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  1. Pardon me, brainiac. Seen. It should have been seen, not seem. That kind of thing is typically called a typo. Eh? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. LOL
  2. So intimidating! "doubt you have any color". What does that mean? Sorry to butt in. LOL
  3. He'll bash you over the skull with his pussywillow!!! LOL
  4. If it's all bullshit, I'll be the first to say so. Fact is, I haven't seem shit yet. Do they actually have anything? I don't know. How would I? One thing I do know is this: the way we conduct elections in this country needs to change.
  5. They'll NEVER admit they'd be doing the EXACT SAME THING if the show was on the other foot. Discounting it all out of hand is bullshit.
  6. That's it! Proof positive that there's NOTHING TO SEE HERE! LOL. Nothing to hide? Then let it all play out. At worst it will help with future elections. A lot of sketchy things that need to be shit canned.
  7. Nah. I conduct all the interventions around here. Stellar success rate too. Trump didn't actually make the vaccine himself, you know.
  8. He personally whipped up that vaccine in the green room of the White House with beakers and test tubes. In record time too. Are you going to refuse to take it? No trust?
  9. The true value of masks is far from established. I do follow the rules though like a good sheep.
  10. Damn. Am I a right wing extremist????? LOL. Actually, I'm quite comfortable with my result......
  11. I encourage one and all to have an open mind about all this.
  12. Who do you like? Best choice? Josh Hawley? Ron DeSantis? Tom Cotton? Marco Rubio? Donald Trump?????? Thoughts? Never too early to start thinking about this. I have a feeling a failed Biden administration will have EVERYONE ready for change. Feel free to chime in!
  13. Well I'm not sure about that buffoon part...... His personality isn't for everyone, but the guy delivers. He always amuses me too. Great combination to be honest. Biden is going to be dreadfully DULL.
  14. Andrew Cuomo starring in, "Definition of an Asshole". Could his daddy have had a little to do with his becoming Governor of NY??? LOL
  15. It's just that you say that "eat shit MAGAT" line sooooo often. I feel for those who have had to hear it so often.
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