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  1. Well that's a relief (kinda). Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it.
  2. Damn skippy. I miss the days of Moulds/Price and would like to see the Bills return to that level of play in the passing game.
  3. Man I still love pinball. KISS and Robocop are still my favorites.
  4. We're at a point now where the 18 to 50 demographic are folks who grew up playing video games. People from all walks of life play now, even the grandparents. We're no longer in the old days where your uncle would cough up dust and break your balls for playing Pacman.
  5. You need to relax, Hip. If he bothers you that much just ignore him. StraightJ HipKat
  6. I find humor in it. They're so bitter and desperate. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the Twilight Zone. Yes, the Five is still on. It's still good for a laugh or two. I'm glad Shep left, he was starting to display that MSNBC bitterness and his show became unwatchable. Maybe he'll end up over there some day. LOL Brian Williams. He used to be one of my favorites but he fell in line with the rest of his crew.
  7. I'm glad you think its funny. I watch MSNBC for hours every day (not by choice) and you parrot a lot of the same crap they do. I will.
  8. According to Bing they have 4,731 cases, 43 deaths and 333 recovered. Another commie country that has everything under control!
  9. All I know is they're lying. China sent North Korea $900B in Corona aid about a week ago, yet they still claim there are zero cases.
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