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  1. So everyone of our December games is on primetime. We've asked for this for years and lately we have disappointed. Let's see if this team can turn it around. If we going to make noise in the playoffs we got to win these primetime games.
  2. Okay let's play you are the coach what do you do from here on out. 1) Singletary is now on my practice squad and I'm activating Yeldon. He plays great when he gets his touches and knows how to expload on a screen. Easily a mismatch on the field when we go 5 wide 2) Feliciano doesn't get off the field if you bring Morse back at center Feliciano is taking someone's spot. 3) Dane Jackson is a starter on this defense if his knee is fine he starts opposite of Tre... 4) Espinesa starts opposite of Jerry he just gets off the ball faster than any other DEs and he is always in the play... 5) when Millano is healthy Aj Klein moves to the line and rushes the QB every play he is really good at blitzing... 6) we are blitzing every down from here on out to stop the run and get the ball out the QB hands faster. We suck at covering longer than 3 seconds.... 7) screen passes should only go to Brown or McKenzie... 8) Kroft is the starting TE for the rest of the year and Knox needs to learn special teams to get on the field... 9) McKenzie needs more reps than Davis the 4 wr look should always have him in the game he is a tough cover and seems to be open a lot. 10) we shouldn't defer ever again if we win the toss because our offense sucks in the 3rd quarter...take the ball if we win the toss. 11) run the qb draw with moss as the QB and no one behind him. I think he can get 10 yards a pop on that play.
  3. I am trying to get over this and you are not helping...as soon as we called timeout I said noooo now they can setup a play. As soon as I saw our defense I said noo blitz from the outside where Hopkins is to take him out the play and jam the recievers. I hate to agree with you but I was yelling at the TV. I never want to say LIT is right as I was yelling the same thing damn damn damn.
  4. Lit is acting like the coaches should be listening to him in the shoutbox...get over it.
  5. How many timeout threads you going to make can't your just merge this with the other one...
  6. I can remember a couple of stupid special teams fumbles themat cost us against the patriots...he did the right thing.
  7. Totally disagree...White wasn't a issue at all he locked up Hill. Everyone else couldn't stop a third down pass. They completed almost every third down throw towards Norman and our slot corners.
  8. Our defense is playing way too much Zone and can't pressure the qb and we leave everyone open. There wasn't a passing third down that wasn't easily made or run in. White locked down Hill but Norman can't cover anyone. We really miss Levi Wallace sad to say. Yes the D Line sucks but we keep dropping into this soft zone on every play in which everyone is open over the middle or wherever Norman is.
  9. It's a numbers game you are comparing having to be accountable for up to 30 players and coaches to about 80 or 90...
  10. Leslie Frasier is the assistant head coach but should be demoted from title if the defense doesn't get it together. I would take Bill O'Brian he was a good coordinator with Patriots as long as he isn't involved in making trades he may have the same knowledge as Daboll as I think they worked together.
  11. You TrumpTard. He said he is the one who brought back football period. Then he goes on to talk about the Big Ten. His fat ass didn't bring anything back but a bad economy. "People want their places open. They want to get back to their lives," POTUS said. "They'll be careful, but they want their schools open. I'm the one that brought back football. By the way, I brought back Big Ten football. It was me and I'm very happy to do it. The people of Ohio are very proud of me."
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/president-donald-trump-says-brought-152227898.html Here you go my little Bitch....
  13. Really he was asked about the Virus and said it is at the end and we should praise him because he brought football back? That's not gloating and not caring for the victims. KARMA....
  14. What happens if one is hurt? Our depth is not good and I am sure poyer or hyde can cover. There are defensive schemes in our zone defense to put them all on the field at the sametime.
  15. I think our defense lost its toughness since Shaq and Phillips left. Would you consider bringing in Earl Thomas on a cap friendly deal? He can still blitz the QB and help stop the run. We need some violent players too many Chior boys on this defense right now.
  16. This makes no sense all of your examples are Touchdowns there were no points loss. He just had multiple recievers open. I don't see the issue as he will have to be able to make tighter throws or throw people open for us to get to the next level. He can't be a qb that can only throw to wide open recievers. Trash post.
  17. Oliver got a first down saving sack and was big in the goal line stance from the 2...you wrong there.
  18. So was one week fast enough for you Lit? Also your boy Tyrod Taylor will not get his job back from Herbert 😂😂😂. And Rosen is on someone's practice squad and Darnold needs to be on someone's practice squad. I LOVE JARule he is a baller.
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