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  1. That game reminded me when I play madden vs my son. I used to have mad skills but now he plays like Josh Allen.
  2. The only game that could be better than this one for me was the comeback
  3. That was one of the most amazing plays I have ever seen, it looked like it was a TD from the camera view.
  4. Ive never seen a game like this and been watching for decades
  5. I have a really expensive bottle of champagne for the game. Should we drink it before, at halftime, (Like the Bills in SB XXVIII) or after the game? Or if Hoodie and the Refs somehow win, save it for when they are eliminated the following week?
  6. The angry way Dingleberry was running last week would be a difference maker. I wonder how confident the refs are, they picked on the Pats a little last game in Foxboro
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