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  1. It's possible that, eventually, regular people will start looking at the evidence that is staring them in the face. Takes flu (synthetic) shot - sick for 5 weeks. Takes zinc (natural) - feels better Take anti-biotics (synthetic) - feels like sh*t again. Solution: Make some vegetable/fruit shakes - take your vitamin supplements (before you get ill - take them all year long - something like a male multple, check out Amazon) - the land is mineral depleted, you aren't getting what your body needs. Drink plenty of water - every day.
  2. If the Bills had gone 2-4 through the first 6 games and kept all the players mentioned in this thread - the forum would have been full of 'why didn't we tank?!?' threads. Everyone loves the idea of the tank job until it actually comes to experiencing it. The brass can't possibly admit such a thing as that would put them in a bad position with those fans who have put money into this season. As bad as it is now - where were the Bills really headed? 8-8, perhaps a 9-7 and 1st round playoff exit? Burn it to the ground and build it back up.
  3. You know why people didn't and don't debate the Montana/Walsh angle? Because sports talk is a 24hr industry and spins on and on regardless of whether there is anything to actually say. Also, jealous rival fans.
  4. Just like every other gig Rex has had it'll be brightly for a short while then people will get tired of his schtick. At least he isn't coaching anymore.
  5. It's very possible that Belichick believes Gilmore to be the better QB. When you factor in the coaching the two have received over their careers...... Butler is great against smaller WR - still struggles against the bigger guys - had a stinker of a Superbowl and not a great postseason.
  6. The Patriots had a shit-ton of cap room. They traded away guys that were thought to be defensive centre-pieces last year (Collins/C Jones) to make the other stuff work and give themselves flexibility for the offseason. I think the Gilmore trade happened because the Butler situation has been bubbling away behind the scenes for some time - Butler wants to be paid like a UFA when he is a year away from being just that. Rather than being held hostage - Belichick went out and got his replacement.
  7. The people who trot out the AFC (L)East crap are clueless. Get no end of Steelers/Ravens fans crying about what a great set-up it is for the Pats - the fact is, statistically, the Patriots own the AFCN even more than the AFCE during the Belichick/Brady era.
  8. A small amount of knowledge on the subject is always a good thing. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/patriots/2015/09/11/new-england-headsets-pittsburgh-steelers-bill-belichick-mike-tomlin/72049514/ The NFL controls the headset comms. The more you know.
  9. Tyrod will never be a legitimate NFL QB. He's a gimmick guy, a pair legs who can throw a nice spiral. No ability to read a D, lead a WR etc etc.
  10. For some unknown reason this post keeps getting deleted - even resulting in me getting banned for spam(!). Answers on a postcard if anyone knows what could be happening ;);) Maybe lit'll...ahem....it'll have more luck as it's own thread? ============================================================ One of the factors to consider is not where the Bills rank in a 2016 vacuum, but rather where their ranking has headed since clown shoes took charge. Points per game 2014: 4th 2015: 15th 2016: 15th Summary: Elite PPG defence in pre-Rex years has now become merely average - that is a sharp decline in such a short period of time. 3rd down defence 2014: 1st 2015: 23rd 2016: 23rd Holy sh*t! Talk about a downgrade. 3rd down D is a pretty huge deal when you are running the sort of offence Rex imagines - a slow, grinding unit that needs to dominate T.O.P. Unfortunately, Rex has presided over an absolute implosion in this area. From the very best unit in the NFL - to a bad unit. All in the space of 1 season!! I'll give his Rex his due; that was extremely efficient work. Yards per game 2014: 4th 2015: 19th 2016: 19th I'm not huge fan of YPG as a major metric - bend but don't break D's often score lowly here - the problem being that as well as giving up a bunch more yardage, we are also giving up a bunch more points. Rex has installed a bend-and-then-break-anyway defence. Rush defence (YPG) 2014: 11th 2015: 17th 2016: 28th A steady decline in an area i'm sure Rex puts plenty of focus on (with his 1950's outlook on how to win football games). From an above average unit in 2014 to one of the worst units in all of football - truly remarkable work in 2 short years. If Rex Ryan took charge of the 49ers inept units and made them middle of the pack in 1 season I would give him all the credit in the world, better still if he could maintain that improvement into year 2. But that isn't the case here. Ryan took a unit that dominated the NFL in 2014 and in the space of 1 offseason made them average - and then the following year made them awful in some key metrics. How long do you allow this trend to continue? The answer, of course, is that you don't. Good riddance to big talking garbage.
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