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  1. You have ZERO right to ride this gravy train. You bash the Bills every chance you can, call "game over" at 0-3. Fuck you call game before the game has even started started. You are and always have been a miserable loser fuck.
  2. Who the Fuck cares what some asshole from Miami thinks. You have Daddy issues Sean?
  3. Aaaaand???Josh is a baller, Bills are 3-0, just say you were wrong
  4. Agree, I don't see how we will win another game. Game over next 13 games already, right? Am I doing it right Sean???
  5. It's been a hard 3 1/2 yrs for you. I get it. You have 4 1/2 more. I had to sit through Obama for 8 yrs.
  6. Yep, but your President can read. Joe cant remember his name. That cunt Hillary got the questions in advance from Donna Brazille in the Trump/Cunton debate and she still got smoked. Even if Senile Joe got the questions and the answers written out for him, he will still drift in his sweet senile slumber. You must be sweating balls for the debates.
  7. Hiding WHAT????? WTF he is audited EVERY year. WTF do you think he is hiding? You should be more concerned maybe with how a POS do nothing Senile Democratic nominee like Joe and his family all became millionaires...Hunter Coke head kicked out of the Navy, makes 83k per month in Ukraine while daddy is giving ultimatums to Ukrainium govt. But no, lets focus on if Trump has 10 billion or 3 billion or whatever the fuck he has. Biden is SENILE. And he is the best the Dems have.
  8. He has the wrong skin color, will be ignored by media.
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