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  1. Only happiness & love, no reason to be mean to Bills fans unless you’re just looking for trouble.
  2. Google this: all bills fans right now My wife comes up in the pictures. When we met 4 years ago we were mutually 50 lbs lighter, so we are happy and comfortable. I play about 15 basketball games and week and eat like shit / drinks. P.S. I put myself out there posting this, so if it makes anyone feel important to make fun of us have it. It just means you have your own issues to deal with but don’t know it yet.
  3. When you witness a game like that live so many emotions run through your head, I yelled over to the bench a lot. Sean needs better advise on challenges, the 0 gameclock event required a timeout and a chat with the refs.
  4. I’m representing, thank you. There’s been a million views or something if I’m reading this right. 😝
  5. LtFinFan doesn’t like the Buffalo Bills & creams his shorts when Miami wins, he loves his mammals both sides.
  6. Second half of this season has been great for Josh, he’s grown. Can’t find a better 4th quarter QB.
  7. ....he’d change the colors of the team to teal and white like his favorite team Miami Dolphins (Litfinfan is his name).
  8. You know I told everyone Shady’s ass was cut 1.5 months before he got cut right ?? Brady got hurt in the KC game, he’s been un-Bradylike ever since.
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