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  1. Do you see what looking to be a playmaker cost Lamar Jackson...He is more important longterm than running for a 10 yard touchdown and fumbling the ball. Get the ball to the playmaker or punt to your defense who had a great gameplan.
  2. Go to https://www.blessingsinabackpack.org/donate-greatest-need/ Great cause and now folks know what Bills Fans are truely about...minimum donation is 10.00 yoy can't put in 8 for Lamar. Hope he recovers from the concussion good Bills.
  3. This isn't being talked much but if Bass misses that tackle on the kickoff it was going to be six. There was a clear lane to the end zone and the Colts had blockers. Bass one of the many unsung heros from the game.
  4. I see a lot of folks talking bad about our defense. I think you all forgot that we were actually DOWN in this game and the offense was in full 3 and out mode. The colts kept starting from the 40 or 50 yard line all first half. We were a play away from being down like 10 plus points. Yes the Colts made it close but it wasn't the defense fault. It was the multiple 3 run plays in a row in the second half that should have been throws that should have led to 14 more points on drives.
  5. Every team has a weakness this isn't anything new. But does your opponent have the personnel to attack it. Colts had 7 all pros..
  6. When watching the live return I just knew there would be a weak holding call on the block around midfield. In my mind I was waiting for the flag but turns out it was a borderline good block and maybe the Refs are now finally respecting us.
  7. It is not because it shouldn't be a match-up at all...we should easily handle them the other games should be closer.
  8. Uh Sean are all these your relatives lets not act like you haven't been saying these same things over the past year and including this season. If this aint the pot calling the damn kettle...
  9. Lawson and Phillips stats were because of Star we are just figuring this out. If we would have had Shaq and Jordan without star I bet they wouldn't have the same numbers and we would be locked into longterm contracts. We can get out out current deals McBeane still better than Lit. Let's see these players along side Star then judge them....
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