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  1. Oh my gosh it looks like Bernie may have just gotten some pussy the Republicans are going to really be mad at this. I am sure TRUMP or McConnell hasn't had any pussy in years. The horrible things Bernie did in this video I can't watch 10 more minutes of a clip with his shirt off and boos on the table.
  2. It was a typo it is Butt Army and wouldn't you like to find out 😂😂😂
  3. We would be playing for a home playoff game to get to the superbowl...damn damn damn...
  4. This game would have been irrelevant as we would have had the no playoff wins in 20 plus years off our back. This would have been a house money game. I was ready to to fly out damnnnn damnnn damnnn lol. And @LiterateStylish keeps adding fuel to the flame as I can't disagree with his assessments after the loss. I mean agreeing with Lit is the low of lows...
  5. Anyone else still depressed? Like I don't even want to want the NFL anymore. I'm going to fill my time finally paying attention to my kids now 😂😂😂
  6. Sean is 45 years old so he has been in the playoffs since he was 18 if you are saying this is his 27th appearance and not to mention we didn't make the playoffs in 2018...Are you trying to say this is his 27th playoff game?
  7. I am responding to your comment which has nothing to do with the history of the thread...
  8. Bills haven't lost back to back games all season and they will take this one. Money lost...
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