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  1. Felicano and Mitch Morse are essentially on one year deals. Cody Ford is still an unknown. If the Bills trade back from pick 30, and draft Quinn Meinerz (aka the Gut) in the middle of the 2nd round he could step in at LG as a rookie (I assume he would bet out Cody). Then in 2022 he could move to center. In the meantime, with a better run blocking scheme this year, more designed for Zack Moss' skill set, the running game will be improved. At least in my fantasy world, that is how I see it.
  2. Oline would be good with me. Although, my preferred OL at 30 is Teven Jenkins, and he will probably be long gone. I like Quinn Meinerz next. (see picture to the left #71) But at 30 that is rich. Now, if the Bills trade down from 30, and they don't think Quinn Meinerz will be there at 61, take him.
  3. Definitely not in the first 3 rounds since they haven't looked at any WRs rated in the first 3 rounds. Instead they have focused on later round WRs. Maybe get a slot guy this year in the 5th or 6th, development him in the background this season, and in 2022 see if he can take Sanders and/or Beasley's roster spot.
  4. That makes sense. On the flipside the Bills did spend time on zooming with a number of later round WRs. So I think they wouldn't mind getting a guy to develop for the slot. Sanders is on a one year deal. Beasley might not be back in 2022. Demetric Felton or Dazz Newsome might be an interesting pick in the 5th. Besides what else are you drafting in the 5th round that can make the 53 man roster?
  5. This is just a theory/guess and could be wrong.... Below is the ranking of WRs by THE ATHLETIC. (All teams/GMs/scouts rank players slightly differently but this is as good of a list as any). The Bills scouts and/or Beane met with the prospects highlighted in BLUE by Zoom. Note where they are clustered. 1. JA’MARR CHASE LSU 2. JAYLEN WADDLE Alabama 3. DEVONTA SMITH Alabama 4. KADARIUS TONEY Florida 5. RASHOD BATEMAN Minnesota 6. ELIJAH MOORE Ole Miss 7. TERRACE MARSHALL JR. LSU 8. RONDALE MOORE Purdue 9. DYAMI BROWN North Carolina 10. AMARI RODGERS Clemson 11. AMON-RA ST. BROWN USC 12. TYLAN WALLACE Oklahoma State 13. NICO COLLINS Michigan 14. D’WAYNE ESKRIDGE Western Michigan 15. TUTU ATWELL Louisville 16. SIMI FEHOKO Stanford 17. CADE JOHNSON South Dakota State 18. SHI SMITH South Carolina 19. SETH WILLIAMS Auburn 20. JOSH PALMER Tennessee 21. ANTHONY SCHWARTZ Auburn 22. CORNELL POWELL Clemson 23. MARQUEZ STEVENSON Houston 24. TAMORRION TERRY Florida State 25. TREVON GRIMES Florida 26. DEMETRIC FELTON UCLA 27. DAZZ NEWSOME North Carolina 28. FRANK DARBY Arizona State 29. JAELON DARDEN North Texas 30. JONATHAN ADAMS Arkansas State 31. AUSTIN WATKINS JR. UAB 32. SAGE SURRATT Wake Forest 33. DAX MILNE BYU 34. DEZ FITZPATRICK Louisville 35. BEN SKOWRONEK Notre Dame 36. MIKE STRACHAN Charleston 37. IHMIR SMITH-MARSETTE Iowa 38. DAI’JEAN DIXON Nicholls State 39. RACEY MCMATH LSU 40. WHOP PHILYOR Indiana It would appear the due diligence has been focused on WRs outside the top 20 picks. The WRs in Blue might be available in the 5th round, where the Bills have two picks. If the Bills keep both 5th round picks, Wide Receiver could be one of those picks. (If there are other priorities Beane could always wait and select one in the 6th or 7th)
  6. Jax at 33. Not likely, but if the Jags call, the Bills could slide back 3 spots. Bills swap picks with the Jags, giving one of Buffalo's 5ths to Jacksonville. The Bills get Jags 4th rounder, which is the 1st pick in the 4th round. That could be a good player. Atlanta is at 35. Maybe they want a QB at 30 The Falcons toss the Bills pick 108 (4th Rd) to go with their 35th. Eagles are at 37. Bills and Eagles have a history of doing trades. Philly gives 37, plus 4th Rd (123) and 5th Rd (150) Giants at 42 This might be as far back as I would go. Bills get pick 42, and ask for their 3rd and 5th in return.
