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  1. You're white privilege has arrive. You can be silent because you never have to live in a black persons skin. Your grandarents owned land that was passed down from free or cheap work of blacks. Your parents or grandparents never had to live in segregation. Please show a picture of a arrested Antifa member.. We have the greatest CIA and FBI and not one story on a arrest from this fake group stop listening to fake news. But those racist Alt right KKK members have killed folks and police officers hiding behind badges are hunting black folks. A lot of bullshit excuses it is so hard for a racist to be anti racist...you sick fuck.
  2. They do they just don't wear hoods now there in police uniforms or they live in the White House...
  3. This is your evidence what a dumb ass. It says get him to tell the truth or lie. So he lied where is the wrong doing on the FBI's part? Isn't that the purpose of a interview the person either tells the truth or they lie. Do you fucktard Trump fans read the fake news you report?
  4. Is it just me or do you think Levi Wallace was good for us at cornerback when healthy? I didn't think CB2 was an issue but CB3 and CB4 was. Maybe they can slide him to the slot.
  5. Again deflect from the truth that is all you idiots know. I figured if I typed like Trumps talks you would understand. Now all of a sudden you care about English and how it is used. You obviously don't care when your president has his press conference's as he is the most uneducated sounding President we have ever had.
  6. Where is the lies he always says he has a hunch...he says global warming isn't real it is made up...he is a fucking idiot and people like you living in your mobile homes love him.
  7. I'm sure you were oh so quiet when. Obama was president and you respected your commander in Cheif...
  8. Working from home today while I had to close one of my businesses down temporarily in advice from the State. Good thing I am not only just self employed I feel for those hourly workers that are getting hours cut or getting played off. Oh I got the time today...Reason why you don't allow your friends with no experience to run a country. Agent Orange little hands...
  9. If Obama can bring us out of one of the worse recessions inherited he can easily tackle this virus. Now I see why all my friends are upset at the wasted Donald Trump vote. Market crashing, businesses losing money, hes pointing fingers and the departments he cut because he didn't believe in science....Just a dipshit disaster...
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