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  1. sorry hip...i just saw this....thank you...My kids brought me a mother's day buffet dinner! loved it! My grandkids waved to me from their cars! i so miss them!
  2. Oline..the bills looking at the draft...could you go on this post to answer my question? thanx

  3. Hey Crazy legs. Question for you. I feel teams will make drafting mistakes because of the isolation teams have to do. Like in person testing and interviews. Hopefully we get a good surprise for our 2nd round pick. What's your opinion?...You are the most knowledgeable on this site!
  4. Wow Lit, what a stupid thread....But i know your just getting started....Anti-Bills fan! Cant wait for more! This site is Sad!!!
  5. Slow day for you Lit?...Your threads are depressing!!!! Go enjoy Father's day!!!
  6. Meat, is the best moderator on here!....When you want to talk sports....Crazy Legs...is the best! He never condemns any fan of a difference of opinion!...He should be a moderator as well!
  7. 3 hours to toronto?....i must be a very fast driver!!!! 1 1/2 hrs for me! with no speeding tickets! lol
  8. its in Lit's DNA....he has to put out these threads! how about not even replying to them..he Loves the Attention!
  9. I really doubt that! Could you show us 1 positive post that you have put on here in the last few weeks?... A True bills fan, would occasionally have some positive posts. I feel you just Love the attention!...You Love being the .....Bad Boy! lol
  10. Why are you here, Lit? You are so annoying!....Why would you want to own a buffalo sports website? You are No Fan! ok, im done...my rant is over! lol
  11. Guys, go watch the hbo special...ab was talking out of his ass with his blonde mustache! I give Buffalo A for effort. But im so glad it fell through!
  12. No..I said i dont agree with her gender decision. I know her personally, and know she is highly intelligent. She is not mentally deranged as you stated. That's what i said we disagree with. I understand you are in the medical field, and you have your opinion. I so wish i didnt put this on here...lol...Im done with it...Good luck to you as well!
  13. Im just saying, you dont know them at all, but say they need help...Isnt that being judge mental?... well, we could say we agree, to disagree!
  14. Well i think your wrong. Wow, and No he has no dual parts!!! Btw, i have no say in how she raises her child. she lives clear across the country. Photos and facetime, show me he is a very happy baby.I might not agree with it. But i guess you are a very judge mental person.
  15. what did i have to respond to?....you are so obsessed with condemning people that dont agree with you. get over your self!....You need not respond when im not conversing with you.
  16. WOW.....get that rant out! ......i know you love the dots......enjoy! so much hatred from you!...I hope you are nicer to your employees! Do they all have to be republican to get hired?
  17. No, she is not...his name is a normal boy name...they are great parents! I dont judge....if he was sexually or verbally abused. That's a different story! He's in a very healthy environment!
  18. yes its a boy. she and her husband live in California. like i said...she's a great mom...(the family) just shrugs, that's her beliefs. he is such a healthy looking handsome boy....
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