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  1. No need to be a dick buddy ... this wasn't a personal attack on you. I agree with most of your comments and get tired of the liberal bullshit as well which is why I have the filter to block the political back and fourth. But apparently I don't know all that much about politics.
  2. Maybe we should change the title of this post to political bullshit seeing as it quickly went there.
  3. It is translucent. Edit: my bad ... I didnt read everyone else responses.
  4. It is a dome. On the North side of the stadium there is a retractable wall that looks out over the Strip. It really is pretty incredible.
  5. I hope this lights one hell of a fire under their asses.
  6. Agreed. I was more disappointed in the way the defense went super soft and allowed them to walk right down the field.
  7. I may regret this ... butttttt. That top picture looks like they need about 10 yards for a first down and the second picture looks like they need 5 or 6 yards. I could also be totally wrong.
  8. That INT is on Yeldon. If he doesn't stop running it's a catch/incompletion ... not an INT.
  9. You are such a fucking idiot bro. If McD would've taken the field goal you would've been calling him a pussy for not going for it.
  10. Just a dome, no retractable roof. But there is a huge window that overlooks the strip that can be opened or closed. Google it, pretty cool. I'm looking forward to some games there. The field is "retractable" though, real grass that they will roll in every weekend for games like the Cards stadium.
  11. With the lack of quality WR's I like the idea of having Bell, McCoy and Gore all on the team this season while grooming a rookie WR or 2. The o-line gets a year to grow together. All 3 on the field at the same time along with Foster and CFL seems like pretty exciting football to me.
  12. Who had a better season in 2018 according to PFF? They are your go to for rating players, right?
  13. I'm glad you pointed this out. I was about 10 pages in thinking the same thing. I didnt post this thought though because I didnt actually make it through all 22 pages.
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