prepare for as best they can. (Stocking up on food, water, ammo, etc., might prove crucial in the After Donald world.) But, hard though it may be to believe it now, life will go on for them. I can't stress that enough. Happy, loyal fans of Donald, may I sincerely add this: I only hope that when Donald is pronounced dead (hopefully by a competent doctor who is sure of what he's doing), I'll be the first to report it here so as to break it to you gently, which will be far better than if it were to come from some nasty little troll who doesn't have your best interests at heart and somehow gets his kicks out of delivering bad news. Did I say bad news? Let's not kid ourselves. Actually, it would be really, really horrible and unpleasant news for Donald fans. Devastating, actually. Ho-boy: the worst, and no mistake. Especially since he never did succeed in accomplishing a lot of his lofty goals like building that wall or making America great again. Nor will he have lived to see a reversal of his tarnished legacy as a treasonous Benedict Arnold scumbag who tried to incite an insurrection, if nobody minds that I say it. But Donald's death will happen. Inevitably it will. I know I've already said that, but I think it bears repeating. It really is a fact. An unavoidable and unpleasant fact that is perhaps almost just as painful to think about as the heart-breaking loss of the election to senile old Sleepy Joe who put only about twenty-three minutes of his time into campaigning and still managed to beat the stuffing out of Donald. Once again: Donald will die. Then the music and hope will well and truly die, and the world will be a sadder place for all.
  7. I like you too, LIBills. I like you a lot. And I especially like it when you post messages like the above to me.
  8. Hilarious. Comedy gold, MAGA-style. Thank you, thank you, LIBills. Someone offers an opinion you disagree with, and you immediately think of threatening an entire nation with all-out nuclear war. Well, that's certainly tough and bold of you. Really manly. Presumably, like your god Donald, you are unaware that the UK has a nuclear arsenal of its own. So, well, I guess you could try destroying the UK, but most of the US would in turn be destroyed by the UK's ballistic-missile submarines targeting strategic points of interest like major cities. Don't forget the radioactive fallout that would follow, by the way. That wouldn't be very pleasant at all. So, I don't know, maybe some people might consider your plan a little lacking in long-term strategy and common sense. Or do you think it would still be worth it so you could demonstrate how tough you are and how much you love your Donald? Anyway, thank you again for your very special comment and threat. You've more than exceeded my expectations.
  9. Well, that's strange. I seem to remember Philly and other MAGAs here on the verge of exploding with outrage over the cosmically massive voter fraud in Arizona and promising us that it would soon be exposed and that all hell would then break loose. Has anyone here taken the trouble to gently inform them that this review means that Donald is even more of a colossal failure than was previously thought possible? Sad. It's all very sad. So much failure can't be good for Donald's self-esteem and the self-worth of those who live through him.
  10. Yes, I just read an article about it. Nasty business. Strange that I don't remember hearing about this. However, it was a long time ago, and I was just a little-squirt pre-professor at the time. Apparently it wasn't just one bomber that Slick Willy commuted the sentence of. It was two of the culprits. It seems strange and crazy on the face of it that he would pardon them, though there may be some sort of extenuating circumstances. I still would say that what happened a year ago was potentially a far greater threat to the republic.
  11. Well, that was bad of Clinton, then. Agreed. He was, in my opinion, a shitty sort of president for various reasons, though not as shitty as Biden. So anyway, you're saying that Donald and his faithful insurrectionists are off the hook because of something that happened in 1983? Is that right?
  12. So, the answer to the question "Did the leftist rioters attack the Capitol building and hunt down members of Congress and the VP and try to stop the certification of an election?" is, if I understand you correctly through your mishmash of self-satisfied ad-hominem name-calling and deflection: "No, Professor, they didn't attack the Capitol building, but they attacked some shops or cars or whatever elsewhere in the capitol, so it's the same thing." "No, Professor, contrary to the historical record based on eye-witness accounts, they didn't try to hunt down members of Congress. They were just there to have a nice chat or maybe a cup of tea with them or for some other innocent reason. That was why they went through the trouble of storming the Capitol building." "No, Professor, they didn't try to stop the certification of their No. 1 enemy, Biden, but if they had wanted to, they could have."
  13. Did the leftist rioters attack the capitol building and hunt down members of Congress and the VP and try to stop the certification of an election?
  14. After carefully thinking it over, it's finally occurred to me what Mac Jones looks like. When he smiles on the field, which, strangely enough, is quite often, he resembles a wooden ventriloquist's doll.
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