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  1. The Ravens are facing a different Josh Allen this year. One that will tear up blitzing schemes, and send this team to the Super Bowl.
  2. What a turnaround for this guy. First couple games he was trash, but now...... want him on the field for EVERY SNAP
  3. JA17 throws at least 4 TDs, Motor meets the end zone on a long run. 41-10 allllllll day
  4. At least this might explain some of edmunds' issue vs the Rams. Get well soon all, BIG DADDY ALLEN needs you
  5. Same here. Also, does anyone know if I can donate hamstrings? Asking for a friend...
  6. Let's just hope that no preseason was the cause of this, and it will iron out. But hey, we beat the jets, so good day.
  7. Somehow, someway bills squeak by. I'm predicting something like a DIESEL Motor TD. 24-21 BILLS
  8. Can see this being close, until bills pull some crazy ass stunt like Hyde's kick return last week and seal it. 24-14 Bills
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