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  1. Well to be honest, been out of town for some time. In the early 90s you would find me in my car, in the driveway on Sunday trying to tune in WGR. Mid 90s I flirted with DirectTV but with the ever growing price tag and all the hassles that when with DirectTV in general at the time didn't last. Then it was Real Network NFL Radio with ever increasing prices. Then the NFL Radio via NFL.com with... yeah, ever increasing prices. I know, the cost isn't insane but they want me to pay for 8 to 12 games a week when i only NEED to listen to 6 maybe. Last year i went the Madden NFL game route to watch it online via DirectTV. It was a struggle at times like when Buffalo was about to score at the end and it froze long enough for the other team to do a pick 6 or something like? Talk about a buzz killer. I'm kinda wondering what the collective knows for out of town viewers options for next year? I know there is NFL Audio ($9.99 for last year only)(probably means higher prices coming for 2014) DirectTV has NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2014 at $330 that includes online. I'm wondering if I need to get the offline hadware,subscription also or can I just get that package? Anything else out there?
  2. Well images don't like to link up..... even small is too big I guess. Cover of "Shout!" January 13, 1992
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