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  1. Who cares what that communist nasty bitch thinks? Was that harsh? Nah.
  2. Your lies and distortions about our President's handling of THE CHINESE VIRUS are not appreciated. Take you propaganda and misinformation elsewhere. Trump is doing a great job. Fact. You lie.
  3. How did it feel wasting all that time and energy pimping the Socialist Bernie Sanders? Should have listened to me and some others around here. We were trying to set you straight. Hiding like you did for weeks on end was not very manly.
  4. Plenty of room for all under President Trump's large umbrella!!!
  5. Can we go back and address the comments on this topic by countless others early on? Start with just Pelosi and The Washington Post. We look forward to you exhaustive research.....of which there will, of course, be none. LOL
  6. LOL. All many weeks ago and out of context. Nice try. "Blood on his hands", Jungle? LOL. You should be ashamed. Did Trump's China travel ban early on SAVE LIVES, or was it just racist? Idiot. Please address the travel ban SPECIFICALLY. Thanks!
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