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  1. It's "You're", not "Your". Learn some grammar. You always make that same mistake.
  2. Bloomberg is toast. Charisma of a shoe. Was hoping for more from him. Oh well.
  3. I read what you said and it was clear to me immediately what you were saying. Some have a harder time comprehending what's right in front of them.
  4. No worries. He has me on ignore. I'm just playing. Trying to see if he's sneaking peeks at my posts. Pretty sure he is. Getting under his skin is fun.
  5. For the love of god, shut the fuck up. You have lost your mind. Get a brain transplant. Damn.
  6. I keep you just fine, junior. Still want to give you that basic history/civics quiz I know you'd flunk. LOL
  7. Thank you. Well said. I fight back. Why wouldn't I? But, but Bowman, you'll be "labeled" a white nationalist!!! Who cares? Just one more pile of dog squeeze to step around.
  8. Ignore the douchebags. They're disgruntled and lost causes. They want everyone else brought down to their low level. Ain't happening.
  9. LOL. Here we go again. "White Nationalism". Big buzz words!!! I'm white and I've never encountered a white nationalist. More excrement for dems to throw around AND blame on our President. It's nothing more than typical liberal race baiting and race card throwing. Hint for you clowns: Calling people racists to "strike fear" in them doesn't work anymore. It's a lie and it's worn out . Done so many times in the past that no one gives a shit. But thanks for continuing to do it. It's inspiring so many folks to make fucking sure they vote in November. Thanks for firing up the base. You people are stupid.
  10. So what are you saying? Winning SC is no big deal. Biden should win it. No big accomplishment there. Are you saying Biden will win the nomination? Sanders and Biden are both piss poor. If it comes down to those two fine by me. LOL
  11. Where are you from, shithead? I don't believe that you fully understand the subject matter. In fact, I'm sure you don't. Would love to give a "basics'" U.S. history quiz where you don't have the ability to look shit up on the computer. Pretty certain you'd fail.
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