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  1. I say the libs receive exactly what they've been dishing out for 4+ years. The poor babies will hate that and throw tantrums. The pure gall of expecting one and all to "unify". Assholes. LOL
  2. Here here. Well said! Feminine by nature = pussies. LOL
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/alyssa-milano-olive-branch-trump-supporters
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/alyssa-milano-olive-branch-trump-supporters And fuck this bitch.
  5. Poor Senile Joe Biden is going to have a tough time winning over 73+ Million Trump voters. And that's if you actually believe the fraudulent numbers! LOL. Good luck Joe old boy. Yer gonna need it!
  6. Sorry. No. Not happening. Unify? Not happening either. Not after the last four years. Time for some turnabout. Some "what goes around comes around". Payback for what I was forced to endure from the libs and MSM? Sure. You betcha. Right on and why not? I don't like a single thing the dems want to accomplish so fuck that "unify the country" noise. Big first step is winning the two Senate seats down in GA. Keep the Senate and block the leftist agenda. Frustrate the fuck out of the libs until Harris/Obama/Biden is replaced in 2024. Sounds like a reasonable and sound plan to me. Thoughts?
  7. LOL. Wishing and hoping. You'll be hearing plenty from President Trump these next four years and beyond. Better buckle your seat belt.
  8. Spot on. It's petty and comical. Terrible governor.
  9. LOL. Oh please. Glad my elderly parents weren't in the guy's crosshairs! Fuck Cuomo. Population leaving his state in droves. Oh, and fuck Biden too.
  10. NO DOUBT about that. He might be a hair taller than Tom Cruise. There's that. LOL
  11. And you know this HOW? Such hate for our President. Tsk, tsk. Sad really. I'm hoping you come around. Can we both go to a re-education camp? LOL
  12. Odd. I see no such things in my neighborhood/locale. I must live in a superior area. That's what I gather. I'm just giddy about how great everything is going to be under Harris/Obama/Biden. I've now moved the vast majority my portfolio into areas protected from what's coming. LOL
  13. LOL. Don't worry about me frawky, I'm A-OK. Feeling great. Keep in mind that WE ALL LOSE WITH BIDEN, not just those who support President Trump. When can I expect my "invitation" to a re-education camp thrown by the fun loving "progressives"???? I will say one thing, you're a sour "winner" if there ever was one. Not basking in the glow of the big Biden "victory"?? Would rather "rub salt" in the "wounds" of others?? LOL. That's kind of demented and petty, but perhaps par for the course I suppose. I'll be providing my regular Senile Joe Biden critiques going forward, so don't you worry. Like a lot of things in life, these things have a way of evening themselves out. Onward and upward! The Biden "utopia" is upon us.
  14. LOL. Biden dream team? More like the shit team. Right now I like Josh Hawley, but that could change. I doubt Trump is going to want to run when he's up there in Biden's current age bracket in 2024. I like Tom Cotton and Ron DeSantis too. Already looking good for the Repubs in 2024. I, of course, am an Independent who always votes Republican because I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.
  15. Let's revisit all this when dumbass Biden & Company have been in office a couple months.
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8979125/Cuomo-nauseating-Emmy-acceptance-speech-taped-messages-celebrities.html Vomit
  17. Like I said, the worst. Hey, sucks for you as well as me. I have a feeling you already know this, though. Retread-City. Ugh.
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