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  1. Agreed. OL is the foundation of everything else. This is a deep draft for WRs. There will be good ones available in the 2nd, and 3rd round. PS Like the reference to broken often Roscoe Parrish....
  2. The Bills contingent meet with EDGE rushers Bradlee Anae, Josh Uche and Kenny Willekes at the Senior Bowl. Kinda of thinking EDGE rusher is on McBeane's wish list going into the draft.
  3. The Bills contingent meet with EDGE rushers Bradlee Anae, Josh Uche and Kenny Willekes at the Senior Bowl. Kinda of thinking EDGE rusher is on McBeane's wish list going into the draft.
  4. EDGE Kenny Willekes, Michigan State, 6-3 3/4" 252lbs, 31 1/4", 78 1/4" Willekes was a fifth-year senior for Michigan State and a team captain. He had 78 tackles, including 16 for a loss, 10.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries in 2019. Willekes lacks the physical and athletic traits of the elite NFL pass rushers, but was super productive at MSU because of good technique and great effort. He’s a higher floor prospect that is the type of player you want in a locker room. You’ll never have to worry about effort or any of the intangible stuff. Maybe he lacks the upside of edge players taken in the first round, but he’s a pretty safe bet to be a good pro for a long time. A 4-3 defensive end during his four seasons at Michigan State football, Willekes has spent the week at the Senior Bowl rushing the quarterback out of a two-point stance. Willekes could interest teams as a mid- pick at either defensive end or linebacker. Willekes had 2 sacks during the Senior Bowl game.
  5. Believe me if that is a Stud Pass Rusher available in the 1st round, McBeane MAY draft him. Getting to the QB is a critical piece of a successful team. Sure, we could use some more offensive weapons, but after we sign AJ Green in Free Agency maybe WR is not as important as getting more pass rushing force up front. EDGE K'Lavon Chaisson, LSU could be a McBeane pick if he lasts until 22. DL Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina also has pass rushing skills, so he would be a consideration at 22. I am hoping there is a Top Flite OT available at 22, but we will see.
  6. Senior Bowl meetings with a player does not mean a team will draft that specific player. For one thing, after meeting with him, they may no longer be interested in him. 2nd, another team may draft him before you have a shot at him What meetings can tell you is if a team meets with 4 EDGE players at the Senior Bowl, it probably means they are going to try and draft an Edge Player.
  7. I have travelled to many different cities....and looking out the window of a bus passing by old steel plants in Buffalo does in fact give me the impression of the City being a dump. Curb appeal matters. If the Bills were smart, and it is an investment in the idea of getting free agents in the future, control which hotel they stay at, what they can see from their window, and the route they take to the stadium. Or just move the stadium to Niagara falls LOL
  8. EDGE Josh Uche, Michigan - 6-1 3/8 " 241lbs 33 1/4" 79 7/8" COVER1 - Michigan EDGE defender Josh Uche was a constant highlight reel. He spun tackles around all week with his quickness and showed a nice blend of handwork with his bend. Yahoo Sports' named Uche as one of Day2's biggest winners at the Senior Bowl. Athletic It was predictable that Uche would be a standout in one-on-one’s because of his explosive speed to undress blockers in space. But it was the way he progressed throughout the week dropping into coverage and playing the run that really left a lasting impression. Uche had a money-making week. Saturday's Game = Uche had 2 sacks and a hit that resulted in an interception and he only played about 1/3 of the snaps. Late 2nd round to late 3rd round projection. .
  9. Agreed. And, typically in the NFL draft it is really hard to find top quality OT outside of the 1st round. Or, at least outside the Top 40 picks.
  10. Josh Jones seems to be Josh Jones is having a pretty good Senior Bowl Game. PS Daniel Jeremiah has 4 OTs going in the Top 10 of his recent mock draft....with Mekhi Becton going 4th overall to the Giants. In that case, IMO Josh Jones will never make it to 22.....
  11. Edge/DE Bradlee Anae, 6'3" 258lbs, per scouting practice reports, has had a very good week at the Senior Bowl. On Saturday during the game just in the 1st half he had 2 sacks, and a hit on the QB causing an INT. Last year the Bills spent time with Maxx Crosby. I believe he was a Pre-Draft Visitor. The Bills didn't draft him in the 3rd round, instead taking Singletary, then trading up to take Dawson Knox in the 3rd as well. Maxx Crosby was taken in the 4th round and went on to have 10 sacks as a rookie. We need more EDGE help. Bradlee needs to be under consideration. https://www.cover1.net/bradlee-anae-pass-rusher-utah-2020-nfl-draft/ In 2019, Anae netted 41 total tackles, 14 TFLs, and 13 sacks.
  12. The best thing the Bills could do is put a bunch of Strip Clubs on Mile Strip Road and put a bunch of free drink coupons on the pillows of the visiting team's players. Maybe toss in some Medical Marijuana shops next to the Strip Clubs. The visiting team should be pretty chill come kickoff on Sunday.
  13. It could be argued that it means nothing, but both Kansas City (LT Eric Fisher) and San Francisco (LT Joe Staley) have 1st round draft picks at Left tackle. In addition, San Fran has Mike McGlinchey at their RT spot. Who also was a 1st round pick (9th overall). KC has Mitchell Schwartz at RT, who was a 2nd round pick. Both teams have a lot of good players, as well as Top Tier Quarterbacks. But is it a coincidence they have 1st round draft picks at their Tackle spots? . Build the OLine.
  14. Bills definitely need to add to their WRs. And not 6th or 7th round longshots or, street free agents. Give me Michael Thomas@! or, DK Metcalf! or AJ Brown! or Mecole Hardman. or even Terry McLaurin
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