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  1. Who is Kroft? Oh yeah, he's that dude who has feet made of glass.
  2. I think that's asking for too much. A Bills game just isn't right without a struggle brought on by self sabotage.
  3. This game could cover 100% of the map and 95% still wouldn't watch. :niterider
  4. I like Frazier, but I won't shed a tear if he leaves. Last season the defense was trash until McD stepped in and micromanaged. :niterider
  5. That's a bold statement, Cotton. Had the Jets not lost Mosely they would have won the first meeting, IMO. :niterider
  6. He probably learned from Zeke Elliot's rash of buffoonery with "civilians". :niterider
  7. Game over man. The Fins are going to dominate now. :niterider
  8. I think that model is obsolete now. The candidate who offers the best package of free stuff will win this. :niterider Free Stuff > Everything else
  9. People will pay a premium to see a winner. If the Bills sucked this season the pricing would go in the other direction. Last season I couldn't even sell my front row home bench seats for $15 (Bears game). :niterider
  10. Nothing says "hello" from one fighting force to another like a bunch of crude dick drawings. On Tuesday, Russian reporter Oleg Blokhin posted a video of himself at an abandoned U.S. military outpost in Manbij, Syria alongside Russian military police, a video that presaged the potential arrival of Wagner Group private security contractors known to operate in the war-torn country. Army Col. Myles Caggins, the chief spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, confirmed to NBC News that U.S. forces has evacuated from Manbij in line with the "deliberate withdrawal from northeast Syria" that President Donald Trump had ordered days earlier. But while Blokhin's footage from the camp appears to show a U.S. outpost stripped of any sensitive vehicles or equipment, the Russian journalist did stumble onto a different trove of, uh sensitive documents: Ah yes, dicks and gay jokes, the tried-and-true mark of elite warfighters since Roman soldiers scrawled dongs into Hadrian's Wall at the empire's northernmost border more than 1,800 years ago. But while some elements aren't surprising — that Cyrillic translates directly to "faggot," which, well, how very original — some are, most notably the "ur moms favorite jtac" graffiti and this delightful bit of political symbolism. LINK
  11. Figured I get one in before the bots arrive. :niterider
  12. The missing threads and posts are being dredged from the sewers of New Delhi. They'll be back eventually. :niterider
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