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  1. Lol the pundits are putting him in the MVP talk. Shit has gotten out of control. He's not nearly as good as Vick at throwing the ball and runs just like him. We've seen this exact style of play before. It produces good results for awhile then hits a wall. They are blowing him right now because of all the predraft "he should be a wide reciever etc." Lame.
  2. It doesn't matter at all but every single time any QB or team does something better than Allen and the Bills he has to start a thread about it.
  3. here's another nice stat. What middling bum that Allen is. 🤔
  4. Blame what?? The fact that he hasn't had a turnover since that game. You are girls are clowns.
  5. It's funny though. No one will say anything negative about Darnold or his accuracy blah blah blah. I see all of these guys missing throws, heaving up terrible passes. Only Allen and trubisky get shit on. And I do think trubisky is a bum. He doesn't have the winner factor that Allen does.
  6. You have become the Mike Francesca of this board. Complete and utter nonsense. Hang it up bud. Eventhough Josh has missed a few long balls, and had a few ill timed picks. He's made more clutch throws in tight windows this season alone, than tyrod has in his whole career. That man never used the middle of the field. All Josh does is keep the chains moving when the game is on the line. You could head to the showers and call it a game if Tyrod was behind.
  7. Hey dicklock. They had Allen throw 3 straight times with 3/4 min to go in the Bengals game and you guys crucified him. You all freaked that they didn't run the ball and run the clock and blasted Daboll. So which is it Aristotle? Run or pass late?
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