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  1. Perhaps, but the team Biden is putting together is god awful. Awful. Are you saying they're great and what you like??????????
  2. Anyone not taking the vaccines when available had better shut the fuck up. Thank you President Trump for the vaccines in record time. Truly impressive. All credit to Trump. None to Senile Joe Biden.
  3. Wow. What a bunch of retread, corrupt, dishonest losers. Quite a crew Senile Joe is being told to pick by his puppet masters. Vomit central. Surely the worst is yet to come. This will not end well. As the stock market soars under President Trump. This will soon be considered the best of times and the good old days. Will be moving a lot of my portfolio into much safer places very soon before Biden & Company can fuck everything up. I suggest everyone follow suit. LOL
  4. Their replacements are fucking sickening thus far. The Obongo team is back, baby!!! LOL. John Kerry?? LOL. THE WORST.
  5. No. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Find something better to do, assclown.
  6. If my auto and mortgage loans are also "forgiven", I'm all for it. FREE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! No downside!!!!! LOL
  7. You're paying for it for sure. You can thank Senile Joe Biden and the liberal dems for fleecing you.
  8. As if we've heard the last of Donald J. Trump! LOL. More to come. Don't worry.
  9. First era. Another chapter just around the corner. Wait and see.
  10. As if you've heard the last of the great Donald J. Trump. Not by a loooooonnnnng shot!
  11. Yes! It's much easier to accomplish that when the fix isn't in. LOL. Trump and Clinton are actually the two best Presidents pictured there.
  12. I'll have to find a link. Heaved twice into my garbage pail when I heard the ass kissing. You cannot make this shit up. Funny enough that "Cuomo the Killer" won an Emmy in the first place. Upside down world we're living in.
  13. Hey Joe. Can my auto and mortgage loans be next??? Why stop with student loans, right? LOL. Mindless. This will not end well.
  14. No one in their right mind wants the dems controlling the white house, the senate and the house. Recipe for disaster.
  15. We need to put a big roadblock in front of the liberal/crazy agenda. Incredibly important. Wins in Georgia are a must.
  16. Teller was never a huge prospect and only looked average while in Buffalo. Looks like he surprised most and blossomed. Pretty hard to predict this result to be honest.
  17. I would fucking hope so after November 3rd. Get it done. Fair and transparent have to be ENFORCED. Watch it closely like a hawk. Anything else would be utterly foolish. Sound the alarm.
  18. The time is now to get it done. Past trends and behaviors need to stop. Fight or perish.
  19. Republicans and conservatives need to make sure they don't get fucked in Georgia again. Republicans seem too often just to sit back and take it. Enough abuse. Stand up. Fight back.
  20. Something is definitely not right about the Presidential portion of the 2020 election. Fishy doesn't scratch the surface.
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