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  1. Wouldn't they wish they beat ANY team they lost to? WTF is the point of this post?
  2. I thought Obongo fixed healthcare?? You didnt see your costs go down by $2500 a year?
  3. Trump is anything but a puppet. You bringing Trump into this is telling. You need help. If you think the NFL is trying to somehow fix the superbowl based on helmet colors, you are insane. Lay off the drugs bro.
  4. Just trying to process your insane bullshit, so you think the entire NFL is rigged somehow? That Goodell determines every game, every play? If you really thing that why would you even watch, let alone register for an NFL team message board, is it to enlighten us? I mean you know its all rigged right?
  5. No...but every asshole Allen basher who SUDDENLY said, "hmm he might be good" after assfucking the cowgirls, are nothing more than bandwagon cunts... 9-3 haters Leaves us fans to enjoy the season while your constant bashing of the team proves you both wrong and not fan. 9-3!!!!
  6. Just curious, does owning this site actually make the owner any money? No clue how this stuff works tbh.
  7. Trust me he is itching to bitch and moan about how bad we will be get crushed next week, just like he said last week..and the week before,,,and the week before.....
  8. Anxiously awaiting your prediction of us getting killed next week
  9. And they won ...and you will be bashing them tomorrow Which means the Bills have a massive opportunity to change the narrative of this team. >> In a span of 3 hours, they could change the narrative from “Buffalo is a fake 8-3” to “Buffalo is a real contender”. >> In a span of 3 hours, they could change the narrative from “Josh Allen is a bust” to “Josh Allen is a superstar in the making”. >> In a span of 3 hours, they could change the narrative from “McD is an average coach” to “McD is a head coach of the year candidate”. And that’s because an entire nation will be watching, and how you play in that game when the entire nation is watching, sticks with them.
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