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  1. Forget about Trump, Biden can't even pledge that he'll remember his name tomorrow morning.
  2. Yeah it ain't no biggie now since people are attacking Biden's "take a look at my record" comment. I guess Biden thought nobody was going to check. LOL.
  3. LOL 11-font. I'm alright with the attitude. Chances are the person who came in before me was a prick so I can understand a little sass from the clerk.
  4. I can see his aides photoshopping blacks into the sniff template. Joe30330 has the black sniffs covered.
  5. It appears he can sniff the latinas. But I couldn't find any of him sniffing blacks.
  6. No I haven't. TDS sufferers never quit. They're like those zombies that keep crawling with their teeth after having all of their limbs blown off.
  7. I applaud the SackMan and enjoy reading his posts. There's no quit in that guy. He'll battle on with the hopeless TDS sufferers until the end of time.
  8. Niiiice. My outlook on life is even bleaker now. I thought you needed a cert of some sort to be a care giver. That's a good observation about his garb. Maybe he doesn't have any business being there.
  9. The Monchhichi looking guy was beating up on the elderly person. I think this stuff happens because just about anybody can get into a nursing school.
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