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  1. I predict Sean calls game end of first when Cleveland is up 10-3
  2. THIS is a typical post by a young fan who doesn’t know how to do anything but birch about everything and can’t appreciate anything positive at all.
  3. Nah. We’re just good... not great. Yeah run D sucked in the first, but was fine in the second. We fuck up some and don’t dominate on offense but get it done. It’s stressful, but they can beat ANY team. They’ll make the playoffs and i won’t be surprised if they win a close one OR lose 35-9. This team was a fucking disaster and is a work in progress. Enjoy the wins a little bit while realizing we need more
  4. I’m thinking because their secondary is supposedly so bad, Robert Foster finally dresses ...and Josh hits him deep TWICE. This opens up the rest of the offense and Bills win easily. 31-10.
  5. Agreed . YET last year, Foster was catching them. I’d like to see them dress Foster and see if it’s still there...
  6. While national media is starting to pay attention and we’ve gotten some accolades, we aren’t over-hyped, somplayers shouldn’t be over confident. Add to that how well coached most of the team is, I think we can avoid the trap game.
  7. Expected? Yes, Mandatory? NO. That said, It’ll be awfully disappointing if we don’t win by enough to get Lit his $$$. We should be good enough for Josh not to force STUPID throws and that will mean we win easily. Friggin Fitz is the wildcard that can make it close. Our D is ridiculous good andHe’s older.... AND the rest of his unit is AWFUL, so there shouldn’t be any ‘Fitzmagic’, but you never know. I’m fairly confident in the type of win needed to get everyone on board the hype train.
  8. This should be fairly easy when the D pitches a shutout. 38-0 Bills and Lit makes some coin...
  9. I can’t agree more about getting him on the roster I’ve thought so since week one.
  10. The last sentence is the most important thing in this long post. Mental toughness... do they have it? 8 think yes!
  11. He was SHIT while in today but I believe he has .... IT... and if he finishes we win. And NO. Tyrod finished seasons and never hit 12-4. Just like Josh will likely jot finish paces the stats you quoted. A guy with your knowledge should know better. You do and are clearly shit-stirring.
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