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  1. Makes sense. The elements alone should not determine games. Makes for shit football. If there ends up being a roof it will be a fixed one I imagine. How often are all these retractable roofs actually open? Has Dallas ever opened theirs? Atlanta? Just curious.
  2. Updated numbers should be available tomorrow, everybody.
  3. Time for a domed stadium? I'm beginning to think it is. Never thought I'd say that.
  4. I doubt Mel Gibson is happy about this bullshit. That said, wasn't Mel actually born in New York state?
  5. No actually. I'm the real deal. You know that too.
  6. I got the damn thing a few weeks back. Made me feel like shit for 1-1/2 days just like the second Moderna shot did. These vaccines are not living up to what they were advertised to be. Originally touted as 94-95% effective. Now they keep moving the old goalposts. Breakthrough cases all over the place. More like 60-65 % effective.......maybe.
  7. Pompous and self righteous. Thinks he knows more than he actually does. Also thinks he's always right. Wrong as well as draining.
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