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  1. He’s not, but I still would wear it if he was, it’s about supporting him just like I do at the ravens games while still supporting the bills with their jersey, die hard to both man, can be a thing
  2. It is Yanda, good idea but it’s his last year and Ive always supported him and the bills, wore two jerseys to 3 different ravens bills games in Baltimore and got some playful heckling there but nothing bad, but they don’t have the reputation bills fans do
  3. No man, I am talking 70+ million dollars, you need to be in a mental ward, ever seen the movie the number 23 or a beautiful mind, I think u got the sickness just like that man
  4. I have a friend who has made a lot of money playing offensive line for the ravens for over a decade, I assure you he is being paid what is being reported, multiple houses, land, toys etc, also seen some of his bonus checks, you sir are mistaken, they do pay jocks that much, you know why? Because the $200 million salary cap or whatever it is, is peanuts compared to what the players bring in with tickets, tv, apparel etc.
  5. Thanks for the help everyone, one more question, just gauging responses cause I’m gonna do it anyways, but curious. I am a die hard bills fan but have a buddy that plays for the ravens, I was planning to wear his ravens jersey with a bills hat, I’m sure I will get heckled and fucked with, but I have heard the stories of bills fans beating up pats fans, and have heard some other stories about dickheads fucking with my buddies sister who was just there minding her own business. We did get seats on the visitor side so maybe that will help a little bit as I’m sure there will b more ravens fans over there....
  6. Looks like pretty mild temps and weather, and never woulda thought this game would b this big when I purchased tickets to it
  7. To me, if we don’t stop the run, we have no chance, and with our run defense ranking 19th on the year, im scared. That being said I think our run defense has showed up at times, and I think we could stop their run....but which d will show up.
  8. I am wondering if this game changes McDermott’s stance on rest during the bye week over preparation, I thought we looked pretty flat on both sides of the ball especially in the trenches, Josh even said they had rust, and fitz almost carried a shit team on his back to beat us.
  9. Fitzmagic is 4 times the qb of Rosen, to compare their offense from when Rosen was in to what we saw today isn’t fair, in fact even the pick that fitz threw was more of a great play by tre than a bad throw by fitz. I was concerned with our run d, and our lack of pass rush especially with them having two starters out. We gave fitz too much time and he picked us apart.
  10. Is that how they blew out the dolphins and Steelers etc? By going super conservative with a small lead? im not saying going conservative doesn’t have a time and place, but up 10 with 5 mins left to play especially when that team has been moving the ball on your defense is not the time and place.
  11. I don’t want to see three passes either, I want them to be more unpredictable in those situations and mix it up
  12. I guess I forgot they had no timeouts so I was worried for no reason.....but u know that’s what they do even if they have the timeouts. That is what is concerning, rather than playing to win and going for the kill, they try to not lose go super conservative and predicable and let teams hang around. I can’t blame the coaches for not trusting josh to just take what the d gives him and to try to move the ball/keep the clock running, and that is what forces us into that situation where teams know we won’t pass so they stack the run.
  13. I’m not on the Allen hate train, but I am concerned, his deep ball is non existent and him forcing the ball kills us. I was happy to see him not force anything today, but I am also concerned about the play calling/coaches trust in josh to not lose the game for us with the play calling with the lead. Fitzmagic just led em on a td drive, we are only up 3, if Hyde doesn’t seal the game I think we come out and run 3 times and go three and out and Fitzmagic goes down and scores.....but thankfully Hyde did what he did. I was very concerned about that upcoming drive if we just recover though.
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