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  1. the worst of the news is not out yet be patient it will drop over weekend or next week
  2. There is going to be some terrible news coming out about the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder. He will be the next owner forced to sell. I'm hearing the scandal is top notch embarrassing to the league. Get your popcorn ready.
  3. So you know every black person struggle in america? Just because there are successful black people doesn't mean they don't deal with racism.. Ever go to a Nascar event yeh talk about a fucking KKK rally.. What a dumb ass comment Jake Frohm we know it is you.
  4. You mean talking not staying quiet? People who are upset are just closet racists and could care less about black men dying at the hands of cops....
  5. White people are finally getting upset because people are judging you by your appearance...finally a break through is happening...not understanding this is what brown people face daily is your white privilege....
  6. Again when is the last time you have hard someone say you can't attend this school because you are Irish? Or look at this Irish thugs? Or any Irish men were killed for pulling out skittles? When has a Irish person been brutally beaten or choked out in the last 60 years? Your struggle has nothing to do with today's events but your white privilege does...
  7. Indentured servants....you want to compare that to slaves who were whipped, killed, and turn apart from families. Then another 80 plus years of Jim crow laws and segregation. Really get your white privilege ass out of here...The Irish ancestors had it bad...you not talking about yourself, your father, your grand father or your kids. Black people still dealing with racism and you pull your great great great grandfather was getting paid for hard work. I understand why black people are upset with white folks not even knowing how insensitive they are.
  8. You're white privilege has arrive. You can be silent because you never have to live in a black persons skin. Your grandarents owned land that was passed down from free or cheap work of blacks. Your parents or grandparents never had to live in segregation. Please show a picture of a arrested Antifa member.. We have the greatest CIA and FBI and not one story on a arrest from this fake group stop listening to fake news. But those racist Alt right KKK members have killed folks and police officers hiding behind badges are hunting black folks. A lot of bullshit excuses it is so hard for a racist to be anti racist...you sick fuck.
  9. They do they just don't wear hoods now there in police uniforms or they live in the White House...
  10. This is your evidence what a dumb ass. It says get him to tell the truth or lie. So he lied where is the wrong doing on the FBI's part? Isn't that the purpose of a interview the person either tells the truth or they lie. Do you fucktard Trump fans read the fake news you report?
  11. Is it just me or do you think Levi Wallace was good for us at cornerback when healthy? I didn't think CB2 was an issue but CB3 and CB4 was. Maybe they can slide him to the slot.
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