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  1. Prison reform was the best, agreeing to close the country was the worst.
  2. Roberts rode on the Lolita express, that’s plainly obvious now
  3. Cam Newton one year deal with the Patriots. Hahahahaha. That guy is completely shot.
  4. It’s almost like CJ Roberts was on the Lolita flight with Jeffrey, he sure is not a conservative as planned.
  5. Normalcy being 70 years of bleeding off manufacturing jobs to other countries, I’m sure they’ll embrace every bit of that situation. China has been raping us for many years and using lobbyists to get their way, see the WHO & their stupid moves. It’s all a plan to get working people screwed, only a fool votes for an senior Biden.
  6. Turn off CNN, nobody believes that crap or wants to see protesters outside their door trying to break-in with a defunded police department around.
  7. I can tell you one thing, no one is admitting they’re voting for Trump now out of fear of reprisals but just to be clear they all will. Nobody wants the whacky left to win & all this pitching a fit stuff is a rebound from being trapped even more than being broke AF. Does anyone here go thank God wise Joe Biden will deal with foreign adversaries better than Trump, they’ll roll that mumbling fool immediately. China / Russia want a easy person to roll, Trump is not “their guy”. You vote for Biden, you’re voting for madness.
  8. Which means there’s much more room for growth, which obviously is unclear to you
  9. You mean finish Daddy’s business to make him proud, yeah they all knew this would create a vacuum of terrorists in a country of relative order. Nobody could cross Saddam except our stupid asses, I mean nobody.
  10. The first educated response. Weapons of mass destruction is Powell’s finest moment showing the fool he was, now he’s just a paid liberal hack.
  11. But wait he never had him, is this a liberal trick ?? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2016/10/25/politics/colin-powell-hillary-clinton-endorsement/index.html
  12. I have a feeling if I’m not breaking into shit or hanging out on a highway I’d be safer with the military clearing it up then not, maybe that’s just the law abiding citizen in me thinking out loud.
  13. I think we end up with 5 games including flex, we are going to be kicking people’s asses as well. I think we win a few games by 25 points, like Josh Allen sits 4 quarter type deals.
  14. Opening your legs when your old man gets rich doesn’t make you an expert on anything.
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