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  1. They’re playing really shitty right now, so they want an ego boost & to crush their opponents to get back on track. I think they should suspend Bill B the balance of this year, this needs to be swift.
  2. Yeah, liberals like to dream a lot but always forget their candidacies are for personal gain, Trump’s never was.
  3. Kickers have sucked this year, more than any other recent memory for me.
  4. Vegas wants more money thrown at the Ravens, that’s plainly obvious something bodes well for the Buffalo Bills you don’t know about.
  5. If you see someone negative that randomly just says the Bills suck or no way we can win, please understand that they have BTSD. After 23 years of only 2 winning season, it’s simply what happens. So if you catch a brother (is sister) crapping on you without anything but the past recent history to go by, they got it and it’s not curable until we win it all. Please continue.
  6. Did you forget to mention you soaked the bed with your fluids of excitement?
  7. When Trump won, did anybody want to kill themselves ?? 2020 is your year, finish it and spare us your meaningless life of deranged actions
  8. Allen played fantastic that day, hopefully we get more Romo love.
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