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  1. I've lost my pump already. My Bills fandom needs some viagra.
  2. Man, that would be nice. I have a hard time believing Beane would pay the $45M Cooper is looking for, though. In Buffalo that kind of money is reserved for phenomenal players like Star Ukulele.
  3. Here's a couple straws to grasp for: 1. The Jets beat the Cowboys 2. The Bills can be a "Trap Game" for the Cowboys Don't lose hope.
  4. The season is already over. If the Bills manage to make the playoffs they'll be dead on arrival.
  5. Balls: Daboll - He can take some balls in his mouth and down his throat. Goats: The Buffalo Bills
  6. I'm sure he was crying inside. He must feel horrible costing his team 10-15 yards a game. Hell, he's gotta have more penalty yards than receiving yards by now.
  7. I bet he will. That's the first thing that came to mind during the Eagles game.
  8. The best thing about Cooper is that he's going to make an effort to catch the ball no matter how poorly its thrown. The Bills could use a guy like him.
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