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  1. Been thinking about that stupid next victim add to the range. We've been sucking ever since. Remove it Lit we are not good yet to be cocky.
  2. Yep was just about to come back to this post...I was the first one to call this but Lit won't pin this unless he started the thread. Selfish bastard...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... Now back to Jackson everyone knows how to stop him a running QB is not new. He is just that good the Patriots found this out. He can throw and run it is not like you just have to defend one.
  3. Jungle I am starting to think you are McDermott's burner account...we can't keep defending Allen it shouldn't have come down to two field goals if he just makes the damn throws.
  4. Good news as the snow continues to come down we will be forced to run the ball and not throw it 40 times. Devin will get 25 carries for 150 yards and 3 scores. Daboll will look like a genius and we will go on a 5 game winning streak. One can atleast dream...
  5. If ever there was a time to smoke some weed and watch a game this is the game to to do it to...we know it will be filled with lows, and highs, them lows again because after halftime we know what we get...
  6. Long enough for the ravens to win a superbowl. He got a good 6 years to 8 years as he avoids hits.
  7. Just looking at Allen play digress the last few games and watching Jackson tear the league up I think it is time to let him play free again. We are not playing offense to his strength like moving the pocket or play action (for you jungle).These shorter completions are not getting us points let's face it we need big play Allen or he is useless. Let him run and improvise what's the worse that could happen he gets a concussion and we get to see Barkley play. We have a scared straight QB for half the game each week.
  8. Still tired of the Jackson hype...just completes passes to the correct reads and making history...Keep hating...
  9. The receivers are shocked when they get a ball their way and just can't catch it...
  10. The defense is going to have to score again for us. This offense is pathetic from the play calling, missed throws, dropped passes, bonehead penalties....
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