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  1. Fag's a fine word, but I like the term homo too. Example: "It's as if you can't call a homo a homo anymore".
  2. Agree. The MSM alone trashed the guy for 4 years from the word go. Dishonestly for the most part, too. That alone is a lot to deal with. Trump did good things. Time/history will be kind to him. Wait and see.
  3. Face to face they always back down. They always need "back up". Pussies.
  4. Or to have to defend themselves. They're above it and all the "little people". Watch your backs, folks. Just a friendly tip. Do not allow these fucks to silence you.
  5. Hail Trump! We're gonna miss you, big guy. We all know you'll be back soon. Save us from this illegitimate Prez/election.
  6. Well there you have it. You're now a dem/donkey/ass. Republicans are traitors. Enjoy! Be sure to pay extra taxes please.
  7. Don't fight it. Embrace being a dem. You're going to love it! Is there a thrill up your leg?
  8. Damn straight. All deaths are now on Sleepy Joe. That's crazy of course, but why the hell not? The original statement was just as crazy.....
  9. Obama (Obongo). The good old days. Thanks, Hip! LOL
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