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  1. I don't support lethal force but I can see us creeping into a situation where it may be necessary. Police officers are being targeted now and rioters are moving into the suburbs where home owners are going to fight back.
  2. Good for him. I enjoy listening to Joe talk about issues that he's had over forty years to work on. I still have faith that he'll do something for us eventually.
  3. Word. I'll take him off ignore when the season starts. I enjoy reading his football related posts.
  4. Now it appears that Tyson is back into wrasslin'.
  5. Cus D'Amato. He was the only person who could keep Mike on the straight and narrow.
  6. Its Dan Orlovsky. He's always making oddball statements. I enjoy watching him get blown up by Stephen A. on First Take.
  7. In other news, Jarrett Stidham came in at #35 on the countdown. Bwahahah. The Simms top 40 QB countdown, No. 35: Jarrett Stidham
  8. That was great. It read like a transcript from a bad kung-fu flick. JUST IMAGINE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU LOOK INTO MY EYES!!!
  9. It's Pete Prisco's opinion. Until you made this thread I didn't even know this guy was still in the business. He can fade back into obscurity with his shitty list.
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