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  1. The shocker here is that only Shaw won it in the past. WTF happened the year OJ was a rookie? I’m to lazy to look it up.
  2. Somewhat right now..... tomorrow during the cheifs game will be far worse...
  3. Lit..." your $100 is safe. There is no explanation except maybe youth and faith in Knox ( I think it was) to get shit done. Regardless.. awful decision making...
  4. Everyone is right here. It WAS delay of game, but we can’t play it that way. WTF?
  5. Was it a good no call? Since when doe common sense overrule the rules. Have you seen the rules on a catch? We got fucked.
  6. Exactly.... had we beaten the Pats, they would not have looked mast Miami. Shit we’ve been better on the road this year, so we may be better off this way.
  7. I’m feeling same as last week. If their D or ST doesn’t score Bills win. 24-13
  8. NFL should take a page from NCAA and ban them from playoffs for a few years, but they won’t. The Pats don’t give a shit about a fine. Hopefully they at least lose a draft pick again.
  9. Josh FINALLY connects on an early deep ball TD and we coast. even though the score stays close, the D is 8n complete control and makes it somewhat comfortable.
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