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  1. The virus is real but it's been tamed down. It's actually a cover for a covert psyop military take down of the deep State and Hollywood. You heard it hear first folks. Big names are about to fall. Tom Hanks, Oprah.. list is too big to mention. Child sex trafficking charges, fraud, etc etc. Much of it will be out in the next 30 days. Nothing can stop what's coming. Nothing. #Qanon.
  2. Oh shut the fuck up you whining bitch. We don't play the games. Anyone saying anything has no bearing on the games.
  3. Is that so? Whipped the dolphins, whipped the broncos, whipped the cowboys, took the best team in the NFL down to the last play. Steelers did better?
  4. I'm barely here anymore because of this nonsense. It's a fucking circus bizarro world. Constant bitching by roughly 2 people, 1 with many accounts absolutely ruin this place. We are 8-3, with finally a young winner of a QB and you'd think we were playing for the first pick in the draft the way these idiots post. It's fucking maddening. These assholes I'm positive are hoping we lose the rest of our games so they can bitch and moan and say "I told you so"!
  5. Lol the pundits are putting him in the MVP talk. Shit has gotten out of control. He's not nearly as good as Vick at throwing the ball and runs just like him. We've seen this exact style of play before. It produces good results for awhile then hits a wall. They are blowing him right now because of all the predraft "he should be a wide reciever etc." Lame.
  6. It doesn't matter at all but every single time any QB or team does something better than Allen and the Bills he has to start a thread about it.
  7. here's another nice stat. What middling bum that Allen is. 🤔
  8. Blame what?? The fact that he hasn't had a turnover since that game. You are girls are clowns.
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