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  1. The Raiders beat the chiefs. Why cant the Bills? Just score 40 points. or maybe 45... or 50.
  2. I like the Bills chances to pull out a win. We need the ball last though. Not Mahomie.
  3. A lot of pressure there from the past. I tell people i root for a team that didn't just lose 4 super bowls, but 4 in a row and they cant believe it. This squad is capable of lifting the curse.
  4. The bills need to play better than last week to beat the Chefs and everyone knows it.
  5. He was ready to kneel then didn't! The rest is history. This trumps my nominee for the defensive play of the year, Jerry's fumble return vs Denver.
  6. I will believe if we score 30+ points and get some turnovers.
  7. The TD passes Allen threw were incredible. I remember frank Reich saying after the game they expected the middle to be wide open on the 4th down play. Is that the Bills lousy red zone defense?
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