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  1. Somebody answered their own post/thread to keep it on life support. Hmmmmmm
  2. Robert Reich is an asshole complete idiot/ has been. Fact.
  3. Completely understand. But given the choice, I'm picking Trump. Biden and the "folks" he's beholden to are far scarier. I don't back Trump for his personality, but rather for what he gets done. Fuck "personalities". Doesn't matter.
  4. I agree. Sad. Even sadder that many buy into all the lies. What goes around comes around.
  5. No way that's true. If we can't get along, I'll simply ignore Hip. Stay out of it, f8. The fuck do you know about anything? Busy body.
  6. Thanks. He's very thin skinned and flies off the handle quite easily. Persecution complex X 10. I shall turn the other cheek.
  7. I couldn't sleep at night if all I did was peddle bullshit, distortions and lies. Nice job MSM.
  8. Be careful. To directly respond to a HipKat post opens you up for accusations of "stalking". Ridiculous.
  9. Any moron knows the unrest and other problems are from the left side of the aisle. Certainly not from some pretty much imaginary "white supremacists". That is such COMPLETE HORSESHIT. Pretty galling that they can blame ultra right wingers with a straight face.
  10. I think I'm just going to have to ignore him. Seems he has it in for me. I will not "put him on ignore", though. His wrong minded posts help keep me centered.
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