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  1. Tyler Kroft is not impressing me. 4 catches for the season. 0 TDs Any random guy of the street could do what Tyler is doing. Give Duke a shot. Is Duke really that bad at remembering the plays or playbook? What is his knock? He looked good in pre-season and in practice.
  2. O-line, O-line, O-line. We need to draft O-line in the 1st round next April. Period.
  3. Is it that we don't have a runner, or is it the OLine not opening enough holes to consistently move the ball.
  4. The Steelers have one of the better defenses in the league, including leading the league in sacks. TJ Watt has 12.5 sacks himself. While our Oline is improved over last year, we did just give up 6 sacks to Baltimore, and 4 sacks to the Cowboys the week before that. Can our OLine play well enough that we can score more than 10 points? Will Josh Allen be able to get out of the whirlpool tub, with out help, next Monday? It is a winnable game...provided the OLine plays better than giving up 6 sacks again. Let's Go Buffalo!
  5. I remain convinced that the OLINE is the top priority. Better Pass Protection gives Josh more confidence, more time, cleaner pocket, and IMO he will be a more effective passer - despite his inaccuracy at times. Better Run Blocking improves your RB(s), which helps both time of possession and helps to open up your passing game. I am okay going OLine in both the 1st round AND 2nd round. We can sign one more WR in free agency, plus maybe draft one in the 3rd or 4th round. Dang it. With a more dominate Oline, I think our 2020 season could be special.
  6. Pretty frustrating. We controlled our destiny and let this one get away. FYI. If Josh connects on just ONE of those long balls, and instead of starting with 3 field goals, we have a touchdown and it changes things. Hats off to the Bills that did play well today. Go Bills.
  7. The OLINE. Draft OLINE. It is the biggest "hole" on the team. (Okay Josh's long ball accuracy doesn't help....) The Bills have enough talent to be pretty good. But we need to improve the OLINE. Josh was harassed all day against the Ravens. Smacked around, hurried, under duress, etc. PS Sometimes the OLINE looks adequate. Then someone whiffs.
  8. Sure, the 2019 Bills aren't the Jim Kelly era Bills. Sure Josh Allen is not Tom Brady or Russell Wilson. But this year is a lot more fun than those 4-12 seasons! Go Bills!
  9. Allen will continue to have some games not as good as today. Let's see how he does against the Cowboys, Ravens and Steelers.
  10. John Brown. Free Agent pickup / signing by Brandon Beane. Beane needs credit for that signing.
  11. Fumbles by your Running Back(s) is brutal. Even if a guy is running for 100 yards every week, if he is giving the other team turnovers, it kills your team. He needs to clean it up. There is a reason TJ Yeldon is rooted over on the bench.
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