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  1. This is the best I've felt about a Bills roster in quite awhile. I'm still concerned about who plays the X spot at WR and slightly concerned about DE, OG (depending on if Ford starts at guard versus tackle), and maybe #2 CB, but this roster is a lot more talented than I'm used to. Still not sure it's enough for a winning record this season, but it has the potential to be if Allen shows progress in Year 2.
  2. Prefer DK, but Deebo is the #2 WR in this draft class IMO.
  3. All 5 of my top 5 WRs are still on the board and we got the #1 guy I wanted at #9. I couldn't be happier right now.
  4. I just don't see Buffalo being interested in him. He's likely going to play in the slot a ton in the NFL and we already have Beasley and possibly Zay there. The X spot is a gaping hole still and Hollywood doesn't fit there.
  5. Of the players I've seen mentioned as potential Bills picks I would go with: Any CB, Hockenson, or White/Bush as the worst choices
  6. I expect one of Harry or Brown to be available at 40. I'm still not sure we take either of them though. I think the OT listed in the OP is an option at #40 as well, though I wouldn't be surprised if we move up from #40 to grab someone that slides a little bit. My current guess, if we stay at #9 would be one of these two options: 1. Wilkins/Oliver at #9 and OT/WR in early 2nd (Greg Little, Tytus Howard, Harry/AJ, etc.) 2. Metcalf at #9 and DLine in early 2nd (DreMont Jones, Chase Winovich, Zach Allen, etc.)
  7. I'm almost never in favor of trading up in the draft, but Quinnen is good enough to at least make me consider it. To me, he's the best player in the draft and the best DT prospect since at least Suh, maybe Sapp.
  8. I think they look fine besides the black one. Granted it's kind of a grainy photo but the black looks like it would clash with the helmets to me.
  9. Brown is a potential Round 2 target IMO, though I'm personally not high on him. Metcalf is on my shortlist of guys that I'd prefer at #9. And I wouldn't really want Hockenson or Fant at #9 personally; maybe Hockenson in a trade down scenario but I'm not even sure about that.
  10. Was it The Draft Network? I know they also have him at #5 overall. I would tend to agree; I have him around #7 or so on my overall board.
  11. I have Harry rated as my #5 WR in the class. I'd be alright with him at #40, but I think he probably goes earlier than that and I wouldn't want to trade up for him.
  12. The thing with Campbell though is that unlike guys like Foster and John Brown for example, Campbell is completely unproven as a deep threat. He's never really shown the ability to get open down the field and track it in. He's been utilized almost exclusively as an underneath guy on screens and drag routes, kinda like Zay was in college.
  13. Alabama is generally a mediocre SEC team, and up until the past couple years, the SEC has generally been pretty weak once you get past the top 2 or 3 teams. Alabama has only made the tournament twice dating back to 2006. Having said that, obviously it will be a gigantic raise for Oats and he'll be going to a school with a shit ton of money and a pretty good location for recruiting. The SEC is also on the rise right now which could benefit him. It's not hard to imagine the right coach being able to turn it into a strong program, but they've never really been able to have sustained success in their program's history with the possible exception of a 5 year stretch in the early 2000s where they made the tournament every year but never really made any noise. His first task will be trying to convince the players on his roster to stay; in particular, they had 3 players score 10+ points per game this year. One is a senior, so he's gone. The other two were a freshman and a sophomore, both of whom have said they will heavily consider transferring (with the freshman almost certainly being gone). Then he has to try to convince the incoming recruits to stay as well; their recruiting class is ranked in the top 20 in the country right now but they could very well renege on their commitments since the coach they agreed to play for is no longer there. At the same time, he was basically facing those same challenges in Buffalo with much worse alternatives; almost the entire Buffalo team is graduating this year and the incoming recruits he had aren't anything special this season. There's a very high likelihood that Buffalo was going to struggle next season no matter what Oats did, and then he may have missed out on his chance to be hired by a team in a power conference like Alabama.
  14. This is a great and needed change. I do wish they'd do something to speed reviews up though.
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