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  1. There isn’t one team dominating in the AFC this is a dumb thread. We will be tied for 1st if the the ravens lose tonight and everyone has 3 or 4 loses basically in the AFC and NFC.
  2. No team is winning the Super Bowl in week 11 relax. In all of our loses we have had key pieces not play. Our backups are backups for a reason and this is what you get when you pay your franchise quarterback. Panic if we have everyone back for the Patriots game and we lose. We just need to get to the playoffs healthy and then make our run. Smoke some weed and relax Bills Mafia….we have or had the number 1 defense and number 1 offense for most of the season and no one bitches about those stats.
  3. This game shows how important Edmunds is to our team Klein couldn’t hold his fucking clears….
  4. I hope he is staying away from the Covid not sure how that appearance in a state where they don’t believe in the vaccine or masks is accepted by the team.
  5. I am a Genius and I did when you log back in it comes back up. Take it down it’s irrelevant and annoying.
  6. Okay I’m at the MNF game and I’m looking to fight Lit for this on behalf of Jungle 😂😂😂 who I am starting to think was Lit. I remember when Lit created fake characters to fight against hisself lol
  7. You must stay logged in and never log out or clear your history. Once you log back in it shows up again or clear your history or cache so Lit doesn’t track us.
  8. No matter how many times you X it out when you log out and come back in it comes back. It’s annoying as fuck. And now it’s dancing all over the page.
  9. Why is this stupid sticky still showing up After you X it out….Lit delete that stupid shit…
  10. Smart Beane the Burglar kept everyone to bring trade value up when DE and DL start dropping during the season.
  11. I don’t know why they haven’t played him he typically showed up late in the season and sucks early on. He needed to be playing early and often. We know McDermott and his measurebles so all he has to do is show up in shape to keep that spot.
  12. Hughes and Addison need to be cut or traded our line looks much better and faster with AJ Greg and Bashum. If DIGGS has another great year we will have to pay him and we also need to pay Edmunds. Time to let the old guys go at least cut Hughes.
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