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  1. I'm sure your band of merry leftist homos will keep that on lockdown.
  2. YoUR'Re a fUCkINg TrOWmP suPPoRT3r!!!1!! U sh00D bee LEadINg uR oWN lYFe! /*DeathMetalCookieMonsterVoice
  3. I was looking out for you, Hip. KAT LIVES MATTER!!!! KAT LIVES MATTER KAT LIVES MATTER! KAT LIVES MATTER We should turn the Range into a Hipkat preservation sanctuary.
  4. You sound like you've taken a pounding by some psychological weapons recently. Your brain is melting. I don't know how to help you, Hip.
  5. Yep. MSM has that shit on full blast. Racism is everywhere. Everybody is racist. Even in the darkest corners of the planet where no life exists there is racism and its running rampant.
  6. Put yourself in my shoes. Would you give a rats ass if the forum's Drama Queen called you a racist?
  7. He'll hang on a few more years. He's got that psychotic axe murderer strength that will help extend his career a bit.
  8. Word. North Korea has the The Worm and the CCP has King James. Before long every commy nation will have their own NBA Ambassador.
  9. I doubt I'd give a shit about what you had to say a couple years ago, either. You're probably mistaking me for somebody else.
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