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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/media/chris-wallace-cuomo-jerk Thoughts?
  2. The poor transition!!! Sniff. Sob. Honk. Good to know it's only the horrible Orange Man spreading disinformation! Is this Russian disinformation, by the way??? LOL
  3. Glad you're totally in the know about all goings on!!! LOL
  4. The evidence is not currently on my desk. It should be a little later, so I'll let you know then. Idiot.
  5. "Eat shit MAGAT". LOL. I'm gutted! How will I sleep tonight??????
  6. Should be a fun 70 days. Big unity party will have to wait. LOL
  7. People like him don't give a shit about things like that. They're only interested in getting their way. Pitiful. Forgive us if many us want fair and honest results. I need to confident I haven't been cheated. Don't feel that way right now.
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-york-times-previously-sounded-alarm-on-how-easily-electronic-voting-machines-can-be-hacked
  9. Good to see you're putting that law degree of yours to good use.
  10. LOL. This is just ramping up, friend. Wait and see. The big Biden unity orgy will just have to wait. LOL
  11. Bush is far from a respected conservative/Republican. You disagree?
  12. Exactly. If they don't have actual proof/facts, this will whither quickly on the vine. Why do so many want to shut them down??????????????????????????
  13. Oh, you worshiped him. You were in love with him. Perhaps you still are. Remember when he was going to be President??? It wasn't that long ago. A pity that didn't work out. LOL
  14. F8 needs immediate gratification. The real world doesn't operate that way. These things take a little bit of time. This is not a speeding ticket.
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