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  1. Well to add to the pile. One thing that makes me extremely upset is that they had a very easy schedule and a chance to make it into the divisional round. They were a better team than the Texans. It was a great opportunity wasted. Few pointers here We won only against 1 team with a winning record Tennessee. Our offense again like for the last millennia was horrible and sub par. The bills have had great defenses in the past but it seems like is the offense who always fails. I don't see this team winning more than 4 games next season, sorry but I just don't. The schedule will be brutal. Against 49ers, Seattle, AZ, LA, Steelers, Tennessee and some more. This team will have a major collapse. Defense was good against shit teams. Well I am wrong because they couldn't even stop the shitty Texans. So next year I don't expect this team to compete with some of the teams that we are playing. JA needs to be elite in a few months if he wants to be good against some of the defenses that he will face. SEA, SF, LA Rams, NE. I don't think he will make that much of a progress within a few months so that's why I don't have any hopes for this team. We still need a few players. I did not like Cody Ford in there I was hoping for Nsekhe to play more than him with Watt playing but it didn't happen and we now know the result. So in my opinion we need a RT, another RB for a 1 2 punch, WR, RG and LG if one or 2 of the current guys leave, CB, LB to replace Zo. I am beyond frustrated and upset, it will probably take a long time to digest this loss specially if my prediction becomes a reality. We may be looking for the bills to make the playoffs again in 2 seasons or more and that is fucking upsetting beyond words.
  2. FUCK Gilmore. Tre deserves it more at this point he's better. And he is going to break a record this Sunday.
  3. Balls Smoke Brown - What a way to get a 1st TD reception on Gilmore. He still looking for him. That was a nasty double move. Beasley - Dude played great 108 yds on 7 REC he just needed a TD to make his night even better. Dawkins - TD grab Poyer - great punch on the ball for the fumble. GOATS Zebras - what a fucking shame is to play at NE. Missing face mask, missing intentional grounding call, unsportsmanlike conduct on Brady for tripping Oliver, bad spot on 1st down, one cheatriot DL moving the ball back and not giving a penalty or moving the ball back to the correct spot. Others that I am forgetting. Tackling - Holly shit man. Some many missing tackles a lot of them you could tell that the players were going for the hit rather than wrapping and making the tackle. 2 I remember Alexander near the goal line with Star, he hit White I think and didn't wrap him. Milano for a long gain he got to the gap hit the runner and didn't finish he probably thought the hit was enough. Run Defense - Horrible Pats ran for 143 yds. It's that time of the year I guess when NE starts to rely more on the run and less on Brady I think they have done that for the last 3 or 4 seasons. In all honesty for some reason I think the bills were not showing all their cards and to me it makes sense. Maybe they knew the division is a long shot and NE plays MIA at home so they didn't want to show all that they can do just in case they come back later on. But I may be wrong and we are not there just yet.
  4. Hey I wanted to mention it as a funny fact but I thought nothing stops me from getting a ball so I did. LOL on a side note I will be wearing that same jersey until we are out of the playoffs.
  5. Balls Me! dude I bought a chinese replica Tre White jersey and I wore it for the 1st time yesterday. Dude got 2 int. Defense played great like it has been since last season. Tre White 2nd best corner in the league OL They gave JA enough time to throw and kept TJ Watt in check. Kroft nice TD catch Smoke got 99 yds and a total of 1,007 for the season. Singletary boy those cuts, just like shady he just needs more speed. J Phillips 2 sacks! extend this guy. Goats Beasley if the ball hits your hands you have to catch it. Zebras terrible calls on J Phillips offside and phantom face mask on Tre Edmunds Singletary HOLD ON TO THE DAMN BALL Daboll some stupid calls McD last drive before the half. 3 timeouts, with 1:53 mins to go and you don't try to get points!? pussy move, we are just up by 4 points.
  6. Read spygate the untold story from Bryan O'Leary pretty eye opening shit in it. I truly believe the patriots have been cheating for a long time. The book contains statistics and other analysis that make you question the NFL's integrity.
  7. I think and hope they win this Thursday and lose against BAL, beat the Steelers, PATS and Jets (but it will be a though one).
  8. I am curious to see what the 49'ers will do against them this coming weekend. I want to see how they defend him maybe they'll have an answer that could help us but so far it looks that it will be an ugly loss. The only thing that maybe could help is that we play them at home.
  9. Balls Dline - 6 total sacks Allen - great game by him, he keeps trending upward and that's a great thing. Offense - finally showed up consistently throughout the game. Goats Special Tems - we all know why.
  10. I had the exact same thoughts. They run defense is horrible. Run, run, run and run until they can prove you they can stop you. I think the correct ratio this game should have been Run 2 to 1 pass. But I guess we are not NFL coaches so we don't know better.
  11. Disagree with you. Even if they win against the sardines they will find a way to fuck up the season once again. I don't see any other game as a gimmie. I see this team going 2-5 or 1-6. I've learned in the past that the experts are always right when it comes to the bills and the experts say we suck.
  12. Goats All of them besides Tre White. Watch him go to another team once his contract is due. Very Billsy thing to happen to us. I was extremely cautions when the bills were 5-1 because you know it's the bills. Then they lose against the eagles and that was the first game this season that was a punch in the gut. I thought they will at least compete but it was embarrassing. Ever since 2008 and 2011 I don't have high expectations for this team. I have learned my lesson. Yesterday since all the media was against them I thought they were going to play with an extra gear and a chip on their shoulder. Well I was so wrong. Man this 3rd loss was bad I was so fucking pissed. We are a great fan base, always show our love for our bills, travel well and we have suffer greatly we at least need a team that will die trying, not this timid fucking shit show. Unfortunately yesterday it all started with the coaches. They run 13 FUCKING TIMES! against the 30th ranked rush defense! STUPID. I think this team is lacking killer instinct in all levels from coaching to players. They need to play with more urgency, show they care. This was my rant of the day. Btw I thing this team wins 2 out of the 7 games we have left. The Broncos and the Jets, but hey since it's the bills we may go 1-7 and it will not surprise me.
  13. I am also extremely concerned about our Run D. It was horrible and is not like Peterson is 25 years old. I am so glad they made the proper adjustments for the second half. We are going to have a HUGE problem against LJ, Mark Ingram and Zeke. Chubb next week is no scrub and the browns are the offense that runs the most.
  14. Hey Victor espero y estes bien. Well for me defense was concerning since the Dolphins game. They stopped Brady but couldn't stop Fitz, FITZ!!?? and they were running well that game (109 total rushing yds). This game was a total disaster in all phases of the game. It almost looked like the old bills coming off the bye but this was 2 games after WTF. Offense was shit. I agree with you about the Allen runs. You have a fucking RB his job is to run give him the damn ball! I was baffled about the fact that it was windy as shit and you sit McKenzie when they could have some running plays for him. It was windy so why trying to throw. Special teams were nothing but special. Blocked XP, missed field goal. Only good thing was the fumble on that punt but offense didn't put any points. Defense. Shit, they ran all over us it was disappointing. Pass d was still good but they didn't need to pass much. Should we be concerned about Ed Oliver? non existent once again, Star not doing much either, I've read somewhere that we are missing Horrible Harry and I think so too he was starting to play good. I think from now on teams are going to make the bills stop the run, let's see if we have an answer. Adrian Peterson is coming to town and even though he's old he can still run.
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