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  1. Goats : Any RB not names Allen Balls: Stadium police hunting for trespassers.
  2. Everyone is brilliant at knowing the past, it’s what makes the world turn & children wonder in amazement.
  3. Amount of Russians who voted ?? 0 Amount Russia spent on Facebook ads, $4,700. Russia means zero, zero.
  4. I heard liberal start fires in their own city & then blame Trump for it, white liberal pride.
  5. Maybe the marketing staff sucked & they’d like some new ideas and sponsorships, what’s the stadium’s name again ?
  6. They leaked everything else that could remotely construed as a problem but now there’s this, gmafb.
  7. Great news, Star is no star & his failures hurt us last season. Cut him next year.
  8. They know the team is going to suck, so why not what them go 0-16 & get a real QB ?
  9. Davis becomes our #2 by mid-season & has one of the best rookie seasons in history, reason being is no one will be able to cover everyone.
  10. Anybody who looks at Biden & think he can play smart in a worldwide stage is insane. I’m independent but couldn’t vote Democrat knowing they’re literally adding madness to our current situation, can’t support assholes being allowed to riot / loot but arrest store owners for opening up to save their business. Talk mis-prioritization of resources. Let’s send the cops to hurt the working people & allow terrorists to run free, all liberal cities looking to further exploit their trash citizens.
  11. Local leaders threw a fit & the cancel culture wins, enjoy your liberal town of tards.
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