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  1. That is the issue. Do you want Matt Barkley as your long term starter? Fans wanted Jeff Tuel, until they didn't. Peterman was the guy...until he threw 700 picks in one game. What if we had drafted Tribusky? Would you be happy? Or, if we had drafted Ryan Tannehill? Or, J. Winston? Maybe we can swing a trade for Josh Rosen or Ryan Fitzpatrick.... Getting a QB should always be on the GMs mind and we should always be filling the pipeline. Maybe we draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round this spring just to see if we get lucky.
  2. It is easy to say Josh Allen sucks, and he will never be Tom Brady, so we should dump him. But before you dump him, tell me how you will get a replacement. We drafted EJ Manuel, Cardale Jones, Trent Edwards, and JP Losman. Toss in Jeff Tuel. Want one of those guys? Or should we get Tyrod back? Drafting a Top Elite QB is really, really hard. You have to both be drafting high (top 5 ), and you need some luck. Free Agency? Maybe you pay a Kirk Cousins $125 million +. If you can convince him to come to Buffalo. So, give me who you replace Josh with, and how you get him.
  3. FACT: Offenses under Brian Daboll -2009: 32nd ranked2010: 29th (fired)2011: 20th (fired)2012: 32nd (fired)2018: 30th 2019: 22nd
  4. I was not happy when we hired Daboll. His track record everywhere he has been as an OC has not been good. I was not happy we didn't look at possibly upgrading our OC this past off season. McDermott needs someone to tell him "the Emperor Has No Clothes...."
  5. I would love to have a young Tom Brady under center. But it AIN'T that easy to find a QB. We struggled for 20+ years to just find a QB that doesn't suck. Lest we forget we drafted EJ Manuel. We started Jeff Tuel. We had Kevin Kolb for 30 seconds. Remember Cardale Jones? And those All Pros Trent Edwards and JP Loseman? If fans want to "move on" from Josh Allen.......you first have to find a better replacement. Tell me how we do that. Pluck one of the QB tree that grows in everyone's backyard? I will take Patrick Mahomes. Maybe even Kyle Murray. But I would rather have Josh Allen than Jamies Winston or Marcus Mariota or Dwayne Haskins or Cam Newton.
  6. Aaaaah. No. If I am GM, i realize how hard it is to find a QB so I start cultivating my leads and contacts for my 2020 Offensive Coordinator and scouting OLinemen. Improve what you can immediately. (If you want to scout Qbs coming out in the 2021st draft...fine)
  7. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New England and Dallas beat the Bills for sure. Miami, Denver and the Jets. We lose one of those. So I guess that would make us 8-8.
  8. Over the summer I thought the Bills would finish 10-6. They still have a shot at that. PS I fire the Offensive Coordinator in the off season. Draft and sign ELITE Olinemen and keep coaching Josh Allen up.
  9. Maybe his inflection causes him to have a tremor and then grab someone so he doesn't fall down. How many penalties this year for Lee Smith? I think it is 10.
  10. You are always looking to upgrade your #3 corner. And your #3 WR. And in our case, your Right Tackle. You should look to upgrade your position coaches just as well. Daboll needs an Eval in January, definitely.
  11. We found Jordan Phillips off the street. (Some luck there of course) We need to find another one in the off season. No need to draft one high. You can find a guy in the middle rounds.
  12. Heard that. Interestingly. Should have traded down and taken Andre Dillard and Dalton Risner and AJ Brown. LOL
  13. Cmon man. We were drafting 9th. No chance at Bosa. Of course I almost always want to trade down and get an extra pick We could have traded down and taken OT Andre Dillard. Our regular 2nd round pick would have been OL Dalton Risner And with the extra pick, I assuming a 2nd, we could have taken WR AJ Brown. But what do I know
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