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  1. Color of skin is NOT of primary or really any importance. Freudian slip? Tell me one way President Obama wasn't a man of great character. No hookers, no divorces, no scandals, no impeachments, no bribes, no controversial pardons, no advisors arrested. What?
  2. Trump is rightfully judged by his substandard brain and sociopathic tendencies, not the color of his skin. As MLK said, we should judge a man by his character (or lack of it), no the color of his skin.
  3. Calling a good man and a former president Obongo is racist and symbolizes why Trump was elected in the first place. Many white men in this country somehow feared the losing of their supposed power and their 1950's way of life (when women and blacks were subjugated) and wanted a white supremacist as president as a reaction to the nation electing a black man. Now you have all come out of the dark corners of the plantation and have been exposed. It's sickening. Why would you call President Obama "Obongo"? Even if you disagreed with his policies and his politics, I don't get it. Gross. Another response told me to keep minding the government as if I was some sort of sheep. My friend, I fight the government, both state and federal, for a living as a criminal defense lawyer, and a good one at that. I have asked before, what do you do to back up your BS other than post anonymously on a message board?
  4. Then go root for the Chiefs. Damn after a season like that and the day after a game like that, this fucking site is so negative.
  5. If ANYONE ever called me a racist, it would hurt me to the core. Guess it fits.
  6. So you know, Obongo is clearly a racist term. Hence, you are a racist.
  7. Loony? My party didn't try to take the Capitol for the cult.
  8. Melania is hated worldwide my dude. She's an awful person, but "you really don't care, do you" Way to stick up for kids in cages! https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/19/politics/melania-trump-analysis/index.html
  9. Bowflex: You can't win these arguments because the right has sacrificed all for a traitor. Thus, you are all traitors. Elections have consequences. Shut the f up.
  10. Dr. Jill Biden has a master's degree and two doctorate degrees. Hence, she is a doctor. What's your educational background?
  11. 1. Jill's ex-husband who is selling a book has made this claim. If you believe him, you MUST believe Stormy Daniels. And the pee tapes by the way. 2. I have three words for you: Dr. Sebastian Gorka. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/04/16/sebastian-gorka-likes-to-be-called-dr-gorka-he-gets-his-way-only-in-conservative-media/ You can't have it both ways guy. Standards and principals. Oh sorry, you tossed them away to join the cult of Trump.
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