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  1. I’m going to get a submarine at some point, knowing that life below the waves is safer.
  2. Nothing like a few tackles with a twist to make sure he remembers how the foot feels.
  3. Can he help block ?? F-running just help block or slide out for a screen, that’d be cool
  4. Yancy’s Fancy Stadium, sounds so liberal & they have live rainbows instead of fireworks
  5. I think G. Davis is a rockstar & will be the best WR drafted this past year, he’s unbelievably raw but rarely does he miss a catch (besides the one in the end zone).
  6. If Miami wins today, we could tie the Chiefs in record at the end of the year & on a 3-way tie we win every time via divisional record.
  7. Sure, his back was hurt & he’s rested for our most important game to this point.
  8. See the Diggs move for the Bills to realize that having great FA’s coming in can help improve a franchise dramatically. Draft picks take time typically in the NHL so you lose that unless you get a Dahlin (who’s ready to breakout as well).
  9. Goats : Any RB not names Allen Balls: Stadium police hunting for trespassers.
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