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  1. Wow I think the Fins will surprise this season more than the Jets. I am even thinking the Pats will be better than the Jets.
  2. I agree, we have been subject to this our whole lives and I am old. They used to "airbrush" the magazine photos back in the day, now anything can be photo shopped to be super realistic where you cant even tell what is real and what isn't. I have never been attracted to the cartoon looking girls really , their eyes are too big. lol
  3. Can you imagine how hard other teams were laughing at the Bills with all these terrible draft picks? Maybin made me throw up. Wasn't that Marv?
  4. I don't do reach arounds. EJ was made a rich man by the Bills and all he had to do was throw a ball. He couldn't get it done. The Bills didn't do wrong by him at all. They gave him an opportunity. What more could a guy ask for?
  5. I hope thew Bills are better next season, they had the best luck I have ever seen last season. Not many injuries, a FG kicker missing 3 FG's? Cant remember what else but it was crazy good luck all season until getting screwed in the playoffs.
  6. Get well soon Meathead! The Bills are finally halfway decent.
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