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  1. I know you'll be sporting one as well. Going to be hard to keep those babies in stock in 2020! Popular demand is going to be insane. 😊
  2. Oh that's right! LOL. Thank god for the Electoral College! States like NY, Cali, Illinois and Mass. are lost causes. If I were our President, I wouldn't waste a single campaign day in those locales. I'd stick to the saner and less corrupt states.
  3. Apparently a shitload better. 90 grand in the DC area ain't shit, my friend. VERY high cost of everything in that cesspool.
  4. Rob Reiner (Meathead) = Notorious Piece of Left Wing Shit. Fuck that guy. Fat turd.
  5. LOL. She is somehow a celeb. God knows what for. If it's "music", I obviously listen to something completely different. The fact that this qualifies as a headline in Rolling Stone says a lot about that piece of shit leftist rag.
  6. Thanks for making my point for me. Validation. Your problems with our President are obviously deep rooted and very over the top. Take a day or two off from this garbage, my man. You really need it. LOL
  7. LOL. Bullshit. Like most people you believe what you want to believe. Doubt you would even pay attention to ANY source that wasn't openly hostile to our President. You can say that's not true, but I know it is. So there. LOL
  8. I'll bet that if it was PROVEN that Trump was completely innocent of anything and everything, you'd still be foaming at the mouth to have him removed from office. I'd put money on it. Hate does strange things to people. I didn't like Obammy and thought he was crooked as hell, but I never acted like you clowns. Given the opportunity, I'd have even shaken his hand as any respectful person would. I don't believe you would even consider such a thing. Wow. LOL
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