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  1. Trafalgar is the only pollster I take seriously anymore. All the big-name pollsters that we've followed for decades have been compromised.
  2. :::Paging Hipkat:::: Cooked up poll numbers needed on Aisle 7 ::::Paging Hipkat:::::
  3. Like a broken clock, Maher can be right twice a day.
  4. That movie looks horrible. I'm adding it to my watch list.
  5. They made that shit obvious in the UK. The new strain came out just as the citizens were starting to turn the tide on the BS.
  6. Here's how he looked before he snatched up a human body.
  7. Sadly none of the leftist-homo foot soldiers will get to watch this.
  8. The mask makes you feel intellectually superior to those who don't wear them, so you can go Karen on them.
  9. Bring it. I want to get this shit over with already. These ANTIFA/BLM faggots will change their tune when we start stacking bodies.
  10. Only allow blind people to serve on jury. Problem solved.
  11. The Spanish Flu was cancelled for being racist, therefore it never happened and no determinations were ever made on masks.
  12. I bet they'll give him a raise. He's one of their star shithead performers.
  13. Silicon Valley and Academia don't take them seriously because they're too busy hating on Trump and spreading the teachings of communisms.
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