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  1. Somehow, someway bills squeak by. I'm predicting something like a DIESEL Motor TD. 24-21 BILLS
  2. Can see this being close, until bills pull some crazy ass stunt like Hyde's kick return last week and seal it. 24-14 Bills
  3. 31-3 Bills. Defense feasts on Fitz AND Rosen. Allen finally gets his 300 yd. game.
  4. If you havent made a decision yet, Civics are always a good bet. Stay away from just about anything 2.4 liter excluding Hondas. Main thing is maintenance records. The more the better. If youre a DIYer who doesn't mind fixing stuff once in a while, I'd even throw Chevy cruze out there (1.4 turbo, or 2.0 diesel, I own a '14 cruze diesel). Civic and Cruze would be my 2 recommendations, in that order.
  5. Looks like I'm taking an extended lunch to go down to Village Diner. Didn't even know about this place until this list and allegedly has the best burger
  6. Anyone else open this hoping it was talking about Kyle Williams?
  7. https://youtu.be/tQUJuGiSjAE Just gonna leave this here...
  8. Deonte Thompson. I've been impressed by him since he was picked up. Seems to be able to catch anything thrown his way.
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