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  1. I think we should all start calling you Daffy Duck. Okay by you? LOL
  2. Not a Rush fan, but sad news nonetheless. Rest in peace.
  3. That's bad news for you clowns and you don't even see it. Shocking. LOL
  4. Doubt he gets the nomination. If he did, doubt he could get elected. The answer is probably Bloomberg, who the dumb shit democrats won't nominate. They've doubled down on going FAR left.
  5. LOL. What are the other two? I'd have to guess one is the District of Columbia. I lived there for 8 long years. Complete cesspool. I NEVER go back if I can help it.
  6. LOL. Get with Hip about the whole pot-kettle-black thing. That whole concept confuses him.
  7. For a while there I was actually thinking that shorty boy Bloomberg was probably the best democrat candidate. Maybe he still is, but I now see his ads supporting the $15. per hour minimum wage "idea". Dumb thinking that would eliminate countless jobs. Minimum wage was/is not meant to be a long term income source. Lazy burger flippers don't deserve anywhere near that amount. More democrat pandering in an effort to win votes from the freeloaders and happily underemployed. Bloomberg knows it won't happen, but shamelessly floats his support. Democrats blow.
  8. Hip and Jungle, etc. have the inside track to the "real" truth! LOL
  9. Thanks ignoramus. Dopey dope. Who is you candidate for President, Hipster? Come on. Let's have it. Don't be bashful.
  10. Oh fuck off. Sure, guy, they just did it for something to do or as part of a HUGE conspiracy of some sort. I don't think you put all your cards on the table for the world to see in a situation like this. "It's almost like they were lying". LOL. That's what you WANT, not reality. Go back to campaigning for your socialist hero Bernie Sanders.
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