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  1. If TT fails the bills may be in a position to draft a qb and still use that second pick.
  2. Luckily it sounds like he was somebody's prison wife. Probably not by choice. Usually I don't think that type of thing is a laughing matter, but if anybody deserved what he got it was him.
  3. Most of those guys aren't really even starters. Byrd hasn't been healthy since he was a bill, Meeks Gragg and Bryant were never even half decent. Douzable, pretty meh. Rambo had one solid season Johnson, Boldin and Cruz are all old and beat up, and Floyd can't stay out of trouble.
  4. I like how he just barely skims over the fact that we basically got Mccoy in that draft (one for one trade for Kiko) who has been our best offensive player since arriving here. But you know that's not important.
  5. Dude, did you forget to take your pills today? All an NFL team owner needs to do to make money is to hold onto the team. NFL teams make TONS of money for their owners. As long as fans continue to fill the seats, he would make more money just holding onto the team indefinitely. Not to mention if he wants his children to have a foolproof income source, an NFL team is about as close as you can get to that.
  6. Since when does team performance have anything to do with team location? As long as butts continue to fill the seats, playoffs or not, it doesn't really matter.
  7. I'm pretty sure the NHL has declined to have another team move to Toronto before, so I doubt they are able to move the sabres. That being said toronto probably doesn't violate the not allowed to own a team in a different area, as IIRC toronto counts as part of the Bills "territory". But again, moving to toronto makes much less sense then moving the rams to LA simply because there is actually nowhere for the team to play right now. The only spot large enough to host an NFL game recently replaced the grass to a style of grass that works great for baseball, but football can't be played on. So before they could even make the move the stadium would need to be built from scratch. Good luck getting that done on time with zero plans in place right now.
  8. Not much to see here, just PFT parroting Jerry Sullivan. No real source involved.
  9. I seriously Doubt he relocates the team. Based on his past actions it is highly unlikely.
  10. I think Goodwin was a bit better of a route runner, and was a bit better at knowing when to turn for the ball, but Listenbee has better hands IMO.
  11. Personally, I'd love to trade down, especially if they can get an extra 2nd minimum for their trouble. They are right in that range that teams like to trade up to.
  12. He simply isn't a very good quarterback. He'd probably make an OK backup, but teams won't sign a backup quarterback that will be a PR nightmare such as Kaepernick will. Is a backup QB REALLY worth the PR hit that the team would take from every fan who is a vet, plus anybody who feels strongly about his protest? Unfortunately those who are against what he did far outnumber his supporters. The guy is being blackballed, and I for one am not surprised.
  13. I have to say, it's a real classy move by him to come back after making his rounds to give us a last shot before he decides if he is going to leave. More players should handle FA like him.
  14. Probably not. If there is a team that has drafted worse then the bills it is Cleveland.
  15. By giving Sully clicks all you are doing is telling TBN that it is okay to continue to employ that hack.
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