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  1. I doubt you will see Ed Oliver play more than 55% of the snaps on a weekly basis. The Bills really like to rotate a lot of bodies through both DT and DE. That said, I agree he doesn't look like a Top 10 1st round pick. Sound player. But not Aaron Donald territory.
  2. First NFL player diagnosed with Covid during season The NFL did pretty good to make it to week 3 before a positive test. The Virginia Tech Hokies played yesterday without 23 players. 23 players had to sit out. As well as 4 coaches, including their Defensive Coordinator. So NFL is doing pretty well, considering. There will definitely be more cases...and challenges of course. But I am enjoying the NFL this season. Let's Go Buffalo!!!
  3. We drafted AJ towards the end of the 2nd round. That is probably where he should have been projected to go. Not 1st round. I hope he gets coached up and practiced up so he can be part of the rotation later in the season. However, 2nd round picks are not guaranteed to turn out to be top level players. Cyrus Kouandjio. Torell Troup. Zay Jones. Reggie Ragland weren't exactly great picks for us. I am guessing, but I do think AJ will stick with the Bills and eventually be a contributor. Might have to ride the bench for awhile though...
  4. Choices. We could have used our 2nd round pick on JK Dobbins, RB...he was the very next pick. Or, we could have drafted DT Raekon Davis, Alabama, or, WR Van Jefferson, Florida. Would they have been better picks? I believe Beane knew he was rolling the dice on Epenesa but was hopeful he would develop into a starter....albeit maybe not opening day. PS I was hoping we would draft CB Kristian Fulton, LSU or Jeremy Chinn, S. But what do I know, maybe DE was the better value pick.
  5. Bills have their #1 and #2 RBs locked in with Singletary and Zack Moss. The Bills now have roster depth...and moves now are about the bottom of the roster and 3rd string guys.
  6. Josh Rosen could get traded, again. How many 1st round draft picks get traded twice in their first 2-3 years? I didn't think he was a Top 10 QB.....but don't hate on him. Maybe he can find a good #QB2 spot on a roster in the fall. He is only 23. Backup qb in the NFL isn't a terrible career.
  7. Baseball season is way too long. But money drives the 150 game season. IMO Best case would a slightly shorter schedule where the World Series is completed by Oct 1st. Not November. Bring it.
  8. I would love to see the Dolphins hire Bruce Allen...but honestly I don't think anyone will hire him. He was terrible. It is nice to the 2020 Bills. We have a solid Oline, but are still looking to possibly improve. And, yes, an upgrade at RG would help whomever is playing RT. Go Bills.
  9. True. The key to the whole puzzle is Cody Ford. He did not perform that well at RT his rookie year, Including the month of December. I would love to believe Cody Ford will be a lot better at RT this year....but without OTAs and shortened training camp, I am skeptical. I hope I am wrong and that the lightbulb goes on for him. If not, I hope Daryl Williams plays really well at RT. We could use it.
  10. The 6-foot-3, 317-pound Warford began his career as a third-round pick with the Lions out of Kentucky in 2013 and became an immediate starter. He has started 101 regular-season games, including 44 over the past three years in New Orleans. He also started five playoff games with the Saints. If he is willing to sign with the Bills, and it isn't crazy money, do it. The Best Five start. Beane can sort out who is excess when we get to the end of August. Maybe Feliciano could beat out Spain for LG and Warford could play RG. Then Beane can decide to keep Spain or Spencer Long for depth.....or trade one of them. I still think Right Tackle needs some TLC, but let's improve every position, if possible.
  11. This was an off the cuff interview at the Combine with OL Trey Adams, now signed to the Bills as an UDFA. "Trey, if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?" Welcome to Buffalo Trey!
  12. I hope Cody Ford is better than he was in December. I hope. Because he was not very good. If he isn't better, then we damn well better give him the hook and move him to guard. I wait to see how he performs...
  13. Watch the December game against the Patriots. The final drive #70 (Cody) was like a swinging gate. The Edge rusher was all over Josh...quickly.
  14. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Projected compensatory picks: One in Round 3, two in Round 4. Key free-agent losses: Tom Brady (Buccaneers), Kyle Van Noy (Dolphins), Jamie Collins (Lions). Key free-agent additions: None. Comp-pick analysis: The formula is very straightforward here, with the Patriots losing five qualifiers and collecting two free agents. Yep, the Patriots get a 3rd round pick for losing TB12. The Bills signed a ton of Free Agents this springs, so they won't get a Comp Pick. Which is fine.
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