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  1. Oh no! The Pats brought in another middling WR! Everybody head for the bunker all hell is about to break loose!! :niterider
  2. Wouldn't surprise me. Beasley needs to be fed regularly and he gets frustrated when he's neglected. That's the why he left Dallas.
  3. The Bills should hire a hypnotist who can convince Allen that every quarter is the 4th quarter.
  4. Emphasis on "Folder". Don't go looking in your pantry.
  5. I didn't see it, but I know Cole has a tendency to abuse his helmet when he drops a pass or gets overlooked by the QB when he's wide open.
  6. Yup, he was like a heel in pro wrestling. He knew how to draw some big time heat from the crowd. :niterider
  7. McCain has taken the Fins' thuggery to a new level. Bryan Cox would be proud.
  8. I was wondering what happened to this dude. He has embarked on a not so promising MMA career.
  9. The Bills would still be 5-1 with Tyrod. Coach Daballz would neuter him and turn him into a conservative QB. Now if Tyrod was allowed to ball out like he did in 2015 it would be a different story.
  10. Lit, please promote Bowman to the rank of Jizz Mopper. He's paid his dues.
  11. That was awesome. I felt like I was watching a video game.
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