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  1. This is wishful thinking, but I'm hoping this is something that people can grow out of. Like one day a light will come on and they'll say "Man, I was fucking stupid." and then come back to reality. I know some people are genuinely cuckoo and can't be helped, but I think a lot of these kids just do it to rebel or gain attention.
  2. It's a desperation move. Nobody gives a crap about reparations, except for maybe a couple crackheads in Chicago.
  3. Reparations were already paid in full with the lives of over 330,000 Union Soldiers. Tom Steyer can go climb a shit rope.
  4. That would be an exercise in futility. Those guys are hailed as heroes now. They were the trailblazers of socialism.
  5. And successful people. Wherever there is success there are Trump supporters.
  6. He's not injured, Gruden just doesn't like him for some undisclosed reason. He's been looking for ways to move on from Carr since the day he took charge.
  7. I hope he doesn't. If he gets elected she's going to clap his ass.
  8. There are plenty of good ones, many of them will help veterans and reduce prices for insulin and other medical products. But yeah, there's plenty of stupid ones in there and many of them seem redundant since they overlap with other bills sitting in the queue.
  9. That's the petty nature of politics, Hip. Pressing issues like Monarch Butterfly Preservation and granting undocumented immigrants eligibility for federal benefits will have to wait for now.
  10. Sounds like Cocaine Mitch is filtering out the loony leftist bills. I'm fine with that.
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