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  1. Not a bad deal, IMO. The only thing that makes me feel uneasy is the fact that its offered in New York. I don't trust them to keep up their end of the bargain.
  2. He has been inactive ever since Kroft came back. The Bills can't figure out a way to squeeze him into the 46 man game day roster.
  3. Seeing him get fired up after getting screwed repeatedly by the Refs was even more hilarious.
  4. Now that's what I'm talking about. After the game I want to see the field get showered with Flutie Flakes. Make it rain!
  5. Forget those pussyass jackets. This is the one you need.
  6. I enjoy watching Skip. Seeing him lament about the Cowboys is comedy gold. He needs to become a member of this board.
  7. They'll last forever if you take care of them. I wouldn't be surprised if Marc is wearing the same jacket in both videos.
  8. It looks like a Starter Winter Parka from the early 90's. Good luck tracking one down.
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