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  1. I probably should have said ILLEGAL immigration.  The dems have been talking about 11 million "immigrants" for decades now.  Wouldn't the real number be more like 30 million by now?  Think about that.  Making all these illegals citizens is a Day 1 priority for Senile Joe.  Uh, why?  Nothing more important to work on?  Most certainly to gain that many more "potential" dem voters I would think.  Buyer's remorse is coming.  There are going to be a shitload of Biden voters who are going to regret siding with Senile Joe very soon.  Wait and see.  "Oh shit, I really fucked up voting for Biden".

  2. 13 minutes ago, Meathead said:

    all thats left is an evil spawn that has no moral voice and is easily manipulated

    cult of personality, with special emphasis on the word cult. youve been ensnared, True Believers. you need to follow the program and get to some TA meetings

    LOL.  Wow.  Really, Meat?  Send up a flare when you get a clue.  Can't accuse you of making generalizations.  Eye roll.  And I'm an Independent, by the way.

  3. Just now, Thebowflexbody said:

    My boy Obongo today also talking down Hispanics who voted Trump this year.  Still charging racism.  Still talking about babies in cages, a "policy" started on HIS watch in 2014.  What an dick.  Fuck him.  TERRIBLE PRESIDENT.  Good riddance.  Go away.  Show some class like most past presidents and keep your cake hole shut.

    Well, since Obongo keeps running his mouth, therefore setting precedent, I hope Trump speaks his mind to his heart's content in the future.  Hey, good enough for Obongo, right?

  4. 1 hour ago, SackMan518 said:

    For those who missed the Pennsylvania conference today on election fraud, here is a list of facts that was presented at the 3.5 hour conference from witness testimony:

    • 680,000 votes were counted without ANY observers whatsoever

    • Republican observers were barred despite having observer certificates because their certificates were marked orange (Dem certificates are light blue)

    • Observers were only allowed after a Federal judge ordered it

    • They were only allowed to observe from 6-20 feet away and the counters flashed the ballots for only 1 second

    • PA judge falsely claimed that being present in the election center was the same as observing

    • 1.8 million ballots were sent out on the state before the election and 2.5 million mail-in ballots were cast

    • Despite higher GOP voter registration in certain counties (ex. 12 thousand new Amish registrations in a county), and downsizing of Democrat registrations in said counties, Biden still outperformed Hilary even though more Dems registered to vote in 2016 than now

    • More non-downballot presidential votes were cast via mail-in ballots when it should have been the opposite (i.e. if you're in a rush on election day you only fill out president, but you don't do that when you have time at home) which means the opposite should have happened

    • Dems were allowed to "cure" ballots which is illegal

    • The legislature of Pennsylvania has the power to overturn the election and call in a second election

    Damning stuff.  Hope the light of day leads to something positive.  Our election system is in the SHITTER.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Nuke said:

    Bullshit outweighs everything when it comes to politics. And he’s got a lot of it. The same idiots that are buying his bullshit and voting for him in NY are going vote for him nationwide. Biden was flawed.  Cuomo is far more articulate then Biden. Hell, Leodis McKelvin is more articulate then Biden. 

    Cuomo just comes off as such an arrogant prick.  Hopefully our nation can avoid such an asshole.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Nuke said:

    Many of us see what a joke Cuomo is. The problem is many are buying into his bullshit. His early handling of Covid was a disaster and he’s killed New York’s economy. And in the middle of killing New York’s economy, he voted himself raise. He’s now the highest paid governor in the country in a state that’s small businesses are dying and people are leaving in droves. The one thing he has going for him is his bullshit. All of New York’s failures, they’re not his fault. It’s Trump’s fault or it’s DeBlasio’s fault, or it’s fault of the few Republicans in the state senate’s fault. We’re going to sue the federal government, over everything, the tax payers of New York have to pay for two lawyers. But, he can talk, he received an Emmy for it. The sheep are going to eat that up. He’s going to become President at some point and the whole country will be fucked and the celebrities and the sheep will love him for it. 

    I say the cocksucker never becomes President.  The clown is way too flawed.  Not likable either.

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