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  1. LOLOLOLOL You literally could not have been more wrong about this game. Enjoy the win hater.
  2. Tannehill..dead, Henry...dead..Neidemeyer.....................................dead
  3. Exactly...why? It's not even like they are sorta close to being a competitive team, makes ZERO sense.
  4. Step 5: This requires the team doctor to clear the player for contact. Once that happens, the player must be examined by an independent neurological consultant (INC). If the "INC" affirms the team doctor's decision, the player is cleared to practice full and play in the team's next game.
  5. If you owned a restaurant, you would not make Joe Biden the host. He is not who you want making a first impression with a customer/hostile world leader (China/Iran) He is senile, embarrasses himself constantly. And this is who you libtards voted for?
  6. Looks like he is gonna be a Bill Kenny Stills to sign with Bills in time for playoffs, adding another playmaker for Josh Allen, per report Then again who knows, been seeing this shit everywhere I suppose. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/kenny-stills-to-sign-with-bills-in-time-for-playoffs-adding-another-playmaker-for-josh-allen-per-report/
  7. Typical BB bullshit with injury report. KILL THEM I don't care what the fucking score is, keep shoving it down their throats, run up the fucking score, and all the while lock up #2 seed. BB would do the same to us. FUCK THE PATRIOTS
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