  7. Proven talent over a rookie is definitely preferred, but we have to have as many players on cheap rookie deals as possible, we will have to start paying Josh Allen the big bucks starting next year. I still think Najee Harris or ETN in the first would be a shock.
  8. Interesting. FYI Clowney's deal only has a Cap Hit of $3,870,588 in 2021. Not that expensive for an Edge/DE
  9. In the 2018 draft we all knew we were going to move up to get a QB. Hello Josh Allen! But, who knew we would move up again to draft a 19 year old Linebacker? Not me. Did you really think we would draft another 3rd round RB (Zack Moss) after drafting Devin Singletary the year before? (Actually it was telegraphed because Zack Moss was a Pre-Draft Visitor) Or how about drafting Jake Fromm? I would be totally shocked if we draft Najee Harris at pick 30. I would be like, wow, if we draft DB Jevon Holland, Oregon. (the Bills did Zoom with him...so they have some interest...but he would have to fall into the 2nd round) Lastly, I would be surprised, and happy, if we draft OL Quinn "the Gut" Meinerz in the 2nd round. Who is your surprise pick?
  10. Diggs is happy. A bit different than how he acted when he was in Minnesota...... So if Diggs is happy, Daryl Williams is happy, Feliciano is happy, Milano is happy.........the team dynamics should be very positive over the summer. Let's get a Corner / Edge and/or a starting IOL in the draft......and let's go!
  11. That is awesome.....Congratulations Marv! Thanks for the memories....
  12. Curious what the Bills MIGHT be able to do in a trade down, or, what it might cost to move up? In the 2020 NFL draft: a) the Green Bay Packers moved up from pick 30 to pick 26 (Miami) to take QB Jordan Love. The Packers gave up the 30th pick and their 4th round - #136 selection. That is a bottom of the 4th round pick. < Not a huge cost to move up, except Bills don't have a 4th. A 5th and a 6th might be required > b) One pick later, the 49ers moved up from pick 31 to pick 25 to take WR Brandon Aiyuk. San Francisco gave up pick 31 and pick 117 (top of 4th round) and pick 176-5th Rd (late 5th round) In the 2019 NFL draft: The Rams traded down from 31st to pick 45. The Rams gave up 31 and 203 (mid 6th rounder) and got back pick 45 and pick 79 (mid 3rd round) < Will Bills fans like moving back to pick 45 and get back a mid 3rd round pick? > In the 2018 NFL draft: The Eagles traded down from 32 to 52 in the 2nd round. Pretty big drop. The Eagles traded their 32nd pick (and swap 4ths) in exchange for Baltimore's 2019 2nd round pick. < not sure Bills fans would like dropping that far to get a 2022 2nd round pick > In the 2017 NFL draft: The Seahawks traded down from 31 to 34th with the 49ers. Seattle received the 34th pick and the 111th pick (upper 4th round) < IMO Bills fans would be happy with this scenario > OP: Would you be okay if Beane gives up a 5th and 6th to move up a few spots to draft Kwity Paye? or, would you be happy moving back to 34 in exchange for a 4th rounder? or, would you be cool moving back to 45 and get a 3rd back? lastly, would you move back from 30 to 52 in exchange for a 2022 2nd round pick?
  13. They have to get the GM and Player Personal guy and the Cap Management guy right too. Have to say, hope Kim Pegula is not making the decisions.
  14. I hope whomever the Sabres pick as their next Head Coach, they get it right. What a cluster it has been for years. Fans deserve bettter.
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