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  1. It''s been a few days and no rebukes at all. In fact, more is coming out about how President Bone-Spurs does not have a clue about our history, our allies, or our Constitution. By the way, the book was written by two Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post journalists. Just because your butt buddy Drumpf says they lie, does not make it so.
  2. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-called-his-generals-a-bunch-of-dopes-and-babies-in-a-fit-of-rage-book-claims?ref=home Here he is, your president-- Commander Bone Spur!
  3. You are truly an idiot. Obama: Got us out of an almost-depression, saved the auto industry, got millions more enrolled in health care, appointed two well-respected and moderate (compared to wackadoodles Cavanaugh and Gorsuch) Supreme Court Justices, Wall Street reform, Iraq War over, killed Bin Laden, signed DACA, prohibited torture, repealed "Don't ask, Don't tell", the Iran nuclear deal, the deal that was supposed to make sure that Iran did not get nukes, environmental protections, increased the GI Bill for vets while decreasing veteran's homelessness,.... I guess you don't like Obamacare, snowflake? Honestly, all of you Repubs lose all credibility when you diss Obama. Why? One, he has many more fans than detractors (unlike the Orange Idiot), and two, because you sound racist. Oh yeah, probably because you are.
  4. The poorest citizens of the richest country in the history of mankind should have a right to the same healthcare as the richest citizens. I'll bet your job takes care of your healthcare. Well, my "friend" if you are self-employed, like me, you would not believe the costs of healthcare insurance. Why does it cost me over $1000 a month to provide heath insurance to my wife and three kids? Who can afford that? Could you?
  5. God you are DUMB. Bin Laden was not a state official. He was a wanted criminal.
  6. Pre-Trump : Iran on a leash. Nuclear capabilities stunted. Post-Trump: Angry motherfuckers trying to build a bomb to wipe out Israel. Stop making excuses for the Orange Asshole.
  7. HipKat is totally right. You Fox-ers need to get some truth somewhere. The money was Iran's and Obama did a hell of a negotiation to settle the debt and to retard Iran's nuclear program. Where are we on that nuclear program today? By the way, FUCK ANYONE who says people on the left support terrorism or hate this country. We have different ideas on how things should work. For example, Bush I got us into a war; Bush II got us into a war. Trump has us on the brink. All Republicans. Any wars during Clinton or Obama's tenures? Or this, Bush I led us into a recession; Clinton got us out of it. Bush II got us into a recession and Obama got us out of it. See a pattern?
  8. https://www.espn.com/blog/buffalo-bills/post/_/id/34181/we-ride-with-josh-bills-teammates-gush-about-qb-after-playoff-loss Sorry I'm not buying what Lit and Sean say. I'll go with his teammates.
  9. Sean and Lit--Fire everyone. We suck. Terrible season. No growth. Josh sucks. Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills must not apply to you two Debbie Downers. Congrats to our beloved team for an amazing season that reminds me of 1988. In other words, adversity creates character. But again, not for you two a-holes.
  10. You are insane. Stop with the Soros bullshit. Drumph is a cancer, and someday, you will be on this site saying you never even liked him. Drumph will be persona non grata (and likely in a prison for war criminals--at least we can hope.)
  11. I was so miserable during the Clinton and Obama years. Yes sir, the world surely went straight to hell. The economy improved from both Bush recessions and moderate politics reigned. Most importantly, I truly believed that both presidents (and I will admit every president in my lifetime) truly cared about the well-being of not only myself but of all Americans. Until now. Now we have an orange abortion as our leader, and in years, every one of you Trumpers will admit that you were wrong. Dead wrong.
  12. Go ahead fire McDermott and see the entire NFL laugh at us for years. The coach is the best thing to happen to the Bills since the 90's.
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