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  1. That's what I figured - you must insure the whole family. My wife's company pays 100% of hers. Nice benefit. I think the 80/20 plan back in the 80's was much better before Teddy Kennedy and company fucked everything up. It wasn't perfect, but was so much better.
  2. Oh okay. In any event, let's wish him luck and hope he has a good game Sunday night in prime time.
  3. Wait a minute now, brah. LOL. I'm always giggling because I'm in such a good mood at all times. "Despicable feeble minded cultist". "Audacity". Wow. Where did you learn all these 75 cent words, ace?
  4. Don't forget Dope. That would be you. LOL ***** Keep America Great *****
  5. I hate it when anyone says "owned". That was for teenagers around 10 years ago.
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