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  1. Yeah. I'd probably STFU if I were him. A lot of egg on his face. If he wants more fine.
  2. Can't argue with that. Repubs definitely spend too much. Now take all that and add on what Dementia Joe will do. Or are you telling me this will all go lower under Joe? Democrats always spend more. The sky's the limit!!!! LOL
  3. Just for political correctness purposes, the original title of the thread I started was "Jason Whitlock" - not what's showing above. Don't want to be accused of racism or not being "WOKE". LOL
  4. Yep. Not too many beheadings in the States. At least not yet. LOL
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/media/jason-whitlock-nfl-black-national-anthem Thoughts?
  6. Yeah. How about that? Lit missed this one himself. And he slams others for the same thing? Mahomes was considered by no one to be a can't miss prospect. Please don't attempt to rewrite history. Thank you.
  7. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/biden-blue-wave-batter-stock-market Something we can all get behind, right? LOL. Joe and the democrats never met a dollar that wasn't spent.
  8. The fuck are you talking about? Which people are you referencing?
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