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  1. How is 6'4 212 "big bodied"? I'm 6'3 205 and another 7lbs wouldn't make me "big bodied".
  2. We're getting slammed by the draftniks, and rightly so. This draft was atrocious.
  3. The draft grades are in by those who meet your above criterium. We fucked the puppy this draft. The reaches, the character concerns, ignored needs. They're all saying the same thing. I'm not saying it's the end of the world but don't expect me to eat chicken shit just because the Kool-Aid drinkers say it's chicken salad.
  4. This is the worst bills draft I can remember. This is two high speed trains loaded with aborted fetuses crashing into each other. Awful draft. Not one player who will ever start. What a shitsmear.
  5. Might be a good player, I'm not scout. What I can say, is that even with my limited knowledge of prospects and the game in general, I would confidently place a DB only above WR and RB(in that order) on a list of positions of need.
  6. The only thing slower than him in the hole is Bill Cosby without his Viagra.
  7. Well the title bout says it all, just looking ti start the QB debate. I don't think there any fixing EJ's accuracy issues. Som say you can teach accuracy or at least correct a lack thereof, others don't. I'm the latter. Do you think RG3 could prosper in Roman's offense? I really think Rg3 needs a change of venue to turn his career around. Will he be available via trade? I'm intrigued by Jake Locker. I always liked him. Mobile, rocket arm, he has accuracy issues but not nearly as bad as EJ, and of course, like Rg3, has durability concerns. My other candidates are Mallet and Glennon. Both are pocket passers with serious arm talent. Thoughts?
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